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  1. I had time on my hands today and a bit of overtime money to spend. Meet my sister Odaraia (and you know SL is running out of names when you have to go back to the Cambrian explosion to find a name that's not already taken). She's wearing Maitreya Lara, Catwa Blueberry, both modified to my liking, and Skinnery Zendaya. Odaraia is going to be very fashion forward once I let her into the shopping events.
  2. I honestly cannot remember what made me create a Second Life account, but I can still remember my first day in SL, back in 2007. I should add that I have been playing computer games since the heady days of swapping cracked Commodore 64-games on hole-punched 5 1/2 inch floppy discs at school and playing The Castles of Dr. Creep for hours on end, by now graduating to things like the Jedi Knight series, while also being active in chat rooms such as OTF. Second Life seemed like a fun game at the time, offering the best of both worlds. Anyway, my first day in SL, after choosing my name (I was drinking Ginger tea and listening to Shostakovich, I kid you not!), I appeared on an orientation place. I duckwalked around. I clicked on everything. I found out how to fly, and promptly crashed into various buildings and cursing. Where am I? What do I do? Where he heck am I going? Why is there a skyscraper? *splat* Then there was a teleport into the wide open world, and I was told to use the search function to find interesting things. I searched for "books" and and found Book Island, where someone was holding a class about creative writing. in voice. I was made welcome, sat down, joined in, and was hooked.
  3. In general, my SL fashion is a little more elegant than my RL one - I'm very much a jeans-and-t-shirt kind of girl. When I dress up in SL, it feels more like getting into a character rather than just clothing. Clothes I buy in SL are very much influenced by "ooh shiny!" and not by any RL fashion, and my inventory is very eclectic. Conversely, when buying clothes in RL, I often catch myself thinking, "This is something Ginger would wear. Let's see how it fits me." SL fashion influencing RL for once.
  4. So I went to Boudoir to see what the fuss is about, spent a long time there being amazed, and fell in love with this dress. I foresee quite a few lindens left in that store. (The butterflies flutter quite attractively!)
  5. Joined the flickr; will join the group tonight. Great stuff!
  6. Those Hawkgirl / Superhero posts in the other thread made me think - what about themed photo shoots of some sort?
  7. Since XO is mesh body only, I went into my inventory instead and I found this (only thing I bought was the tiara, and that was $L25).
  8. Yeah, why not! (depending on time zones, of course...)
  9. Where is this from, and do they do system avatars too?
  10. Thank you! I'm quite happy with it too. Yep, 100% system. I'll admit it's sometimes a little frustrating when I see absolutely stunning clothes and they're mesh body only, but I'm delighted when I find designers who cater to system as well as mesh bodies (and I find I spend less...). As for poster girl - I'll happily take that!
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