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  1. So lately I've been getting this interesting oddity in SL. My avatar started to bend in half on AO pose switches. Looking it up I noticed this was a thing that happened a long time ago and though I've been on SL a long time, I've never seen this happen before to me, but hey. What I've noticed differnetly from everyone elses posts is that it's only them? Because I not only see my avatar doing it, but everyone's avatar does it as well from time to time. I haven't tried debugging this myself, but things I've noticed is that it's 100% client side. I'm the only one noticing it.Somethings you should know is I have a pretty amazing computer and everything is updated. I use the newest version of firestorm and I've recently bought a new AO from Kuso. At first I thought it was the Kuso animations problem, but noticing that every other avatar was doing the same thing made it pretty interesting. Here's a reference picture/forum from 2010 http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussions/Avatar-being-bent-in-half/td-p/390782 2010 and people in that post are talking about it being an old problem. lol. I mean, it's clearly aesthetics. I don't have any problems doing anything and watching someone's head poke out their bum is pretty hilarious sometimes; but I thought I should share this incase anyone started seeing this lately and might wanna look into it. As for me, I haven't really tried fixing it but Im sure a restart or something fixes it simple enough.
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