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  1. Bellisseria Bohemian Queer Club is visited by something un natural
  2. The new Chez Moi kitchen is ridiculously cute, low LI & small enough to even fit a camper. Total win.
  3. I think they throw in one with blue accents as well as the grey in the box. I have that one too & use it pretty often when I explore alone, it turns on a dime!
  4. Amazing use of sunlight colors, @PrudenceAnton . Great job, neighbor, feels like purest summer vibes.
  5. I like having the large expanse in front of the window open for unobstructed watery views, but it occurs to me for anyone who wants to use that space for seating that a malm or free standing ethanol fireplace with a mid century mod or 70's mod vibe with beachy flair could be fun too
  6. Def not much room, but if you squeeze. LOL. Still my fav house for the expansive views & open feeling
  7. This is the main reason I wanted a house in Margaritaville- to have a boat right off my deck to sail Bellisseria (& hopefully, eventually, the rest of SL) from. The closeness of the homes & twistiness of the waterways makes smaller personal craft a must, so I dug deep in my INV over the last few days trying & retrying all my small watercraft. My back deck in Littoral Truth abuts a land & launch rez zone (yay!) My "grab & go sailing" boats so far are these two: Cigar Yacht's GXR-1650 Jetski. This is perfect for two people, tons of cute poses & slips right und
  8. There you have it: Slendy is one of the horsemen.... horse *riders* of the snowpocalypse
  9. This is exactly what I love about the Stilts too. I didn't think anything could beat the Log Homes for light & warmth, but my Tortuga is perhaps becoming my favorite home yet. You've done an amazing job, @Blush Bravin, just as you always do! My home is also open if anyone wants to look around, I nabbed the best of land & pier, & I think I also won the worst of the Bad Pun Region Names award and I'm ok with that: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Littoral Truth/168/92/0
  10. It's really not a home, til the pic of Slendy Claws is up
  11. Yes, that's the Holiday Slendy Spirit! It's really not a home til the pic of Slendy Claws is put up! Our family is so grateful to the hardworking, wonderful Moles & Lindens for bringing us this warm & sunny summer in December prezzie
  12. @Patch Linden Hmmm... I upped a premium temp alt just to play leap frog *eventually*, but one of my mains caught the perfect Stilt. Guessing the Temp Gal should hang onto her catch for a few days before releasing so as to put as little stress on things as possible? (She won't be trying for another Stilt- we only want one in the family). Anyone wants to see the Temp Alt's, I've already fully decorated at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Drinkwater/183/169/27 and that's the one I'll be releasing as soon as things are stable enough
  13. Absolutely! Love my distressed wood, rustic hand me down & hand made feels of the décor in my Logs. My antiques (Apple Fall <# ) in my Victorian & going very fun, casual. modern femme beach life in my Stilt. I got a house for every Big Mood
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