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  1. My received folder is not where it's always been in my inventory. Now it's not. I do see it at the bottom of my inventory. Why did it change to there in such a short time?
  2. for a week or a little more. when i go to camm onto an object. my camm either goes to another parcel,in the water,just goes elsewhere but whre i want it to. very frustrating. i run a business and i need to use my in a proper way or im going to go nuts...help plzzzzz ty
  3. not sure what you mean by platform...if you as to where this happenening it's everywhere i go. I am using Firestorm. Those things didn't nwork. Ive tried them before and nothing then or now. Is there certain settings in pref for camera...movement ,view and distance? Camming is a real pain bc i run a business and it takes forever bc i camm and zoom off. I took a pic but i don't see where to paste it here.
  4. the pasr few weeks my avi is outta control. well, The position of her is way off. the camera distance or view is way off... ive tried what ive been told in the past. also when i go to cam onto an object. my camera seems to go to the next sim. it just wont let cam right to the object i need to target. plzzzzzz help
  5. For some time now when i go to the market place it takes forever for each page to load or change? any ideas....?
  6. I have been trying to find where i can track the status of a ticket that LL filed for me? They gave me the ticket number but im lost??
  7. yes correct the launch feature doesn't come up for me. i guess i saved it.
  8. ok lets say you are looking at a forum or advetisment...market place. there's a link. it takes you to the web and shows second life and ask teleport now? ill be logged into SL. since the update i do not get the LM sent to SL. Never had a problem before.
  9. i have upgraded my viewer. when i log in,tp anywhere or just move. my viewer doesnt position right to my avatar. is there anyway to fix this.if someone needs to see a pic i have one.it's like it goes towards the ground looking up.
  10. i just updated and now use SL viewer. when i put something in search that is in my received folder. it doesn't show up. i never had this issue before.
  11. Starr Smithson


    I downloaded the new SL viewer and it's new to me. doing pretty good finding things. where can i shut off group chat. its annoying when you have 42 groups and get so many ims showing up. i dont want to leave the groups. also in the inventory is there a search for the received folder bc things dont come up in search up top if its in the received? help plz ty
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