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  1. I understand but I'm stuck with the system I have right now. Was never going to get the best experience on the laptop I'm using.
  2. Hi, I just wanted to post this for anyone that might be having the same issue I was having with Firestorm. Thanks to Whirly Fizzle from Firestorm for helping me sort my issue I'm running the 32 bit version of Firestorm on Windows 10. From Whirly: This is probably a problem specific to these older Intel cards unfortunately. The benchmarking used to actually crash these Intel HD 2000/2500/3000 drivers. Lets try disabling Benchmarking & see if that fixes the problem. All the benchmark does is do a quick test on your card & decide what graphics level it s
  3. Thanks for the fix, worked for me on Firestorm OS Release http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_intel_fix_32bit
  4. If you're talking about HiFi I was testing the beta viewer earlier this year, wasn't impressed, was very basic. Obviously it's still in its early stages I know, but my system is not even compatable with that game already. I talk to a few mates about it that were in CloudParty then went to HiFi when the beta viewer was released. Maybe it does look a lot better than it did for me I dunno, might try it again when i get my toshiba back this week.
  5. Hi, I don't know much about this new game world, only what I have read and discussed with individules. Considering the entertainment value, interactivity and creativity Second Life has given it's residents, I'm looking forward to this new adventure. Been into this stuff since ActiveWorld & CyberTown, vrml days. I hope they think about the average person's budget in this new world, SL was always a bit over priced to own land. Paying out a grand to put your name on a simulator, before your 300 per month subscription.. Considering the price of virtual real estate in open sim worlds,
  6. Hi, Need a script that allows users to join a list by touching an object. And give an object to a random user on a day set buy the ownser. Thanks
  7. It doesn't seem like a big deal until you look at the facts, Honda releases a new motor cycle but you won't find it on their website unless you happen to browse to old pages. I don't think you would be forcing anything on anyone, if someone views your web page they're there for a reason. It's you're responnsibility to make sure your potential clients see what you have to offer and your latest products. Look at "any" online store, you won't find their oldest products listed first, just seem the right way to do business. If someone can't find what they want when they want it, guarenteed lo
  8. Can we re order items for sale on the market place? i don't see any option. I see the options to change the order as i'm viewing them, like - Age - Newest First, But this would be useful for when anyone else is viewing your products instead of seeing all your old items on top first.
  9. Thanks Ela Have a fairly nice system for in-world, But would be nice to tie into the game API with website. Not using centova myself but would like to see your setup some time, Will buzz you in-world
  10. Is there any chance there will be a subscription method for marker place? I mean if seller has a product that requires a weekly or monthly subscription to a service. what i'd like to do is offer a subscri[tion service on market place that registers a new client to a rental box in-world.
  11. Posted this in jira.secondlife.com about 1 year ago Has anyone messed with flash on a prim and know if this has been sorted out? - Added website url with embed flash to the face of a prim. Opened the webpage on face of the prim and the flash screen loads on the web page. But cannot click the Allow button in the popup dialog for "Adobe Flash Player Settings.
  12. Be careful with this guy, They are using alts/bots around sl putting them outside stream stores then passing notecards for dripping streams That's all i can say right now
  13. Well i have a system to rent subscriptions in-world Is that subscribe-o-matic for the market place?
  14. How would you deal with payments on market place for weekly or monthly subscriptions? There are not many people offering web based services on market place but i see a few, Are they taking the first month payment over market place then moving them to a rental box for next payments? There should be a solution for this maybe there is?
  15. Hi, I'm looking for some info on setting up a billing system so residents can subscribe to our site Also enabeling them to make purchases for monthly subscriptions to web based services. Not sure where to start, have to pass this info onto the software developers. The developers say if i can provide this info they can look into it further. I usually focus on sl for sales but want to expand a bit and give more choise to new customers, ie. web on a prim sales :) I'm guessing if the api for sl is simular to how you might use the paypal api to connect a billing software to paypal? Any info appreci
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