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  1. Gah! You found the original pickle! 🤣 Everyone knows.... the entire continent looks like a dragon eating a pickle... right?
  2. Uh oh.... Operation squishy pickle has been found!
  3. Any cartographers among us? Remember, Magellan is missing! We can't rely on him to map and discover things for us right now. I would be supportive of perhaps someone putting together a listing, with some nice descriptive text, maybe some thumbnail images in a post and I can pin it here in the forums for everyone.
  4. Folks, please keep it civil. I really don't want to have to lock this discussion down.
  5. Read the covenant in your about land details. ☺️
  6. No, I am addressing your post of which seemingly speaks to overall deployment and supply, along with our simulator capacity, at least that I what I believed you were speaking to. So please do not confuse that with my updates of the fact that more homes, specifically of the houseboat type (first) are coming very soon and the fact that none of what you are speculating as to why we didn't put out more in our first round of deployment has anything to do with simulator capacity or my inability to predict demand.
  7. This is pretty far from the truth unfortunately. I have more than enough "server space", that's not an issue at all in this. Predicting demand, also not an issue, I knew these were going to be very popular. The issue is, creating a multi-thousand, unique layout of homes is going to take time. Lots of time. Alternatively I could take what we have now and stamp it out a few dozen times. That's not very appealing to me, and I think you'd agree.
  8. Yes, I've been saying it all over the place, we have a batch coming in short order, and sorry we ran out so fast!
  9. Well that was fast! In less than 48 hours, our new Traditional Homes and Houseboats on the new Bellisseria continent have been claimed. We're really pleased and overwhelmed at the positive response to the new models and at the rapid speed with which they were acquired. Welcome to the neighborhood: we’re glad to have you here! For those of you who weren’t able to get in, don’t worry: you’re not out of luck. More Houseboats will be coming in the very near future, followed by additional Traditional homes and newer themes that we hope you’re also going to love. The LDPW and Moles are hard at work crafting the themes and the rest of the continent for your enjoyment, so get ready for new styles and new neighbors over the course of the year. Stay tuned to this post: we’ll be updating the status of home availability and other pertinent information as we go forward, so you’ll be able to jump in and get your new home. Current Inventory Status (18 April 2019 @ 7:30am SLT ) Traditional Homes: Out of Stock Houseboats: Out of Stock
  10. Merged, because we do not need multiple threads on the same topic. That said, there are many, many other reasons to have a premium account. A houseboat, or any Linden Home (old or new) for that matter are just one feature besides weekly stipends, Live Chat customer support, increased group limits, increased offline IM limits, premium gifts, exclusive region access rights, etc. https://secondlife.com/premium/
  11. What's that supposed to mean? Perhaps message me so you can enlighten me.
  12. Working on it! Keep in mind folks, we're just getting started with what we have to reveal! 😉 We have lots of things in the works, and we wish we could have just plowed it all out at once. The attention we're giving to detail and being as meticulous as we are attempting to be across all of the various pieces of the project, means these things are having to roll out in phases.
  13. We do have more houseboats coming soon! You can always take a Traditional home today, they are still available, and then switch later as more houseboat supply becomes available.
  14. Show off your new Linden Homes pictures!
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