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  1. There are a lot out there to try, some free, some not. I found this one works quite well for me, though it uses an older version of Blender and Python. It is free. The page has a link to the tutorial which was helpful at showing you what to do. http://tentacolor.com/2008/06/06/tutorial-sl-animation-for-blender-newbs/ Avastar looks very interesting and Machinimatrix site has a lot of great info. I may eventually look into this one but am not sure of the current cost. http://blog.machinimatrix.org/avastar/ Daz had an offer out earlier in the year for their programs for free so if you managed to get that you can check out this video for animation using that. Medhue put out several great videos as well http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Animation-Forum/Customize-Your-Daz-UI-and-Shortcut-Keys/m-p/1596477 These are just some of what is out there. You need to find what works best for you.
  2. What Medhue said. That is a clean install. Phoenix/Firestorm wiki has nice list of how to make sure you got everything and what to do if you want to keep some things. If you have multiple viewers, I have found it is best to set up separate cache folders for each viewer as well. http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_clean_reinstall
  3. I just ran into SL to see if I could upload an new animation I just finished and had no problem at all. Have you tried reinstalling your viewer with a clean install to see if that clears the issue? If that doesn't work you may have to file a ticket.
  4. I am assuming you have checked to make sure your file is a .bvh file and that it is under 30 seconds in length. If it is a very complex animation the file may be too large to upload, though SL will give you an error message for that. Start with looking at your bvh file first.
  5. Though I do not create animations for sale, I do make very complex custom ones for the troupe I perform with. It takes a LOT of time and detail work to make something of quality that loops seamlessly. So I totally understand the pricing and the permissions you see out there. I have no issues paying the prices for dances I think are excellent and I consider them to be a very good value as we use them when performing. It definitely is not a monopoly because anyone can make animations if they care to. Yes, it takes time to learn. So can scripting, creating textures etc. As Medhue said, it is the scammers and cheats who have helped set up the situation. You can always try to talk with an animator whose work you like to see if they would be willing to work with you on pricing and permissions for what you are building. It never hurts to ask. Those of us who did take the time and effort to learn these skills feel we should be paid what we ask for the all the effort in producing a high quality product. As creators we are allowed to put a value on our creations. The public does recognize high quality and seeing how busy some of the animation places are, I would say they have no lack of sales....
  6. Check out this site which is for Blender version 2.49. There are the appropriate downloads in the tutorial including the proper Python version you need that works with this setup and the BVH exporter itself. When you open it up you will have the correct SL avatars to work with. http://tentacolor.com/sl-animation-for-blender-newbs/ I have been using this version the most because it is easiest for me in the type of animations I am doing. I can get a much finer amount of detail in motions than I have found with any other program so far. I will say it does have a learning curve but if you also have a basic blender book at hand or are familiar with the controls you will be able to figure out a work flow that is best for you fairly quickly. Here is a sample of the type of animations I do for our troupe:
  7. Just like in RL, you need to find the things you have interests in and just go do them. First and foremost do things that satisfy you in SL and that you enjoy. Surprisingly when you get involved, help out, work on a project with a group of people that is when you start making connections and good friends etc. Hobbies are a great starting point or find a group that is pretty active within your interests and get involved helping out. People come and go that is a fact in SL and in RL so you have to expect it will happen and be thankful that person was part of your life for a while. Meeting new people is difficult but go into new adventures without expectations and often you will be surprised at what comes out of them.
  8. You could put a notecard in your root prim explaining who made what and who to contact if there is an issue. You might also contact the creator of the linkset to see if this way would be ok with them or if what you originally did with your root prim was ok. Would be worth the peace of mind....
  9. Considering community members took it upon themselves to organize this and get it set up, and considering how many have volunteered and continue to volunteer and ALL working hard to make this event happen and the community responded by a landslide of applications to participate it isn't surprising to find some miscommunications or hurt feelings happened because some were not selected to get a plot. So if you can't get a plot (no matter the reason why), volunteer, participate and give in other ways. Don't sit and be a ballbabyweeda over your misfortune. This is about giving to the community. So you can't showcase your whatever with a plot....Volunteer, dress up and represent who you are and what SL Community is to you while you are volunteering. If it IS all about you, then you can sit, whine and feel sorry for yourself while one of the great parties is about to begin and then we can all feel kinda sorry for you. The challenge is figuring out how to rise above the bumps and lumps on the path with grace and style... Some who couldn't get plots have set up events where they are - the party is ALL over SL. We are collecting info on those events and have a Celebration Hub that is showcasing them with a texture, notecard and LM so everyone can party all over SL and not just on the SLB sims (check my post above for what is needed to submit so we can get it into the Hub)
  10. In addition to the SL Destination Guide, SL9B will have a Celebration Hub, a special place you can get information on all the other birthday events going on around SL! Please send a notecard, 256x256 texture (preferably with the name and date of the event on it) and LM to DMom2K Darwin so we can get it in the Celebration Hub as well!
  11. Check out this link in Animations Thread. Daz 3D has a limited time offer of three programs for free. An excellent value and well worth the trouble of learning.
  12. Here is link to a posting that has the SL avatar mesh with .cr2 and .obj files and instructions on getting it into DAZ Studio properly.
  13. Thank you so much for this, OptimoMaximo! I will be looking forward to the file.
  14. I can imagine some noobs playing Linden Realms and maybe going, "Aw, gee is that all there is?" until someone runs by wearing something really cool (avatar or clothing) and they go "OOOH, me want that!" :smileyvery-happy:
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