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  1. A friend of mine suggested the same thing Ceera did, and it worked! Thank you all very much.
  2. I bought this dolphin prim, which is no copy, so when i rezz it, it disappears from my inventory. Anyway, today I rezzed it, but I can't find it! So now I don't have it at all. I rezzed it on my own land too. I've looked from every angle I can think of. I even changed the view to wireframe. I relogged to see if it would to go my lost and found. Had a friend search for it too, with no luck. Any suggestions on how to find it i?
  3. Thanks everyone for your advice! Yes, i totally uninstalled Phoenix and then installed it again, and now the sky changes like normal. I'm not stuck in perpetual noon all the time anymore. Now in the latest Phoenix, environments fade out when you change them manually, instead of just instantly switching. That is a little annoying. But it's still worth it.
  4. When I first joined SL, I liked the way regions would change from day to evening to night and then to morning. A bit faster than in RL. But now, whereever I go, at any time, every region is in bright daylight. Even though my environmental settings are on default. Why is this? In noticed this for awhile, and to test this, I went to a beach I knew that used to always change and stayed there for several hours. The sky never changed. It remained at midday the whole time. Why is that? Has something changed in SL? I use the latest Phoenix viewer; is it possible that I changed some option in preferences without realizing it? I don't think that's the reason though, because whenever I talk to other avatars about this, they all say the region is in daylight also. Now I know I can change the way things look for me by changing the environment default to something else. But I don't like this because then other people are not seeing the same thing as me, so it affects everyone's overall mood. Besides, I don't want to manually have to adjust the slider every few hours, I prefer it to happen on it's own, just like in RL. Can anyone explain this? Thanks.
  5. Thanks people, I'm able to edit the linked prims individually, but it still doesn't help. The bottom line is, the belt is very much an oval shape, and I need more of a circle shape. But that trick might work on other attachments. I will remember it. Too many people who make attachments assume everyone is anorexic thin (true in most cases, but not all).
  6. Wow, that "bleep" - it looks like the forums are being censored. Are the words l*e*s*b*i*a*n and s*t*r*i*p*c*l*u*b really so horrible for these forums? Anyway, those were some of the results I got that were NOT what I was looking for. Hey Cinnamon, I see what you are saying about using quotes, and thank you, although if I'm only searching for one word, then I still have the same problem.
  7. This doesn't really go into the "building" category, but I'm not sure where to ask it. My avatar is a little heavier than most, not buy much, but I'm just not a stick figure. Anyway, it's frustrating that I constantly buy things that don't fit, and stretching/resizing them doesn't help. For example, I bought this great belt. It's too small and mostly inside my stomach. So I resize it using a script, or I just edit it and stretch it out. Either result is the same. When I make it big enough so I can actually see it in the front, then it's waaaay too wide on the sides. When I try to take it in on the sides, then it's too small in the front and back. Changing the position doesn't help. What I usually end up doing is compromising some, so that part of the object is colliding with something else. What I really need to do is warp it's shape a little, not just resize it. Is there any way to do this?
  8. Recently, the "search" function has been out of whack for weeks. Here's an example, I typed in "Soul Skin", the name of a store I was looking ( for. It's a pretty well-established place, and should have been at the very top of the search list. Instead it was number 26, and on the SECOND PAGE of search matches! I got things like "Money Island", "**bleep**> (censored) This has been pretty typical for awhile now. I always have to dig way down to find what I was actually looking for. Sometimes I have found more relevant results by going outside SL to Google. Either the search function is broken, or I suspect certain locations are paying money to force themselves up to the top of the search list. Either way, it is disruptive and not helpful, especially to new Avatars.
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