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  1. I use Phoenix viewer but i have try also with other viewer like firestorm or official viewer but nothing, the problem still. And yes i have tryed also with reistall the viewer clear cache etc... but nothing.
  2. Thx for the reply. No isnt .bhv problem because i tryed also with old animations then i have imported in the past, but now the preview dont work anymore. I don't have a SL error message, i have just the window preview, and i can click every button but my avatar still stuck and if i click to import button the window closes but dont charge animations on my inventory.
  3. I seen then sometimes some texture work and sometimes dont work (database error)... and this is very strange :matte-motes-confused:
  4. Hi, my problem with animations is this: I have uploaded animations always without problem, but since 1 week i cant import anymore. When i click on upload animation, i see the preview winodow and its ok , but when i click on play button nothing happen, or better i dont see the preview on sl , and if i try to click in import button , the window closes and nothing happen, no animations in my inventory . I hope someone can help me :matte-motes-frown:
  5. Hi, My problem started almost 2 weeks ago, when i tryed to wear a shape i have read a message "impossible found a bodypart called **** in the database", i thought was a little problem , but after other days the situation is very frustrating. Actually i cant wear anything in my inventory because every single bodypart or clothing texture (then i have import or i have buy) i cant wear because appear always the database problem, i can wear only the attachment (mesh or sculpt). And the problem now is also for the import, i can import texture for clothing and i cant import animations, when i try to import animations , i see the preview window but if i click play for see te preview nothing happen and too if i click on the import button. So really i dont know what i can doing, i have clear cache, tryed different viewer, i have format my pc too for see if was my pc problem.
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