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  1. Oh gosh! I haven't been able to check the forum for a few days so I'm just now returning to this thread. THANK YOU all so much for the great information, tips, videos... I'm going to snag the free download now. Thanks again for the help.
  2. Does anyone use DAZ Studio 4.0 for SL? It seems to be a type of Poser-like software. Can you import/export to/from SL with this program? Any feedback is welcome regarding this program.
  3. Too many Christmas cookies! What's a girl to do? This one decided to drop the white on white act and get her hands a little dirty with some exploring. I'm feeling very brave since I'm all kitted out with my explorer's satchel. It has everything a girl could need and a bit more. I'm very adventerous and so have started the trek at my next door neighbor's back yard. I hear there be meeroos. These are supposed to be ultra and high graphic but they look a little piecey to me. Hm. I'm not sure what the steam punk eye piece is called but it looks cool and I'm sure it will be handy to examine artifacts in my explorations. I have a lot of cookies to walk off.
  4. Very cool guy, Wildcat. Rawr! Thank you everyone for the kind words. This is fun!
  5. I've been on a Winter White kick. This time I'm a snowflake. The photos do not do justice to the fabulous dramatic flexi attachments of the Mea Culpa dress. Happy Holidays Everyone!
  6. Anna Ermintrood wrote: Beautiful pics Calico......amazing hair would it be rude of me to ask where you bought it :smileywink: ....love those boots too Thanks. Others called it correctly, it is from Truth and the bands do have a color script. The boots are MEB.
  7. LoL I just answered my own question. It seems you have to make one post before you can insert a photo. Taken at the Winter Skate Pond at Willowdale Estate where I learned my computer will not do shadows.
  8. I have never posted here and I don't see an icon for inserting a photo. Links, smiley faces, fonts...I see all of those but not a picture or video. What am I doing wrong?
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