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  1. Sylvannas Zulaman

    New player with some questions

    For escorts, it's a hit or miss and also most of the escorting clubs fake their traffic by having either bots or those vaults with lots of random people around it trying to earn some linden. Clubs are expensive, if you want a cheap escort find a freelance venue like Escort Oasis or other adult sims. AFK sims offer cheap options but not really a lot of interaction, unless you're lucky enough to find someone there. I'm currently renting on an adult community called 'Morningwood', I went there because I know it's quite active and they seem to have events often, but there is definitely a lot of hook ups going on, you might find people in there, but keep in mind that unless your avatar is updated, finding a free hookup might not be so easy. There is also a discord server for voice plays, I don't know the link because I never joined it I just heard about it.
  2. Sylvannas Zulaman

    RP.... I don't get it

    Completely agree, that's why I don't do romance rp when I'm in a relationship in RL life and I don't se why would one need oto engage in a romantic RP when this can put something else at risk. On the other hand, ff it's a rp made just to get off and no romance involved, then yes, there is no need to talk about feelings. but one is being way to naive thinking that a lot of people in SL are here and they are emotionally stable and completely happy in life, they are not and many of them use role play as very unhealthy way to find online what they crave for in real life but are unable to find, so if a person is going to be romantic and fake that they have feelings for someone else and expect nothing comes from there, they're being selfish and careless. Unless they make it 100% clear in the very start that they do not care at all for whatever happens in SL they just want a quick release and keep going with their lives.
  3. Sylvannas Zulaman

    RP.... I don't get it

    It kinda sounds like you're not one worth to engage role play with. If someone take time of their day, which is as precious as yours, to do a game with you that you both planned beforehand and you simply decide that you rather go out and not let them know? That is really selfish, basically all of your posts came out as you're very selfish, might been not what you wanted, but that's how it looks like. Of course real life ALWAYS comes first, there are occasions where it'll be hard to talk to them like an accident, sickness, whatever is that keep you from being able to contact them, but courtesy is part of a friendship, even if it's a virtual one restricted to SL. It's basic niceness 101.
  4. Sylvannas Zulaman

    How does your avatar look today ?

    It's more about purchasing hair colors because some stores have no "essentials" pack and I don't want to pay 1k for a fatpack that contains 10 shades of blonde when I'll use about 2, maybe :9
  5. Sylvannas Zulaman

    How does your avatar look today ?

    I struggle trying to settle for either blond or ginger.
  6. Sylvannas Zulaman

    Men for RP - Where the Heck Are You?!

    Try "sin tracker"
  7. Sylvannas Zulaman

    Ongoing Vampire Roleplay

    Sadly, as far as I seen it, yes, if you're looking for WoD, only one atm.
  8. Sylvannas Zulaman

    Catwa Animated Eyes

    Applies will also have pupils animated.
  9. Sylvannas Zulaman

    How does your avatar look today ?

    This looks like you're about to go "HOL'UP RIGHT THERE."
  10. Sylvannas Zulaman

    Life2 vs beYou HUD

    This is a really good comparison. I decided to try beyou myself and yes, it's way too expensive. I get it that thye have a very complete system compared do Life2 that still lacks the medical part and it's generally weak when it comes to features. BUT beyou can be overwhelming to learn, too much to get and yep, things are pricey. I'm still giving beyou a go but I'll probably end up sticking with life2 and completely changing my mind about it being pricey, it's definitely not. I just wish the updates came faster, I know that everyone has a rl job and life that is important, but I feel like they could open for new developers to help making everything quicker.
  11. Sylvannas Zulaman

    Belleza mesh bodies

    As far as I know, Venus, Isis and Freya are sold separately. They don't have lite/full versions anymore since the hands are now bento.
  12. Sylvannas Zulaman

    Model Newhire

    Maybe you'd be better off being a blogger. It's basically a modeling job, you just usually need good views to apply to a big store.