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  1. Planning on Releasing a very nice OW Stilt at East Overshoe (31, 233, 23) at SLT 6 a.m. Hope who get's it loves the area...I'm moving into my Alt's home on the pier.
  2. This happened to me the other day and I believe it clears up from the 1st abandon time atleast it worked for me that way. Hope it works for you too The limit is 5 in 24 hours. I went back in my teleport history and found the time that I caught my first home the day before so then i figured out the next a.m. I would be alrite.
  3. Thank you sooooo much Malayaa this is an absolutely Wonderful & Beautiful property. I waited the full 20 minutes to grab your home...this will be my permanent home for some time to come
  4. Would someone be able to help me find where the Bellisseria Chat area is I didn't know there was one.
  5. Just a Friendly FYI to keep track of the # of times you toss back a home in 24hr's because I accidentally accepted a home and didn't realize it was my limit...so i have to wait 24 hours to catch a home so if Stilt's come out today i'm out but it was my overlooking anyways :0(
  6. Oh geez I abandoned my Traditional thinking it was today by the posts I was reading...My Bad. Thank you Claireschen Hesten
  7. Hi, im very confused as to why everyone thinks the Stilt's will be released today...I feel i've been out of the loop as to the information on the Stilt's. Was there an annonucement from LL that is was today I didn't see...I feel silly for asking.
  8. Thank you so much Claireschen Hesten I will go check that thread out...how exciting!!!
  9. Hi does anyone know when the New Stilt Homes will be available?
  10. LittleMe Jewell, thank you so much for explaining this I was driving myself nuts. I do understand now and I cant thank you enuff-no more headaches..
  11. Hello Ladies & Fellas, may I ask any of you how you decorate your LH walls with texture wallpaper? Your homes are so beautiful/well decorated and I would love to be able to decorate my Houseboat with some pretty wallpapers. Confused on just how to add a texture such as wallpaper. :0)
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