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  1. Well, I have a feeling Im going to have to atleast learn parts of Blender, since LL has pushed everything to meshes it seems. As for the tiny triangle, that's going to take some doing to fish out I think. Hexagon does not apply triangles itself, just faces, edges, and vertices. It's likely the conversion to collada in ZBrush or Blender that's adding a triangle where it honestly shouldnt be. I dont suppose anyone knows of an automated way to reduce and remove tiny triangles like that?
  2. Ok, so, managed to find a program that I can actualy use (Blender is basicly unusable without takeing some collage course in how to use it, in my opinion), and have been working on makeing some mesh objects by way of practice. The program Im useing (Hexagon) does not have a direct export to collada, so I am exporting to obj, then useing another program to convert to collada (Zbrush mostly, less sucessful results with Blender so far). I've done a few meshes that have turned out just fine. However, I have finished detailing one such mesh, and upon trying to upload, Im suddenly getting an error I didnt before. In the preview window, when I go to preview the physics for it, some of the edges on the model show up as red lines, and then when I go to upload it, I get an error saying "mesh failed to upload: Multiple errors while validating asset. NewAgentInventory_InvalidAsset. See log file for details." Doesnt tell me what or where the log file is, or what the error is about, or what is causeing the red lines. This has been happening for two days now. Has anyone else run into this and knows what's causeing it and how to fix it? Incase it's relevant, Im useing the mesh compatable version of Phoenix. EDIT: Also, the last two steps under the 'Physics' tab are all greyed out, so I am unable to adjust any of these to see if they help solve the issue.
  3. I did manage to get something that sorta works, thanks to Gaia Clary. However Im still having some issues. Im not exactly sure if it's just my inexperience with Blender, or if Im missing something required to correctly export mesh from Blender for upload to SL. Im also noticeing that mesh may not be able to get the same results I used to be able to get with deformer animations. With deformers, I could fully reposition an AV's joints, and any attatchments worn on the corrisponding locations would also be moved to the new position aswell. With a rigged mesh AV, it seems, atleast at first, that while the mesh moves as if it was an enlarged version of the AV, that any other attatchments would move and position according to the normal AV, not the mesh one. If this is the case, then mesh is almost completely useless for what I need it for, and Linden Labs has basicly destroyed over a years worth of work for apparently no reason.
  4. Thanks. Hopefuly this will help, and I wont have to scrap over a year's worth of work and effort. And as for the offset limit, the +3 meters should be fine for the smaller AVs I have. Anything bigger and Im already planning on useing a vehicle plus normal animations to get the proper size. Just as long as the skeleton itself isnt limited to 3 meters I should be able to work with that.
  5. Not realy sure how this helps my problem any, but I'll look into it. To be clear, I dont need a new animation program. I need a tutorial on how to make a custom skelecton for a mesh AV I can upload to SL in order to create larger than normal AVs.
  6. Since Linden Labs has totaly blocked the ability to upload deformer animations, my buisness is faceing haveing to close down if I can not get the same results with useing mesh. For those of you that dont know, a deformer animation was an edited animation file that, when uploaded to SL, allowed you to move an AV's joints to a new position. This allowed for oddly-shaped AVs, aswell as extremely large AVs such as mechs and vehicles. Since LL has blocked people from uploading new deformers, the only hope I have to stay in buisness is to see if I can get the same results useing mesh. However, I have been unable to find a decent turtorial that explains how to create custom skeletons with mesh that will use normal animations. Deformer animations only required Windows Notepad to make. I can not afford to purchase Maya or 3d Max, nor can I afford to take courses on how to use them. Blender or some other free program is my only option. If anyone can pass me a link to a tutorial that explains how to make and upload a custom skeleton mesh, I would very much appreciate it.
  7. The latest Phoenix release does support mesh. However, I keep getting a 'not authorized' error when I try to upload a mesh and I cant figure out why. Anyone know what's up with that?
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