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  1. You can reply here: http://telexlr8.net/2012/12/23/snow-crashed-in-second-life-end-2012/
  2. It would be good if users of Second Life could respond to his article here: http://telexlr8.net/2012/12/23/snow-crashed-in-second-life-end-2012/ "These days I have the impression that Second Life (SL) is a dead alien world populated by the ghosts of a few former inhabitants who refuse to go." Snow Crash (ed) in Second Life Giulio Prisco, December 24, 2012, IEET http://ieet.org/index.php/IEET/more/prisco I fell totally in love with Second Life one minute after joining in 2005. A few weeks later I left a very boring but very well paid senior management post in the public sector to be
  3. Hi, Does anyone know how to prevent your second life profile from showing on the internet? Mecha
  4. Homestead sim for sale in the Wastelands for 60,000 Lindens. Tier due to estate owner on purchase.
  5. Hi, I am interested in renting a homestead sim or parcel that is part of an educational/activist/Art Estate.
  6. Aaah, so that's whay. Thanks a lot. They should really increase the number.
  7. Hi, How do I add picks in the new SL viewer? When I go to the picks tab and click the + button at the bottom, the picks selection does not highlight and there is no way to select it. Only "New Classified" highlights.
  8. A lot of people don't realize that the performance problems that they experience in SL are related to their computer and not LL. Different types of computers respond differently to different viewers in terms of graphics and efficiency. Some computers, particularly lap tops, can only function on low graphics or similar problems to the one described will result. The default setting for SL on my lap top is for low graphics but I am able to increase the setting to the mid-rage if I turn off some of the features. If I do not do this, my avatar ends up looking like the pic or the screen goes b
  9. First of all, everyone has issues. Some more than others. In RL when you get to know someone well, you discover all sorts of things about them that you would not know as a casual acquaintance. So it follows that if you get to know someone either through face to face contact or through a digital medium you will eventually come to know their issues. There is no real dichotomy between a digital medium and RL, it is all part of RL. If you look at the statistics for gamers, TV watchers, movie audiences, clubbers, drinkers, church goers, clubbers etc., almost everyone in the world falls into on
  10. Just as in RL, the social circles you hang out in colours your view of the world. SL has a lot of different people here using it for a lot of different reasons. It is a mistake to assume that because you have some kind of problem and most of the people you meet have similar problems, then this is the main demographic of SL. When I was involved in role play sims most of the people I met were RPing, and just for fun not because they had some kind of problem. They were mainly gamers who preferred the free flow type of game environment offered by SL. I now mainly attend music events, art f
  11. I recently travelled and met some interesting people who I wanted to keep in touch with but the only option was Facebook. There was only one person who I tried to introduce to SL, like this: "This might sound strange but I hope you have an open mind. I am a member of a virtual world where you can have your own avatar. It's really interesting and you can keep in touch with friends all over the world by using it. " She said that she might consider it. I would have been too embarrassed to suggest it to the other persons based on the professional circumstances under which we met. Thi
  12. Yes, I have. Since joining SL several years ago, I keep coming across articles and forums in which people create a dichotomy between SL and RL, and the reasons why they have taken a break from SL, such as improved RL or burnout. I have responded like the following many times before. This way of thinking about SL has and will continue to constrain its user growth. For me, SL is a part of my RL, I log unto SL to hear different types of music that I would not otherwise hear. I log unto SL to speak to people who I would not otherwise have the opportunity to speak to. I log unto SL to partic
  13. All the scripts on my land have stopped working and on the top bar there is an icon indicating that scripts are not allowed on the land which I did not enable. I've tried using my land tool to correct this but it doesn't enable the scripts. Can anyone help with ths?
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