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  1. Eowyn, I joined that general sailing group so that I could see cruise announcements from a number of clubs and saw an announcement for Rainbow. I sailed with them yesterday and found it to be a world of difference from LCC. I will be trying to join more of their cruises. I'm simultaneously gratified that I didn't imagine my experience and disappointed that you had similar experiences with LCC.
  2. It is certainly possible that I have a misconception about what they are, but they were the ones that invited new sailors at their SL18B exhibit. If they are unprepared for a large influx of new sailors, or there is conflict with existing members who don't want to deal with new sailors, that is unfortunate. I don't believe I questioned the commitment of any member of the LCC. I did note that I was offered quite detailed help by one member. I certainly implied that there were more unhelpful or snobby members in my three (an admittedly low number) group chat interactions. My first impression is that the number of existing members who are indifferent or possibly even hostile to new sailors outweighs that helpful core. But that is more a statement on human society than it is an impeachment of the LCC. I did not ask for or expect policing. I related my experience to be informational to anyone else considering, or newly engaged with, the LCC. I regret that it sounded accusatory. I did not judge any other cruise based upon my positive experience with the Bellisseria Boat Parade. If you see language in my original post that suggests that then I will delete it. I did not intend to state any preference. I simply said that I enjoy the Bellisseria Boat Parade. Period. Agreed. Doubtless. In my third interaction in group I went out to run the route the evening before the actual cruise, in order to prepare. In my group interactions at that time people were DECIDEDLY unhelpful and unfriendly. As you have noted, there is a core of helpful people, and they may not have been around during that particular interaction. I felt unwelcome in each interaction. That could very well just be me and not them. It might have been a bad fit. But it might also be a bad fit for others and my original post was, by intent, more a relation of my personal experience and less an indictment of a particular organization. As always, someone else's mileage may vary. But at least they will be informed going in.
  3. Thank you for your advice but three interactions over several days was quite enough to sour me on that group. I accept that you know good people in the group. Unfortunately, with the one exception, I did not encounter them. I will not be returning to Leeward and will advise anyone who asks to avoid them as well. I will investigate Tradewinds. I'm familiar with the Campbell Coast and will take this under advisement if I can get free time during those hours. I have been participating in the Boat Parades for several weeks now and I do enjoy them, though we had our first griefers today, regrettably. Thank you for your input.
  4. While exploring SL18B I stumbled into an exhibit for the Leeward Cruising Club. Their motto: "No one left at the dock!" Being very enthusiastic about sailing, but still mostly a novice, and encouraged by their motto, I decided to join their group and give them a try. I sadly discovered that they have no trouble at all leaving people at the dock. This club has two sailing events a week followed by a dance. Each event has a particular route that the boats follow. I tried two of these events, and also made a trial run on an upcoming third event. In each case I observed that the sailing routes were not for beginning sailors, and were often quite challenging. In most cases requests for help were met with silence or snobbery from the experts. Rather than enjoy a leisurely cruise, most of the other boaters seemed to consider the route a race to be run through at the fasted possible speed. Other sailors routinely crashed into other boats, not yielding the right of way or engaging in any kind of sportsmanship. At no time did I receive any impression that new members were welcome, nor did anyone reach out. Well, there was one single exception to this. One person did step up, on my first cruise, and offer quite a bit of help. But for me that just wasn't enough. Perhaps you might have a different experience, and color me butt hurt if you want. I have left that group and will be looking for friendlier waters and more welcoming people to sail with. Suggestions welcome.
  5. I keep looking for an excuse to cough up $40 USD and change my Resident name, but the names offered so far just haven't grabbed my attention. When is the next batch coming out, I wonder?
  6. Couldn't find a forum devoted to vehicles or boats so I'll ask here. I'm not really savvy enough, yet, to build my own HUD, so wondering if anyone has seen or built a HUD for the Hunter 9M Runabout boat, seen here. Thanks!
  7. I'll look into the AO situation. I suspect that is the most likely culprit. It will be a real challenge to try and get her to attach her eyes to different points. She is not proficient, and she speaks Portuguese besides.
  8. Janet, thanks, I'll look into adjusting the attachment.
  9. I help a friend with her appearance by logging into her account and working on her avatar myself. I added some mesh eyes that are used instead of the eyes that come with the Genus head. When I'm logged into that account, the eyes seem fine. When my friend is logged into her own avatar, and when her AO moves her head, the eyes sometimes seem to not be rigged correctly and fall back into her head, leaving empty space where they ought to be. I'm wondering if there is some setting that is viewer specific that is causing this. Secondarily, I wonder what settings in general are viewer specific, by which I mean specific to the individual person's viewer.
  10. I just moved in, yesterday, and I get... well... my second house guest. Or third maybe. In any event, what a pleasant surprise! Nice to move into a place that seems to retain a sense of community and spontaneity. I'll have to dig up my old cat things from when I had cats of my own. No mice in this house, I guess.
  11. I stumbled into this article on Forbes about Fortnite's new Party Royale mode, which appears to be a small non-combat social island where live events are starting to occur. The aforementioned article also linked to a previous article in which one line particularly caught my eye. Where else, indeed! The author of the articles also referred to Second Life an ancient internet relic. As Sansar, with its various "experiences", continues it's Atlantean descent to the bottom of the digital ocean, along with the millions of dollars spent on it, and the SL staff talent that sank with it, I can't help but wonder what Ebbe thinks about articles like this. After all, I feel certain that someone was dancing in SL as Psylocke while TIE fighter flew around at least 14 years ago. I wonder what Ebbe's plans are to make Second Life interesting to the real world's glitterati, movers and shakers, and (let's face it) brands with lots of money. Mostly, though, I wonder why there is still an Ebbe at all.
  12. So, I did the smart thing and did a Google search. I found this old page on the MorphVOX Pro website that was still relevant, and my voice is working properly once again.
  13. The only thing I've done outside SL is record my voice in the MorphVOX Pro app, and those recordings do play properly. I did pay for this app.
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