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  1. Scratch that. Any time I add alpha anything the top half of my avi still vanishes plus whatever part the alpha was suppose to make invisible. Is there a way to just reset an avitar, the alpha settings or something?
  2. Sorry for the late reply. I was away for a while. It is indeed the alpha masks.... HOW DO I TURN EM OFF?! D; Cuz when I played with them now my avitar is just missing parts all the time. So at least we found the major scource of the problem.
  3. Yuh I make sure I am not wearing anything unusual. Any alpha, no matter what, makes the top half of my body vanish
  4. Whenever I wear an alpha layer the top of my body vanishes. I tried clearning the cache as well but nothing works. This has been going on for a while now. I want it to work because I bought digi legs for my inari and the invisible prims I have make the legs vanish too. It is a total bummer that I cannot wear alpha layers
  5. My owner left me but the AiTech key makes it so I can't reset the owner. Can anyone help or do I have to ask the old owner?
  6. Oh I think I kind of get it now yes
  7. http://vampirefreaks.com/members/N_K/Art I still don't know a lot about SL so I still need someone to hold my hand X( But do you think I can earn Lindens with these styles?
  8. Y es yes of course I will make a page of examples right away
  9. Hello hello I am new here and would like Linden dollars. If you would like to see my work ask me *I am decent so check it out okay* I can draw your sl char or whatever you like. I will also draw comics for you, of course I will charge by the page and it will be more expensive if it is colored. I can negotiate my prices. Also seeing how I don't know the value of a Linden quite yet this could be a good chance to get art cheap. But yes, just message me for a example of my work. Thank you for taking your time to read this.
  10. Thank you all so much for helping a newbie understand yes. I read all of your posts and I feel much better already. I will take your advice and note that I am an adult in my profile as well. And thanks to you guys I feel comfortable about my avi's size. Your right, I should be able to enjoy the game, weather my avi is short or tall. A lot are very tall yes, but that is just the second life average and I should get use to it. I should also get use to the fact that most male avis are indeed "hulks" but I don't mind though. I will have fun in the game, I will also try and act responsibly while I am in adult areas with my friends only *No strangers for this camper*
  11. Thanks for the tip My char's head is small and I did state my claim to some clubs and they let me stay which is fine by me. But I totally agree with the pedophile problem. Not like I would do it with a pedo any way (Has a pedo promblem in real life too) I would be my fault if I let someone touch my avi in such a way just because it was small. But seing how I don't do that sort of thing with strangers *Shivers* But yes, nooooooo pedos. I guess it is their fault seeing how so many people seem touchy about the small avi's
  12. I am a newbie and yet I found out something really quick. That small avi's are automatically considered a child avitar even though I specify my age and always say "I am not a child." I am a 20 year old male, 5'1 and 97 pounds. Yet I get pestered for having a "Child" avitar. I wanted my avitar to be similar to me in real life. I didn't want an insainly tall/huge avitar, it's just not me. I think a child avitar would be considered as someone who is acting like a child and says "Hey I am a 14 year old, wanna smex? :D" Seriously I don't do that. I state my age, state that I am actually short and skinny, yet get threatened I am going to get reported. What do I have to prove to show I am just a small fry in real life? Or should I just avoid places like that who assume I am a child? Because thats what I have been doing the past few days I have been to SL. I just leave the area. Is that my best option for now?
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