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  1. Sadly it means LL keeps their own platform from reaching out to new residents or even keeping the current ones more active.
  2. Good day! I been without a desktop for a while now and after the only phone that handles Lumiya died I haven't had much chance on coming in SL other than a glitchy text viewer for emergencies. So, missing a touch of a virtual world I ventured myself again on SL's biggest competitor (I won't name it because I imagine it's against the rules?) and was baffled with knowing their regular online user count is around 90.000. I'll make a quick comparison between both platforms that corrobore with why I was astonished to know that they have almost twice as active users as SL has: THEY: - Limited movement, you can only stand on premade spots. - Money hungry, they charge EVERYTHING, they have a VIP package, a Mature content package, they charge you to change your name, to get married, to create certain contents (charge a LOT) and they would probably charge your sneeze too. - Lower graphic quality (which can be either a pro or a con depending on your setup, any toaster can run it) - Limited creation capabilities (I didn't see many good looking stuff there, the ones I saw were suspiciously close to SL products I know) But they also have: - Free "home" - Official mobile support on both site and app - Good CSR (at least when I tried it it was fast and efficient) - Lower cost for their currency I believe their bigger numbers are mainly because they have a mobile app that works fairly well. Which leads me to the question: When will SL officially supports mobile? At least the website? The only mobile friendly part of SL I visited so far is the forum (I'm currently on a borrowed machine, or I wouldn't bother typing all of this lol). Both website and marketplace look heavily outdated and if you want to do a quick look using your phone you're prone to headaches. I know SL is a much more complex virtual platform than the other one is, but if someone had the initiative to make it possible (with Lumiya) why not the LL team step forward and provide not only more access to it's users as well for a better support for who can't (or simply won't) be in front of a desktop or a laptop for long periods of time? I wanted to enrich this topic with a research but since I don't have a lot of time for a deeper study on SL population, but work ate all my brains so I could only come this far on the topic. Link to a study that illustrates the mobile usage over the past years: https://www.pewinternet.org/fact-sheet/mobile/
  3. I wouldn't mind if they pushed up all stipends to 500L. But I'm just a dreamer.
  4. Some people are touchy with their avatar info being hosted in a game against their will, that and the biting request spam,
  5. Because every applier is stored on their server instead of locally. Tee main concern with that is, when they decide to close down, people will lose their appliers. Good thing bakes on mesh is coming sometime.
  6. Just asking about new ideas or technologies that are still being under consideration for the platform, I just like new stuff.
  7. Are there unspoken plans for SL in general and Premium accounts? It's true that the past couple years or a bit more I have seen way more changes to SL than my entire lifetime here, which is great. I really wish people started giving it attention again, most I seen on the internet seem surprised to know SL still exists.
  8. I just would like to know what is high class and who is the person responsible for judging the class level of an entertainment, because any literate user can type kinky non-senses to help other user have a good time. Same goes for voice, unless one is mute, they can definitely just get the mic and please other's ears. But what lies beyond that? What makes one worthy of having someone else paying for all their expenses?
  9. For all mainstream female bodies. Contact me in world.
  10. This is when hands start to tremble and foreheads get sweaty and emotions slowly get out of control.
  11. You need a bot. Check "smartbots" you'll have an alternate account you can either just pose on a stand to use as a mannequin or you can set it up for a few functions depending on your needs. You won't have to log it in, the script does it for you. It does have a weekly fee, the mannequin fee is pretty cheap.
  12. Bumbping it a bit to say that I got two to join me, but I'm still looking for one or two more. If you're into The Witcher, Bioshock, Fallout, elves, orcs, magic and a nice vintage setting, let me know! I have open positions for ooc staff and ic jobs!
  13. Hey! I want to make a HUD that communicates with a database (already got a hosting for that) with a few functions and website access. Message me in world or here with your prices. Thanks.
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