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  1. Given the way that particular character's story played out - Hell yeah!
  2. Mrs Peel called; she wants her outfit back. (NB this is Odaraia; Ginger is currently busy landscaping.)
  3. At first, my avatar was like a character I'd play in a video game, but over time, Ginger has become part of me and I of her, to explore strange new worlds and boldly go, as it were, doing things I can't do in RL. Odaraia, my alt, is definitely a barbie doll though.
  4. I had time on my hands today and a bit of overtime money to spend. Meet my sister Odaraia (and you know SL is running out of names when you have to go back to the Cambrian explosion to find a name that's not already taken). She's wearing Maitreya Lara, Catwa Blueberry, both modified to my liking, and Skinnery Zendaya. Odaraia is going to be very fashion forward once I let her into the shopping events.
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