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  1. Good day! There is a topic going on in a SL group in facebook where a guy who controls a child avatar says he can be wherever he wants to be that this is not against TOS. Though I've read several times that child avatars (even if controlled by an adult) cannot be in any way near adult related content. Can someone enlighten me, please? I've looked into the TOS and I either lost something or didn't look carefully enough because the only mention to children there that I seen were talking about actual minors in real life. It all started over a club announcement about looking for DJs and such and that they didn't allow child avatars (as all adult places I know do).
  2. @Orwar Here, dark side now 🤣
  3. But are they chocolate cookies or shard glass cookies? That's something to consider. Or even worse, raisins cookies!
  4. So much pink Finally back at my desktop after a month and a half of suffering
  5. Nope, I told once to closer friends but most people I know consider SL a land of degenerate perverts so.
  6. Forum is dying so I have to post again Can I turn it into a guide and credit you as well? I'm planning on having a few of the basic SL stuff explained to help out new players.
  7. @Syn Anatine Can I put you in the guide as a collaborator? I'm going to use that info you added to updated it on the blog
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't LL prohibited camping systems a while ago to try and keep fake traffic from being created but people gamefied them in order to turn around that rule?
  9. If you can describe to me how does that work would be helpful since I don't know the details about this only what I seen on a bunch of sims where people basically just stood around a vault waiting to play with it.
  10. People in general want easy money, camping is that, those 'earn linden' HUDs are also easy money, you make 50L per day at most, unless you're a extremely experienced camper that has 50 accounts and use all of them at once to make sure to get all that "dropper" money for themselves. Jobs are one thing, standing on a place the whole day for 1L is another thing. I agree that it could be in taught for those who cannot in any way put a card on their account, but there are job/professions in SL for those who are willing to go after it.
  11. Just found out that the first post cannot be edited anymore, I might as well transfer this guide to a blog where I can constantly update it. The photo above is literally me after seeing that the 'edit' button was gone 😧
  12. That to me is more about camping than about actually working, I'd add it on a 'how to make money in SL' guide that would not specific be job related.
  13. Ctrl+P to open your Preferences window if you're in Windows. On the Graphics tab you'll find a slider to increase or decrease the complexity you want to render/hide. Might have to click "show advanced" in case your graphic options are hidden.
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