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  1. Whatever you do, get the whole arrangement in writing and vid the joint agreement with the saving of chat. The big question is: "Why?" Also, for how long? A love relationship still needs a prenup, IMHO.
  2. Greetings Meshers! I am interested in creating textures for mesh jewelry templates. Yes, I know there's criticism about that, but my skill is with PS and not Blender or Maya. Maybe some day ... I have found that there is no good, definitive explanation for creating textures with PS and importing to SL, except in bits and pieces on the forum and starting here: http://nakedmesh.blogspot.com/p/mesh-faqs.html Some templates come with PSDs, most don't, I have found. Please let me know if I have this correct:: 1) download the ambient/shadow map to PS ( I have seen it referred to as both terms) and open; 2) load texture above the map in Layers and blend both using "multiple" mode (at this point, I've been adding my own alpha designs, which seems to work ok); 3)Save and import into SL as png or tga; Several questions: how do I get shine on the object? I've tried loading the shadow/ambient map in the Texture/Shine frame, which sorta works, though the mesh object looks transparent sometimes. Do I need to make specular map, and if so, how? what kind of settings do I need? do I need a glossy map? what settings? Also, what's the point of the UV layout map for what I'm doing, except it lets me see where to place stuff. Do I need it for anything else? One last question: best SL prim shape for the creator's/root prim? size? do I need to make it phantom as well as invisible? Thank you for any and all responses. I appreciate your help. It would be very nice if creators who sell templates would give us a Basics 101.
  3. I'm interested in hearing from creators about the pros/cons of making mesh or sculpted jewelry. What are the benefits in terms of details, creativity, sales, etc.? I would love to hear all comments!
  4. grid status said the maintenance was complete and it was last night, but it's back to "cannot create inventory" again. Whazzup LL? FIX IT!!!!!
  5. Frankly, I don't understand Oz Linden's comments, as I don't think I was using any kind of beta or project viewer. I'm not that puter savy to try that. Anyway, I did a clean install, as suggested, and I don't seem to have the prob any more. Thanks for the suggestion, and I hope this is useful to others.
  6. Anybody else have this prob? Know how to stop it? ty Gina
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