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  1. Completely agreed. I'm sure the sim is lovely, I'm sure the artist is wonderful and talented, but I have absolutely zero interest in this sim due to the toxic community and completely petty and unprofessional official representation. They are all doing a disservice to the person (and art) they want to help and support.
  2. Every time I step out on the porch of my Linden Home, I recieve a system message that repeatedly states, "You have been banned for 1440 minutes." Any idea what this is all about? I'm still on the land that's associated with my Linden Home, and it's quite annoying.
  3. I'm so glad to see the community pulling all of these events together, keeping the legacy alive without the support of LL. I've seen LL pull out more and more over the years, but the community remains. It's a great thing they're all doing, and greatly appreciated!
  4. Uh ... LL tucks me in and kisses my forehead every night. Sucks to be you.
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