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  1. Hello! The Great Trick or Treat Event, Bellisseria event is now live! 🎃 Happy Trick or Treating! 🍬
  2. 🎃 It’s The Great Trick or Treat Event, Bellisseria! 🍬 Prepare to celebrate Halloween Belli style! Collect candy across Bellisseria this Halloween season with a chance to win prizes! This is an interactive event where residents living in Bellisseria can host Candy Buckets on their parcels and anyone (even residents not living in Bellisseira) can go all around Bellisseria Trick or Treating to collect candy. Only residents who own parcels in Bellisseria can host a candy bucket, but all residents can get a game HUD and go Trick or Treating. Everyone who participates in Trick or Treating and collects at least one candy will receive a Halloween Skelly Bear (skeleton bear is decor only). The top candy collectors will get limited edition bears! The top 100 winners will receive the Evil Bear (devil). No sounds or effects. (Decor version and Animesh version). The Top 35 winners will also receive the Magic Bear (wizard). Wearable animesh that waves a wand with particle effects, sounds and has a hat. (Decor version and Animesh version). And finally, the top 10 winners will ALSO get the Deaddy Bear (zombie) Animesh Pet/Follower with custom animations, sounds and effects. (Decor version and Animesh version). The event starts on Monday, 18th of October, but Bellisserian’s can place out their candy bucket on their parcels beforehand. You can find the vendors for getting your own Bellisseria Trick or Treat Candy Bucket and Bellisseria Trick or Treat HUD at the following locations: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Millbank/205/38/23 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Campwich%20Forest/118/101/24 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Randelsham%20Forest/150/112/70 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Muehlenbach/158/120/37 Winners will be announced following the end of the event, which ends on November 1st. Happy Trick or Treating! 🍬
  3. As it seems this topic has outlived it's usefulness and most of the useful parts of the discussion have concluded, plus the fact that it seems like there is increasing difficulty to stay on topic. This thread is now closed. Thank you to everyone who provided thoughtful insight, proposals and engaging conversation that helped us navigate the situation with everyone involved.
  4. You all thought it wouldn't be done.....
  5. The Bellisserria Triangle is operating normally.
  6. Hey Everyone! Just when you thought it wouldn't happen, here it is! The Fantasy theme is designed to appeal to residents with a flair for the magical and mystic side of Second Life. The homes are situated on an isolated subcontinent, accessible only by teleportation or through the misty seaway from the coast at Rigamarole. Wander among fanciful giant mushrooms and glowing crystals. Streets and regional parks are full of bioluminescent trees that come alive after dark with a fairy-like glow, as do the streets, the rocks, and even the roof of your home. You can imagine yourself in a world populated by faeries, wizards, and mythical creatures, a place where anything is possible. There are also seasonal changes that will occur throughout the year (sorry, no snow!). At the time of release, there are four basic models, named Amberbrooke, Mistbrooke, Rosebrooke, and Stonebrooke. Coming soon, there will be available open-plan versions that look the same as the basic models but have fewer interior walls, so that you can add your own walls to create a customized floor plan. The open plan versions are named Angelspell, Moonspell, Ragespell, and Steepspell. There will be an amazing community center announced in the near future. This release will be paced due to the complexities that lie beneath what drives the homes and all of their magical features. We will start with a few regions now, and resume the following day (Friday, 13 August) with additional regions as we monitor progress of the region releases as we go. As a general reminder and to help facilitate the release process, please do not play “game of homes” by taking and releasing homes during the initial phases of launch. Also it is extremely helpful to refrain from rapidly switching through different home styles to give the regions time to settle and not overload the backend systems. We hope everyone enjoys the latest additions to the Belliseria continent and community! -Patch, the Moles and the Second Life Land Operations team
  7. Sorry, but I can't read what is quoted in the tweet. If there has been any other discussion in the thread about it, I also will not be reading it. In direct response to this post referenced above: This game was presented to me directly with an English write up for approval on it's operation design, and I approved it. It is the mechanic of a conveyor belt system, the same I have described in the FAQ.
  8. Hahaha! Still Not today™ 😋
  9. Hey everyone! The FAQ's have been updated again and we hope this further helps with more clarity on some specific items. I wanted to thank everyone for the thoughtful discussion to date, along with the many suggestions and questions regarding the policy. In general, we will not be monitoring this thread as closely and as we see any other areas that we need to cover, we will continue to keep the FAQ updated.
  10. There is no Fantasy Linden Homes release today™
  11. It feels kinda mac-ish doesn't it? 😆 I'm not saying it's great, and I'm not saying it's bad either, too soon to tell. You can have the start button and icons to right/center/left justify on the screen just like it was in W10, so that to me wasn't a big deal.
  12. Yes, I really don't feel like it's running much different, and I did a bare metal install on a spare machine with a 1080 GTX in it. When I compare that to a similar machine on W10, I actually feel like W11 is running a touch better overall.. but I might write that off as age/install cruft on my W10 machine.
  13. Nope... No, try again. Still nope... and that g-word... 🙄 Make it stop! 😆
  14. Yes, it runs imperceptibly different than it does on W10.
  15. I wasn't referencing anything specific but one of many examples would be the conveyor belt type schemes.
  16. Hey everyone, Once again, thread is paused. It's clearly going to need my team to spend some time this morning to both clean it up, hand out disciplinary action to those of you who can not be reasonably decent to others on here and for us to address some more issues. Additionally, whatever comes out on the other end of this can no longer be called "gacha". Make no illusions or ways to circumvent getting around it, but "gacha" is gone for good; we should not call it that anymore going forward with any proposed idea to reincarnate it in some way. We have been seeing a lot of good suggestions on new, interesting ways to sell content, many of which we have given to our general counsel for further legal opinion. When we have that information back, the FAQ will be updated. We have also been analyzing the 7seas Fishing Game further (yes we play it 🐠), and there is another mechanic at play which is the one-time purchase of the fishing rod (free or paid). The fishing rod to catch fish is all that is really required to play the game, there is no additional purchase required and with that you can catch all the fish (or other items) you desire. In effect, the catches are free and have no value. Purchasing bait to play the game gives experience for competition. If purchasing bait increases the value of the fish (or items) caught, then the fish (or items) would then have to be no transfer. I have seen some suggestions that it is a disguise to legalize gambling and a handful of other theories to twist the mechanics of the game. This is clearly not the case and that is spreading misinformation, which needs to cease immediately. On edit: Further in the problematic mechanics of the gacha systems, and in addition to what I said earlier, regarding the act of paying for something and in return the item/thing you receive back can not be based on chance, this includes the purchaser must know what they are purchasing in advance of the sale being made. In other words, the purchaser must clearly see and understand what they are purchasing at the time of sale. We will be back with more soon, for the time being this thread will remain on pause and we ask that you do not create additional threads on this topic as those will be locked so we can keep our focus here. Thanks!
  17. If the items are transferable, they can not be going forward. We will clarify that.
  18. Hi everyone! We have posted our first update with a round of initial FAQ's to the original announcement. We will post more as quickly as we can.
  19. We are working on getting more information, clarity and perhaps something like an FAQ set-up, hopefully we can get that published later today.
  20. This thread is now paused. Heed this warning, if I continue to see nasty fighting between any of you beyond what should be considered healthy debate, it's going to stay locked. This thread will be unlocked again at 7am SLT.
  21. I am seeing a lot of great questions. We're going to batch some of these up again and also post updates addressing some of these on the original post.
  22. Hey everyone, I wanted to address a few themes I'm seeing so far. One of the bigger one's is 'why'? As we mentioned in the post, the regulatory climate around these sorts of selling mechanisms abroad have been under scrutiny for some time, as many have also already mentioned. This includes the formation of some precedence already in place. We did not make this decision without a lot of thought on the impact this has and sadly we know how burdensome this can be for many. Through legal guidance, we are giving as much notice as we possibly can, but we also understand that it may not be enough is all cases. While we will begin enforcement on September 1, we will not start this out with an aggressive approach. Your account will not be at risk on a first offense basis. Please don't take that as an opportunity to break the rules until you get caught, but we are committed to taking a proactive approach to any enforcement. Next, is some of the comments on the mechanism or the gacha machines themselves. It is the act of paying for something and in return the item/thing you receive back is based on chance. The level of chance does not matter, or if you disclose it, including the ratios, percentages, etc, if the output is unknown (chance based in any way), that combination of mechanisms is what will be prohibited moving forward. I have seen some interesting counter-points to how to handle the sales of the content themselves. Of course any already purchased gachas will continue to be able to be re-sold by resellers so long as the sales mechanism doesn't use a chance based outcome to give you the item. Limited quantity items is another that would be perfectly ok to do, so long as the item being represented for purchase is what you receive upon purchase. As posts are still coming in faster than we can respond to, we will do our best to respond as quickly as we can.
  23. Correct, it would be the combination of the act that both paying in to then receive something back by chance that is one of the issues at hand... If the "machine" is giving you a random item at chance with no pay in, that would be ok. For everyone else, I'm trying to stay caught up, but you are posting so fast that as I form up a post to address a handful of things, 12 more rolls in. I'll try to get something out shortly for some of the other concerns I'm seeing.
  24. Selling on the MP is not impacted, due to the fact that if you are reselling an item that you got from what was originally a gacha vendor, the resold item is now known.
  25. The environment is currently set-up for best viewing at midnight. The effects change with the day/night cycle, however everything in the region is currently locked to midnight and one season.
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