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  1. I like it. It's for those who like bigger/curvier shapes that are not super realistic. As SL is a place with a wide variety of tastes and types and interests I think it's less of a niche body than it's spiritual predecessor Sking (the one on that very old photo posted there). It can look pretty cute and more "mainstream" if you can manage to make decent shapes. But in a world full of basic shape Maitreya, it's not surprising to see some people shocked by it.
  2. I don't know if someone posted it, but how often will the last name list change? I do want to change my username, but this first list has nothing interesting for me.
  3. I'm still searching for a role play oriented (not heavily, but basic stuff) community to live at 😞
  4. In all honesty have I read a lot of stuff about Bellisseria groups, so I tend to avoid them. Also I want a place with more prims than what LL offers, but that also has role play going on and not just 'get together' events.
  5. I never saw any of my neighbors in Bellisseria or that extra 'emergency services' role play. I had someone messaging me once and it wasn't for very noble reasons. To me Bellisseria is a dead land since I first got a place there.
  6. I been seeing a lot of empty houses recently, I swapped my traditional house for a trailer without any issue, compared to when I used to have to check the page constantly for an empty place.
  7. I been trying to find an active place to maybe rent at and besides the ones I already know I couldn't find anything with enough active people. Did the linden homes "steal" the residents that like to live in communities? Did the whole 'family' trend die? The things I was looking for in a community: - Light role play, a place to live at rather than having a main story line and character application; - Focus on text, I'm not really into voice; - Realistic setting (no fantasy/humans only); - With active residents; - Consolidated (have been around for sometime or can be around for
  8. Sadly it means LL keeps their own platform from reaching out to new residents or even keeping the current ones more active.
  9. Good day! I been without a desktop for a while now and after the only phone that handles Lumiya died I haven't had much chance on coming in SL other than a glitchy text viewer for emergencies. So, missing a touch of a virtual world I ventured myself again on SL's biggest competitor (I won't name it because I imagine it's against the rules?) and was baffled with knowing their regular online user count is around 90.000. I'll make a quick comparison between both platforms that corrobore with why I was astonished to know that they have almost twice as active users as SL has: THEY: - Limi
  10. I wouldn't mind if they pushed up all stipends to 500L. But I'm just a dreamer.
  11. Some people are touchy with their avatar info being hosted in a game against their will, that and the biting request spam,
  12. Because every applier is stored on their server instead of locally. Tee main concern with that is, when they decide to close down, people will lose their appliers. Good thing bakes on mesh is coming sometime.
  13. Just asking about new ideas or technologies that are still being under consideration for the platform, I just like new stuff.
  14. Are there unspoken plans for SL in general and Premium accounts? It's true that the past couple years or a bit more I have seen way more changes to SL than my entire lifetime here, which is great. I really wish people started giving it attention again, most I seen on the internet seem surprised to know SL still exists.
  15. I just would like to know what is high class and who is the person responsible for judging the class level of an entertainment, because any literate user can type kinky non-senses to help other user have a good time. Same goes for voice, unless one is mute, they can definitely just get the mic and please other's ears. But what lies beyond that? What makes one worthy of having someone else paying for all their expenses?
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