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  1. I remember, in my old account, there had been good sex sims I had landmarks to...but now I can not find them in search. Some I believe are closed. Most of the sims I have checked now -- as my new account -- were either empty, or jam-packed with people who were not doing or looking for anything, or dedicated to Gor/BDSM -- which I am not into. I'm heterosexual, but sims dedicated to all sexual orientations are fine. Are there any suggestions for good sims?
  2. LOL Deannah...now you've gotten the song stuck in my head. Funny pun, though!
  3. Thank you so very much, Charolotte; I appreciate it.
  4. A while back DrLife had free skin called Honey out as a gift for its members. The skin was out for more than six months. I created a new account, and I would like that skin. I went to what (I believe) is its mainstore on the sim Dhauagiri, but it was so full of afk models that I was lagging too badly to rezz some things...and what I did rezz, was not group gifts. I really want this skin, but I am not certain if it is out anymore. Does anyone know if Honey by DrLife is still available, and if so, where it is? I would appreciate your help.
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