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  1. Hmmmm..... Things that make me smile in SL :- 1. boinking with my partner....YES boinking - you know when you push each other around like a tag team 2. rezzing crazy stuff...lol 3. gesturebating 4. spending time with friends 5. building Things that make me smile in RL :- 1. spending time with friends 2. having fun 3. alcohol...lol 4. good food 5. great company I am a simple girl with simple needs lol :-) Cait
  2. Relm Foxdale wrote: Knowingly charging people to be in a store group is a jerk move. Store groups are supposed to be for store promotion. It's one of the costs the merchant is supposed to swallow or work into their system elsewhere, like all their rental costs, texture uploads, whatever. It's like "pay me to shop in my store" or something. Another one that's really lame is in-store donation objects--"Keep the store in business! Donate!" Um, revenue is supposed to come from sales. Sell stuff or go out of business. That's how it works. Totally agree with Relm. The only contradition to tha
  3. I would send an IM and just ask. Sometimes people have a "clear out" of friends they didnt speak to for a while. I wouldnt take it personally though. Gluck! Cait
  4. Hi there, This may be of help to you. * Group-owned land refers to the group for all aspects of ownership. * Like Linden Dollars paid to a group, parcel directory fees are divided evenly among all group members. * Object return tools consider objects along the following lines: o Owned by parcel owner are group-owned objects o Set to group are objects set to the group but owned by group members o Owned by others are all objects not owned or set to group (including objects owned by group members but not set to group) * If group-owned land is sold, the L$ received is distributed evenly the
  5. Wouldnt say i was lucky....it can be handy to get served in a packed bar lol I would like to be shorter sometimes....so i could blend in the background a bit Cait
  6. I sympathise with you Kerri. My avatar is kinda top heavy lol...and finding prim/sculpt jackets to fit her is a nightmare. I am an experienced builder and even i have problems. Just try to tweak it as much as you can by choosing "edit linked parts" and have lots of patience.......the advice given by the others is good :-) Cait PS. i would maybe try hollowing the main belt prim more....see if that helps...also rotating it slightly so is lower at the front than the back can sometimes help.
  7. I think avatars are definately getting shorter.....they used to call my avatar "the amazon" lol cos she was always around 90....but now i usually have her at 80, i know thats still tall but i am 6ft in RL so have to reflect that...lol :-) Cait
  8. I always try to price competatively and it seems to work. I usually compare the item to others that are already for sale that are similar and make note of the features and differences and price according to that. You are free to price any item at any price, but my formula enables me to live from what i make. Cait
  9. Hi there. This link might be of help to you :-) http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Marketplace-sellers-FAQ/ta-p/700181#I_work_with_other_merchants_under_a_shared_brand.__Will_there_be_branded_storefronts.2C_not_just_ones_for_a_single_merchant.3F Cait
  10. I love makeup and change it depending on my mood i just think it makes you look more "polished" in RL and in SL. Cait
  11. a negative comment falls on deaf ears unless it is followed by a constructive one. Cait
  12. I dont like U2 so i cant say i have seen them lol. They are a bit too soft for my tastes. I have seen plenty of other tribute bands though, so i know the score. Cait
  13. Yes I know its role play, but i don't agree they should get recognition as a "tribute band." There's plenty of live artists in second life with talent who are just there to entertain and its not all about the Lindens. LOL @ U2 in SL Cait
  14. Hi there :-) you can't "save" versions of land unfortunately. However you edit the terrain, it stays that way until you change it again. Cait
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