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  1. Back after a long long break. ^.^ I love the new mesh bodies!
  2. I seem to have neglected my own thread, I didn't even know it was still going on. I used the tutorial given to me. Now I can see all of you as lovelies. hahaha. I'm sorry for not replying to my own thread.
  3. Shy needs boots made for strolling Q_Q!
  4. I had my days when I was a freebie fanatic, but now it is limited. I follow a lot of blogs and when there is a company that I've never tried out, I do enjoy their subby gifts because then I get a feel for how their designs actually are. I spend a lot of money, so I'm not destroying SL I'm destroying my wallet.
  5. I am finding myself very lonely here in Second Life. As I posted off in another thread everyone is coupled off everywhere I go! I havn't played in a few years so I'm really unfamiliar with what everyone does now. I'm a REALLY chatty person so expect me to talk a lot once I get into that comfort zone. I get along with all sorts of people. <3Cheyenne
  6. Hi there I didn't even know this forum existed, but I think it's pretty neat. I just started playing Second Life again and I have made a few friends. It's really hard because almost everyone I see is coupled off and I'm very bad at breaking the ice. I also fear facing the same challenges I did a few years ago. I love talking to people and I'd love to go dancing or just hang out. I've been shopping too much and I don't want that to define what second life is for me. I'm not familiar where to go anymore for the hot spots so I'm not to sure where to find some people. It's so hard now be
  7. I guess there is a fine line between just a facelight and being a huge xmas tree. I can see why someone would get mad at someone shoes blinging up the whole area. I remember years ago when bling was VERY in and it was all over the place. I was one of the blingtards and I can't believe I went through that phase. I really haven't seen bling as much though as much as it used to be. All the ladies shoes and jewelry would have the crazy bling. I found that story very amusing though about the shoes. bwahaha.
  8. Good evening everyone! Wow, didn't expect the huge response, but this community always suprises me. I don't even know how to respond to everyone at once. First off, let me say...THANK YOU!! I'm happy everyone has put some kind of input to tattoos or even refering me to a few places. I'm even happy that some of you have messaged me inworld. Now also let me say, I DON'T want to be like everyone else. I also do have tattoos in real life and they were so painless I'll do it again someday, but I always OVERTHINK everything. (So when I say butterflies, I don't mean just slap on a few but
  9. Facelights have been around since I used to play before I was allowed to... I had forgotten all about them until I came back, I was really frustrated spending a lot of money on really nice skins and them not looking as great as they did when I exited edit shape mode. So, I again as I always do, crawled to the forums and looked for advice. The advice was a facelight. For me the facelight fixed the issue and I was satisfied. I for one enjoy looking at other people's avatars! So saying nobody is looking might be incorrect for some. BUT as I said, I switched my graphics to high and now
  10. I am almost done perfecting my avie, but I noticed something was missing. I really love tattoos, I have them in real life and I'd love to have some in SL. I've been looking around a lot, I tried SL Marketplace, but that's really not one of my favorite options. I enjoy going into the stores and looking around. That being said, I DO not want anything touching my chest. I do love sleeves, some back tattoos and so forth. I really would love to keep my boobies clean though xD. This is what I seem to have the most issues finding. I also want it to look as natural as possible. Nothing too br
  11. Eeerrrr...please explain why I shouldn't wear a face light? A lot of this game is customization and without a facelight I look like a puffy blowfish. Is there a reason NOT to wear a facelight?
  12. EXACTLY!! I was just messing with my settings and I was SO bright. I'm really sad for all the people who saw me in high with horrible lighting. I got on another avie to see how bright it really was, and you could see the brightness on the other avie standing next to me. >.<
  13. Thank you so much! I prefer rosy colors as well . I'm going to try this out, I'd probably look ridiculous on your screen. >.< You can't change the settings in the one I'm wearing.
  14. My friends gave me my nickname in real life. Shybird, so I added the shy to the end of it since shybird was already taken. I HIGHLY regret this avie name. I wish SL had an option to change it.
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