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  1. You can reply here: http://telexlr8.net/2012/12/23/snow-crashed-in-second-life-end-2012/
  2. It would be good if users of Second Life could respond to his article here: http://telexlr8.net/2012/12/23/snow-crashed-in-second-life-end-2012/ "These days I have the impression that Second Life (SL) is a dead alien world populated by the ghosts of a few former inhabitants who refuse to go." Snow Crash (ed) in Second Life Giulio Prisco, December 24, 2012, IEET http://ieet.org/index.php/IEET/more/prisco I fell totally in love with Second Life one minute after joining in 2005. A few weeks later I left a very boring but very well paid senior management post in the public sector to be
  3. Hi, Does anyone know how to prevent your second life profile from showing on the internet? Mecha
  4. Why are some of the people on this blog who always comment when these stats are posted so emotionally invested in SL. Do you worry about the profitability of the producer of a movie when you watch it or the producer of any entertainment service when you utilize it? If you say it's because you invested a lot of money in SL, then you were stupid to think of it as an investment. If you want to start a business and make some money, do so in RL. The negative people on this blog should go to hell or take Prozac or something. SL has a great future. And instead of sending me silly IMs, come chec
  5. Thanks Nelson for this update of the performance of the SL economy. It certainly shows that SL has a bright future ahead of it. I am very impressed with the improvement in the quality of service and technical proficiency of Linden Labs. SL definitely represents the best of the Metaverse, and I will continue to spread the word of the sensation that SL is. My forecast indicates continued growth for SL as it becomes even more fun for users. It certainly is fun for me. It is certainly worth the cost to own land in such a great digital environment. Just to let you know that I am one of your s
  6. Additionally, I will definitely anti-promote your products and sims in SL so that you can hurry along to Open Sim. lol
  7. "I am doing fine here despite the gloomy outlook for SL" LOL You people crack me up. Yes, please hurry over to open sim or wherever and see how much money you make.
  8. After SL closes down all you brayers need to go here: http://forums.walkers.org/
  9. Just goes to show your limited imagination. "Pearls before swine." As for lag, read an introductory physics book to understand the level of information processing that your computer would require not to have a lag for a program like SL.
  10. To all the negative commentators on this blog. Why don't you find something else to do with your time? No one is forcing you to use SL. There are other options out there. Go somewhere else please! Or better yet, why not get more engaged in your RL and stop spending so much time with your computer. As for me, I am enjoying SL more than when I began in 2006. There are so many people having a good time in SL who don't read these blogs.
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