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  1. Why do you need to do this? The usual solution, I think, is to just use some largish arbitraty number and hope others don't stumble upon it by accident or on purpose. Don't use -100748. That one is mine 8-) To get a new unpredictable number for different runs, you might: Compute a hash of something that changes, like the hour or the date or the location. Set up an external server, or maybe some sort of in world server object. Start with a known channel, and "publish" a random number there. Have the parent object pick a random number, and let each child send it message on a known ch
  2. One factor (of many) is the type of image you are using for the texture. For example, if the rug texture has shadows and wrinkles and so forth, the the rug will appear to have those, even though the prim is flat. If the rug texture is evenly lighted then the rug will look flat, even on a textured sculpty.
  3. All the songs that iTunes palys for you are stored in files in the file system. Go browse around in the iTunes library. Then you can either make a copy of the files you want to some other location on your computer, or you can point your streaming software at those files, or yo can upload those files to some server. Note that some or all of the iTunes files might have one or another form of copy protection on them. in short, there is no short answer.
  4. The tool I always imagined... Create an object inworld, using prims. Click a button and it is converted to a similar object made from sculties/meshes You own it, of course, so you can then download and work on with whatever outworld tools you want.
  5. Ummm, ellerc, that isn't you. It is cartoon that you created and put up on the internet. And it isn't actually nude, it is just colored that way....
  6. Protect it?? From what? It isn't like real property. Nobody can steal it, or mess it up, or leave a wet spot on your sheets. ponzu
  7. I suggest you go talk to people who already sell cars in the market place.
  8. So far as I know, under 18 you can go anywhere that is G rated. If you get verified as 18 or older, you can go anywhere.
  9. There used to be one, but it settled the West Coast of Greenland, and we have not heard of it since.
  10. You might also want to take the houseboat apart, study it, and then make your own hull. You might even find a way to improve it. Also, this seems like a simple application of a sculpty. it is fairly easy to figure out how to take a big box or cylinder, and mold it into a hull-shape. The main advantage of the scultpy would be in is only one prim.
  11. This isn't new anymore. Download location: Second Life Viewer downloads page Mesh Import NEW August 12th! - Beta Viewer - Mesh The mesh viewer is now officially in beta! You can get it from the Downloads page of the Second Life website. This beta viewer is the most stable viewer for interacting with mesh content, and is recommended for most Residents.
  12. Reduce your Graphics settings to low... I keep a couple of ice packs in the freezer. When I want the fan to be quiet, I put the laptop on an ice pack. Frozen peas or corn work, too, so long as you don't eat them later.
  13. I don't have any great advice. Have you tracked down the SecondLife.log file and looked to see what is in there? Have you defregged your hard drive? Have you tried using Preferences to set your graphics as low as they will go before you log in? Have you tried the most recent Viewer Beta (which has version number 3.x). Goog luck. Oh yeah, have you done a hardware test on your GPU? They do go bad eventually, because of the heat. Mesh Import NEW August 12th! - Beta Viewer - MeshThe mesh viewer is now officially in beta! You can get it from the Downloads page of the Second Life web
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