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  1. What dominated most of my life was the Search. I mean, life, the universe, everything... why we're here. Now I know that the answer is 42, but even if someone had told me long ago, I would still have had to find out on my own. Where I lived, in suburbia, there were no gurus or unusual people as far as I knew, and this was long before the internet... So I relied on the public library and occasional books I managed to buy. At that time, even though a new paperback book only cost 50 cents, until I got a job at 14 I rarely had that much money. When I was about 12, I got permission to bor
  2. Dogboat Taurog wrote: maybe you havent read Cant. just because you can do it doesn't mean you should. Do you mean Kant? Many people can't read Kant, and if some people can, it doesn't mean they should. Or... if you mean that "Kant is Cant" -- it's a really far-fetched pun.
  3. Ceka Cianci wrote: it will be nice for those that want to use it..i just hope they don't go around being asshats with it to those that don't like it.. I agree with that.
  4. Ceka Cianci wrote: but when you open an account with second life..you use RL data..this is why avatars can have profiles on facebook..unless they lied about the rl information.. I don't understand your point. LL has my RL data, but you can't see it. Facebook gives your RL data away -- to whatever extent you allow, or to whatever extent they trick you. In fact, the way it's implemented now, if you want to use Facebook Comments, you have to lower your privacy, or only your friends will see your comments. I'm not blaming Facebook... they aren't making the trend. I'm only saying that
  5. Beyond SL, another related phenomenon is Facebook Comments, which in a nutshell uses Facebook authentication to allow users to comment. There are a couple of problems with that... it means that if you follow Facebook's requirement of using your RL data, you can only make comments as your RL self. Facebook would like to be the clearinghouse for authentication on the net, I think, but thankfully they aren't the only ones with something to say about online identity: Online Identity Isn't a Transaction - It's a Feeling Five Easy Pieces of Online Identity It will be unfortunate if Second Lif
  6. I was pretty confused at first. I walked around a lot, left a welcome area and entered a mall nearby. When I crossed from one sim to the next, I lagwalked my way underneath one of the stores. Nothing was down there except for a box wrapped like a present, and I couldn't get out. Somehow I knew about Home so I went back there, and then wondered about that box! It was OBVIOUSLY a secret or surprise, so I kept crossing the sim, trying to find the magic way back under that store. But I couldn't duplicate the experience, although sometimes I ended up under other stores in that mall. Next I loo
  7. Once a guy asked me what a kegel was. That was his test of my RL gender. He didn't realize that his test would make him a RL woman as well.
  8. Rhonda Huntress wrote: Ossian wrote: I have a female avatar. I'm male in RL, {snip} Really? I did not know that. You are a beautiful and elegant woman to me. I hope you don't mind if I still think of you as such. Awww! Thanks so much!
  9. Porky Gorky wrote: I've looked at some other Lithium based forums on the net and it would seem that we are not the only ones that are apposed to being ranked and rewarded like children. I have to wonder how much research LL actually did before adopting this system as the ranking of users has historically been apposed by other Lithium forum participants. I think that corporations generally have looked for ways to "reward" people in ways that don't cost any real money. When I think of ranks and cooties, it reminds of me how I felt after finishing a project from hell... and my boss talked ab
  10. Ian Undercroft wrote: Yes - it could be displayed but based on what inworld criteria? People contribute inworld in so many varied ways. And to what end? Benefits or powers of some kind? SL is full egos (many overly inflated) and the acquisition of rank (whether deservedly or fortuitously) does not bear thinking about. It's a dystopian dream... that we will be forced to behave better inworld by being offered prizes and by being denied access to things based on "levels".
  11. Phil, apparently the ranks allow people to do things like post YouTube links. It's all gold stars... nothing of substance.
  12. They are pretty foolish. I could live without the baby-bib icons, too. Clearly the badges are more useful for placing avatar photos, and they would be improved by removing all the writing.
  13. I have a female avatar. I'm male in RL, but I never call anyone "mate" and I have no idea who or what Villa is. I'm also pretty sure that I can fool most tests to find out RL gender. I do tell people my RL gender, but I DON'T recommend that other people do the same. It works for me, but generally speaking it is a terrible idea. For most people it would ruin the wonder and the fun of SL. FYI, it is rude to ask someone's RL gender. Also, guys who insist on knowing are often considered as "cheap guys using SL as a dating service."
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