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  1. When I joined SL oh, so many years ago, I was watching a Fred Astaire / Ginger Rogers movie, and I like the spice ginger, so that was the first name sorted. I went through the then-available last names, and Shostakovich jumped out at me because Dmitri Shostakovich is one of my favourite composers. And there I was, a newly-rezzed Ginger Shostakovich, flying for the first time and crashing into the buildings on Orientation Island.
  2. Odaraia realises she got turned around on her way to the beach.
  3. My RL avatar moved recently and I've only now had the leisure to get back into SL, just in time for Halloween, so I took Odaraia shopping.
  4. You're right - and I'm glad someone here understands Legalese...
  5. What irks me personally is the "accept our new toy or you can't play any more"- thing. Yes, it's going to be another month until this is implemented. And speaking of non-US people, I think someone above already mentioned GDPR and how it would affect this new system. We're not all US citizens after all.
  6. That actually makes sense, if that's the reason they're doing it. But then why not just say so? "Hey guys, the Government need us to do this so we set up a new company. Don't worry, nothing much is going to change for Normal User X. If you need to get money out of Second Life, you already provided us with all the info we need, and if you let us know that you are OK with the new co handling this instead of ourselves, that'd be cool." See? Sorted.
  7. For a company which places so much value on user-created content, this "shoot first and answer questions later (if at all)"-approach tastes bitter. Some warning would have been nice, some explanations even better. You have to accept their TOS in order to continue using Second Life? No way to opt out of Tilia? Well. PS: I didn't see the blog post; I got an email. Surprise!
  8. This seems to be the right category to ask. So - those of you who are creating e-books in Second Life, whether it be for a fashion catalogue or for text-only content, what kind of systems do you use? Last time I published in Second Life, all I had available were notecards and putting text on prims, but things have obviously progressed. I've been on the Marketplace and I've seen scrapbook makers and publishing systems from 0 to 2000 L$, and before I spend any money, is there one you would recommend? Many thanks!
  9. Ever since I created Odaraia, I had the feeling she reminded me of someone. Then I found this hairstyle at no match, and it hit me like a ton of bricks... It's Sue Perkins. 😄
  10. My piece of mainland, by a protected roadside. Nothing derezzed in the background.
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