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  1. I'll have someone on the team swing by and take a look at what it going on.
  2. In general, everything is still running full steam ahead. There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes, and not just for my team, but across the Lab. The uplift efforts are proceeding very well and you'll see even more about that soon I'm sure. As for me and the LDPW team, I took a real vacation with a bit of a daring trip to the house of mouse. Prior to that the we'd been super busy working on several large scale events, such as Titmouse and all the fun stuff we're just releasing around Halloween like the huge shopping event, Swagginator, all our gift and Halloween content, th
  3. Please see: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Mainland_policies#Policy_Prohibiting_Land-Cutting The act of cutting down or sub-dividing parcels for resale is not allowed.
  4. The success rate Boxy has is impressively high actually, I might share some statistics once it builds some more up, if I don't send it to the bot graveyard before it has a chance. I haven't decided Boxy's fate yet. For the most part, Boxy is there to help folks that come in after hours primarily since the live chat software has some limitations in how it handles off hours contacts. Secondarily, as mentioned the number of actual, legitimate questions it has been able to help with is also good. It is not there to stop you from talking to someone, as has been pointed out. All you have to
  5. Actually you do have the ability to see how a rezzing object impacts region performance, but that's probably better saved for a very long discussion about how to monitor region performance.
  6. If temp re-rezzing items are found to be causing region performance issues, then that is an abuse of resources on the region that should also be reported.
  7. This forum post is to serve as a longer form message which will be linked to by the Linden Homes messaging system. Hello everyone! This is just a friendly reminder that while Bellisseria may be connected to mainland, it is not mainland. Living in Bellisseria means abiding by the Covenant for Linden Homes. If you have not yet done so, please take a moment to read the Covenant by going to your Linden Home and looking under World > About Land > Covenant. Something we have been hearing many complaints about lately are Residents using security orbs that are not set co
  8. Howdy everyone! I have returned with an update! 😁 We have just met with Yavanna and I am super excited to say that we will be working more closely together going forward on not only helping to support the pod tours system as it currently exists, but also expanding it in to other areas it does not reach today. I'm sure that as expansions and other fun add-ons unfold, there will be more updates on those as they happen. For the immediate future, the pod tour system should be retuning to normal functionality. Thanks to all for the feedback!
  9. This is where part of my confusion is. The LDPW and the Moles do not have a real ticket system. We sometimes receive JIRA's for issues, but that's not really a ticket and the Moles are not reachable directly through the support ticketing system. While I'm not here to dispute any of this, there also seems to be some real confusion on what or how this happened. If this took place in July, this is the first I'm becoming aware of it. There is no "fight city hall" here, again, we have no reason to do anything other than help with the system and the situation.
  10. Be nice to Boxy! Ok seriously, yes we're testing a routing AI system and features. It does learn though, so if there is an interaction that should run smoother, quicker, differently, we can make it better and change it to cooperate before it goes all T-1000 on us.
  11. Howdy everyone! I am potentially as confused as everyone else. But then again I've been out of town this week and I have some catching up to do. In any case while standing in the house of mouse, this did make it to my attention to look in to. While I'm digging in to find out what happened there are a few things I can assure everyone of: We've made no policy changes surrounding automated vehicles on the Mainland. We like the Yavapods system We use it in Bellisseria as the "engine" for the ferry boats, with Yavanna's permission of course We keep having it back t
  12. This doesn't seem too on-topic for this post, however, they are there purely for decor and aesthetic purposes. When we built out the core regions, we used as much space as possible and in many areas right up to the region edges. We felt the entire SLB continent looks better not having things fall off into a void. So we gave everything natural shorelines and such which meant extending in to the surrounding water regions this year. They serve no other purpose and are not usable for anything else because they are running on openspaces.
  13. As has been mentioned, do not abandon your homes. A quick clarification on styles and such. There are 4 floor plans to the Stilt Home theme. There will be two placement options offered on the home selection page of the site. One of the selections will find the house placed where there are stairs are anchored to land, so those houses will be either the over land or maybe partially over the water for home placement. The other option offered will be for a home fully over water (no entry stairs). This is how you'll be able to choose witch type of placement you could select. In genera
  14. Try right about..... NOW
  15. It's a combination of scripts and physics that will cause performance issues. They physics issues can happen on terrain or objects (prim platform, etc).
  16. We haven't put a hard number on it (yet) because we don't think we've seen a whole bunch of abuse of resources related to this through reporting. If we do see that becoming a more frequently reported issue, then we would officiate it through the covenant. Right now, we have generally made the suggestion of no more then a couple should be out at any one-time.
  17. At the present, we're not going to be looking at any sort of down-sizing, rebuilding or re-configuring of the old Linden Homes regions. Work has not stopped on the new Linden Homes either. We have a good bit of runway to continue the build and release of the already present themes and regions to carry us through without adding any new regions. We will also continue to work on the upcoming themes at full speed ahead to get them ready for future release.
  18. We still have a good many regions out there that will be going through the usual decorate and release process which will keep us busy, we're hoping, through this time. So I do not yet anticipate that we will completely run out of regions to release for a couple of months, which may require us to pace ourselves a bit. In the meantime, we're still developing the next themes at full speed ahead. 🙂
  19. This will be my final update on the numbers for now! We will be returning back to our intermittent release schedule of additional homes as we complete the regions.
  20. Unfortunately this would not be the case since we do not have the capacity to bring those regions back online.
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