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  1. Be honest , tell him again how you feel and end it, in the long run you will both be happier, nothing worse than letting it die a slow death til you no longer like each other at all, good luck
  2. I guess it depends on whether you are both on the same page, i would choose wisely before taking on a roomie,maybe have a trial period. The idea of having someone there to hang with etc is nice but the flip side is they are always there and you dont get any peace, or they always have people coming over etc, for me i prefer to go and visit them.
  3. That pose is seriously wronggggggggggggg lmaooooo
  4. Hi, I agree with the posts here, just keep tweaking things until you get what you like and then get opinions of friends etc, I know of a person inworld who charges quite highly for her services and quite frankly after looking at her avatar i cant imagine she gets much business, at the end of the day the look has to be pleasing to you and not to others so much so only you can make that happen, good luck
  5. Where are you from? Hi Porky, I am from south australia When did you join SL originally? 2010 lasted a year, thought i was going to leave game but made this avi just in case, after a few months came back as sassyone, new start, new group of ppl and loving it second time around What have you mainly spent your time doing in SL in the past? clubs, exploring and attempting to build things, i enjoy the challenge, meeting ppl from all over is great too How are you planning to spend your time in SL in 2013? same as above
  6. Yesterday I seen 2 females come into club, it happened to both of them, i have never seen the triangles before but have had other sl problems in last couple of days so i tend to think its just an sl thing that will settle down soon hopefully
  7. Hi I wouldnt buy a new pair just yet, i have noticed last few days when i go to clubs, ppl arrive and have all those triangles but eventually the shoes or whatever rezz properly, so maybe its just a temporary sl glitch thats happening
  8. Удачи вам в ваших поисках Данте, игнорировать ненавистников :-)
  9. Ohh gorgeous !!! Congratulations to you both
  10. Have you tried sending a notecard to the creator?
  11. Hi have you tried searching inworld for them, or maybe you could also try searching in my secondlife on your dashboard. Good luck
  12. It would be fun to visit but not to live.
  13. Not sure if this is the same avatar or not but looks close, maybe you could contact this store owner https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Promo-HappyFace-Jaci-ShapeGift-Copy-Only/3535308 edit: just noticed there is a style card there with all info if its the right avi
  14. Have you tried contacting the store owner via notecard to ask? It may be worth a try, good luck
  15. Interesting article, I can believe it would benefit some people, they did an experimental thing here with old people in nursing homes, they started to bring a dog in once a week to meet the residents at several nursing homes and found within quite a short period of time, some residents who had previously been non responsive were patting, talking to and playing with the dogs. As for second life, whilst i don't have MS I do have a physical problem and for me SL can be very benefical at times, just the interactivity and connection with people and aslo the ability to enjoy some things that i maybe am unable to do in real life is great but it also has its down side, i have found i have to pick and choose who i surround myself with, when surrounded by negative people it can definitely affect the way i feel in real life, maybe i should get a dog or a horse lol
  16. Hi Theif519 Welcome to SL First, I too am a shy person in RL, when i first came to SL i found a music club that i really liked and made a point of going to that same club every day, after awhile people recognised the name when i came in and then friendships started to form, over time i found it easier then to join in with what ever was going on in the club. Like real life everyone looks for and enjoys something different, some people liked me, some thought i was funny and some didnt. Second what type of things do you enjoy in real life, or what things would you love to try or places you would love to see but for whatever reason cant do in real life? Inworld use search and see what events are on that may interest you, I like the live music events, also look on destination guide on dashboard for places, look in forum at favourite destinations. Third, everything you see in SL, everything you use or wear has been created, there are free places in SL where you can learn how to build and create, also use google to find out how to do things and find tutorials. I found the idea of learning to build in a class environment a bit daunting so I started out using google lol. For me building is my hobby, i find it really satisfying, when i see something now in sl that i really like i go home and try and make it, hey it may not be as great as the one i seen but i enjoyed the learning experience. Fourth My advice there would be take your time, learn about sl before you jump into anything like that because a lot of times things are not what they seem Fifth and Sixth already been answered by others, most of all take your time, and enjoy the experience, have fun!!!
  17. Hi Dingo, Maybe while you wait for a response, you could download sl viewer , get into sl and ask in the phoenix inworld support group, maybe someone there could help, good luck
  18. I have probably shown about a dozen ppl sl but they either are just not that interested or get frustrated and dont bother with learning it. It seems some cant grasp the concept of a virtual world as opposed to a game.
  19. I would suggest you join the phoenix / firestorm support group inworld and ask there, they are great with quick responses to most problems, good luck
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