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  1. Got a lot of mesh clothes for the alt now. By my rasta wall: Just two of the items. Pants from JANE and tank top from 'Raspberry'.
  2. Logged into my alt this morning to get some mesh clothes and ended up just making a screenshot with the outfit I had on instead. Yeah, that trivia ball is ugly right there... ANd that chair is a 1-prim mesh chair from Tempura Xaris. The outfit is from Bare Rose, the Skin from Lyrical Oh, and the hair from .:EMO. The picture is Haile Selassie.
  3. Just as long as my name doesn't suddenly become 'Reggae Resident' I'll manage. Well, not so sure I want to be 'Reggae Bohemian' either... Let accounts with no last name pick one from the -ENTIRE- active list, type one in (like in 'those other grids'), or keep themselves at one name. Hmmm... might want to let them get a 'rename respec' for purchase or free too... for all those poor sods stuck on 'Marysue1981 Resident' ... - And you know what, nobody has a -RIGHT- to be able to track anyone else... so to all the 'drama mamas' that will complain that letting them rename means it'd be armies
  4. Victoria wrote: I have received gifts meant for people whose display name is Victoria, so I know for a fact that display names can mix people up. With the name 'Reggae' I get an IM every now and then asking about some 'event', 'sale' or 'DJ' schedule. I got in early on this account, since its an alt and I therefore knew what was coming, and got a meaningful name - so people assume the account is something commercial. I just happen to be Rastafarian and a lover of Reggae. Rasta was taken, Rastagirl / Rastawoman sound cheesy, Rastafari would be heretical, and Reggae was just right. For
  5. Penny Patton wrote: Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: There are scripted items around that identify by user name. If viewers are set to show only display names that leads to confusion. Display names aren't required to be unique and can change over time. That limits what they can be used for. Let's clarify. If the viewer only allowed you to see display names, then yes it would be confusing. However, the viewer, even with usernames not displayed overhead of every avatar, makes usernames easily accessible to the point where putting usernames over everyone's heads is silly and redundant. Probably
  6. Stand by your heroes. (but probably not exactly in this literal sense. )
  7. Look for a .bmp file in the directory of your chat logs: C:\Users\[Computer Name]\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife\[Avatar Name]\screen_last.bmp (Something similar on a Mac). Its made everytime you log out and is used as a screen during your next login.
  8. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: Welcome to the Forums. Oh, never mind. It's you. LOL. Yeah I needed an image for the last screens post and you can't post those until you've got a post count above one... so I started this one on this alt instead of on Pussycat... Pesky spammers though... every week, like clockwork. You can set your SL events by this spammer.
  9. The weekend's here, and with it the usual round of spam...
  10. The joys... ...of faceplanting... (pesky first post with this alt, lets hope I can add a pic in the edit.)
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