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  1. Hello, everyone; As much as I love weapons in Second Life, making weapons and I think they're awesome and look really cool, I've been wondering, what exactly is the main purpose of weapons in Second Life? I'm talking about functional scripted weapons, rather than unscripted props. In medieval combat communities, everyone carries around weapons such as swords and bows and uses them against each other in combat, and it adds to the look of your avatar when not in combat, thus adding to the roleplay experience. Weapons are an integral part of life in the medieval community. I would imagine the same is true for modern weapons, such as pistols and assault rifles, and the look of a police officer for example is not complete without a handgun, taser or a baton. The same could be said of soldiers, whose weapons complete their look. I was part of some military and police groups, and we not only did combat, but we shared our interest in weapons often - different brands, types, settings... They were used in drills and other light roleplay. In these settings, weapons make sense. But how about outside these settings? Is there a role for weapons outside of military/police settings? The only other setting I can think of is the mafia or criminal settings, but this I would imagine is mostly roleplay, rather than regular combat. And not everyone is interested in combat, who carries weapons. Does every person who purchases weapons, ideally or in reality, use them in combat, with the meter/system they are scripted to be used for? Are there large numbers of people who just carry around weapons without caring which meter or combat system the weapon is scripted for? If so, for what purpose? Is it just a fashion accessory or a dedicated roleplay prop? The last time I ever saw someone use a weapon in a strictly roleplay setting that didn't involve combat, they took their gun out and shot a single round into a barrel as part of a story. Another is when a corrupt security guard unholstered their rifle in a menacing way, threatening to shoot someone, as part of a roleplay. Other than that, I have never seen a weapon in SL play even a somewhat significant role in being a roleplay prop, even if there are weapons scripted with "roleplay mode" or "roleplay ammunition" just for that purpose. How many people even use the "roleplay mode" or "roleplay ammunition" on their weapons? Roleplay without the use of weapons seems far more prevalent for weapons to be a common roleplay prop. If weapons outside of combat settings (not too many people within the main population are into combat in SL) are not used often enough in roleplay settings (not that many people in the wider roleplay community uses weapons as an important element of roleplay) then it would seem that's not the purpose that people are mainly using them for. I think that leaves competitive shooting and hunting in Second Life as the remaining legitimate purpose of weapons. It's obvious that the main purpose of weapons in SL is not to be used as a griefing tool, even if taking your weapons and using them in non-combat and threatening ways outside of where it's welcome in roleplay settings and outside of roleplay settings entirely would immediately be unwelcome, considered griefing and be grounds for abuse report. This is very tempting and done easily for someone who owns weapons, and they are readily available, but the responsibility lies with the user of the weapons. So, are there groups of people that take their weapons out at shooting ranges and hunting sims in SL and just have a good time shooting? It may be competitive; however this would not count as combat, and it is not a form of roleplay. But I would imagine these people are few and far between, compared to those who engage in combat or roleplay. So, what are the main purposes of functional weapons in Second Life? In what ways are they used the most, that would justify there being so much demand for them, so many of them sold in the marketplace, and scripted for a particular meter/combat system, and with a "roleplay mode" included?
  2. Hello, The title pretty much says it all. I have been looking for years, for a competent, willing scripter that can create a boxing system for me. I run a boxing league in world and REALLY want my own system created. If anyone out there is willing to take on this job, please reply here, or contact me in world @ Brandon Ghost. Thank you! - Brandon
  3. Hello all. I'm trying to build my second vehicle and I'm running into a problem I didn't notice before (my first was a jeep and higher above the ground). It appears my hitbox is too low, hitting the ground and pushing the vehicle up. I've narrowed the issue to the hitbox since the height of the vehicle "lift" changes with varying animations, ,while the bottom of the hitbox remains relatively in the same position. And yes, I know hip height of the animation plays into this as well, but with the amount of animations I put into the builds, finding suitable replacements with higher hip heights for all of them would be an impossible task. Through doing some research, I've come to understand that combat vehicles...specifically armored vehicles...are able to turn an avatar (and it's hitbox) phantom so that the vehicle absorbs the hits, but not the avatar...while still being able to operate the vehicle normally. I know ||VolumeDetect can be used to a point, but as LL points out, it turns the whole physical build phantom making it drop through the ground (which it surely does...I tried...lol). So clearly there's more to it, and other scripts used in conjunction. I'm not at all looking to turn this build into a combat vehicle, but it would appear there are aspects to a combat vehicle build that would be very advantageous to regular vehicle builders as well. If anyone has any knowledge, ideas, tips, advice, what have you...I'd truly appreciate any help or guidance. Thank you!!
  4. VWE brings you the most exciting and hard hitting live action every week to you. For over 12 years, VWE has been the gold standard in all of entertainment on the grid. And this will be no difference. Our main event bout today will be: Kylie Vane vs. Sriya 'The Dancer' Nader (c) - VWE WOMEN'S NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH COMPLETE MATCH CARD: Match one: Viola vs. Danni Main Event: Kylie Vane vs. Sriya 'The Dancer' Nader (c) - VWE WOMEN'S NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH We are looking forward to see you all at the event today at VWE PRIMETIME tuseday 11/10/20 at 6 PM SLT! *** CARD IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE *** SLURL: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/City%20of%20Gold/158/135/29
  5. Rogue Review. Recap / Review of Rogue Wrestling Alliance (RWA)'s weekly pro-wrestling show (WIRED) and other pro-wrestling events like Free-Per-Views in Second Life starting in this week's episode, RWA WIRED 5/2/2020. • Watch the full show / episode of RWA WIRED for May 2, 2020 • Watch the Triple Threat Match between The White Rose, Sandman and TJ Aquillius (RWA WIRED 5/2/2020) • Watch RWA Heavyweight Champion The Drifter Malaki versus Dylan (RWA WIRED 5/2/2020)
  6. Hello everyone .. I and my partner are looking to start a new apocalyptic Role play sim . We are trying to get it all together and we need partners , we have not the land yet but it is my first time posting here and I'm making this post to see who might be interested in joining us , The Role Play will be called " Last Stand " .. We are also looking for scripters to help us create the Role play system .. we are going to try to make it a zombie apocalypse RP sim with a lot of characteristics that defines it .. for example we will be making a crafting system , Agriculture system , scavenging system .. add to that there will be a military Role Play included on the sim .. Message ViciousBunneh Resident or Kanitroy Resident In-world if you are interested or you need more info
  8. THE KESSEL ROOM BLOCK PARTY - WORLDWIDE SIMULCAST PARTY LIKE A VIP @ THE KESSEL ROOM BLOCK PARTY - BROADCASTED LIVE with TDN FEATURING: DJ STEPHANIE Join us at The Kessel Room from 4-6 pm SLT and enjoy the best in EDM music and dance club environment. Drop by the party and join in with thousands around the world. FB @ https://www.facebook.com/TheKesselRoom Flickr @ https://www.flickr.com/groups/experiencethekesselroom/ The Kessel Room: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mizithra/252/193/193
  9. Hello, I've recently joined some military groups, including WWII New Bastogne and and the Vietnam War US Army group in the Indochina Region. I'm new to military groups and combat sims; the ones I've gotten involved in are relatively niche. I was wondering if there are any active, decently-sized military groups that deal with modern warfare; that utilize things like laser and holographic sights, night vision and thermal imaging, vehicles such as those from The Omega Concern and AMOK Dynamics, weapons from the likes of SSOC and modern military uniforms. I'm particularly looking for those that specialise in urban, desert, arctic wafare and night combat; the variety is key, as I'm looking to experience the whole gamut of military operations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTbxO9owfks Something like this comes to mind; I know this is just a machinima video, but are there any groups which specialize in operating and training people in a variety of combat situations? Also, it would be preferable if all the different military branches such as the Air Force and the Army were covered in just one or two groups, so that I can avoid having to leave many of the groups in which I'm active in. Thank you, - Charlotte Sinclair
  10. VWE PRIMETIME is a weekly Second Life Wrestling show presented by Virtual Wrestling Entertainment or VWE in the virtual world of Second Life.
  11. Victorian Era/Wild Western/Civil War sim looking for creative skilled rpoleplayers and combat rp'ers. Natives, Soldiers, Yankees VS Confederates Outlaws Merchants Tradesmen and Townsfolk. Bank robbing, train robbing, smuggling gun running etc. Homes for rent too and many options for roleplay. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Crossroads/137/128/23 Instructions on how to start available from admins and mediators. WW Meter Check us out and see what you think! We are friendly and open. Questions? Comments feel free to ask.
  12. I have what I hope is not a unique problem in the SL combat community. I have built an NPC enemy combat system that works fine with ordinary physical bullets and a simple open source HUD. However, the group / region that I do combat roleplay in (IndoChina - hi Sydney!) uses VICE weaponry. I love using VICE, but I have have hit the problem of VICE weaponry needing to be attached to an avatar (or sat on) for bullets to do damage Does anyone have any thoughts on how my NPCs could have VICE scripts added (to give and take damage) that would activate without being attached to or sat on by an avatar? Any guidance hugely appreciated. Kaylee
  13. Hello, I am looking for a professional scripter that can provide me a rough estimate upfront to produce a meter containing the following tags, Database, Meter, Combat, Drugs, Role Play System. Once I have your quote we can continue to talk but do not contact me and ask me for any more details or to Disclose my Ideas as there are many huds out there already which are similar to what I wish, just not HOW I wished mine to be. Therefore this work should not take too much time to do as the basic layout already exists. If your a true scripter, this should not take too much of your time, and I don't wish it to cost me a lot of money either. My work is Exclusive and NOT for sale to anyone under no circumstances. I look forward to hearing from you..
  14. This is a fun time for those who love gun fights and shootouts. We use the GRIM combat hud that is here free with free weapons as well for you to participate. All are welcome to come over and bring your friends too. We always have a lot of fun here and our community is a really great family of people who are nice and who care about others. Come over and see why we love our home of fun. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Creation Paradise/89/87/2100
  15. Hey, I'm not precisely sure where to put this as it's my first time posting here, but I help run a combat sim in the Second Life Military Community and lately we've been having an issue that's causing me to tear my hair out in frustration. So, to give a little background, most sims rely on passive interaction when it comes to scripts and whatnot, with RP sims, adult activity sims and such usually being functional even under comparatively heavy script lag (anywhere between 50-60% script run). Not so with combat sims, where that amount of lag causes a significantly reduced experience. Recently we've run into a problem where script run in statistics is consistently very high (around 94% on average over one minute), yet we are experiencing significant delays or simple script failures (without anything throwing an error) that we haven't had issues with previously. It's causing a LOT of scripts and devices that we rely on to not function properly. Vehicles aren't rezzing in the proper manner, contact-fuse grenades or instant trigger explosives are bouncing and hanging upon striking a solid surface or are significantly delayed in the case of manually triggered explosives rather than detonating immediately as they should, bullets are going a significant distance through walls or bouncing off solid surfaces instead of dying nearly immediately. In a competitive scenario, you can probably imagine my frustration, especially since our content creators try and stay as script-efficient as possible. We'd like to continue to provide a quality combat experience in a sim that runs well, but we simply can't do it like this. We have tried narrowing down the problem to no avail. Restarting, cleaning the sim up, checking for griefing objects through either debug panels or process of elimination has not helped. We have even contacted the chungs to request a datacenter move, which they have stated was completed as of earlier today. Nothing changed, and script run in statistics STILL reports around a 94% average over a minute with nothing much going on, which is pretty good with all the group infrastructure devices we use. Now, all this being said, something that I HAVE noticed is that other sims in the same community have not been suffering like ours has, everything still works fine in a couple others, and something I noticed was this: [22:18] Second Life: Teleport completed from NOT OUR SIM (212,149,121) [22:18] Second Life: The region you have entered is running a different simulator version. Current simulator: Second Life Server 2019-09-13T20:04:44.530946 Previous simulator: Second Life Server 2019-09-06T22:03:53.530715 [22:18] Second Life: Teleport completed from OUR SIM (245,224,41) [22:18] Second Life: The region you have entered is running a different simulator version. Current simulator: Second Life Server 2019-09-06T22:03:53.530715 Previous simulator: Second Life Server 2019-09-13T20:04:44.530946 The above is me teleporting FROM a sim that works fine TO our home sim (the defective one), then FROM our home sim TO another sim that also functions well. As you can see, the sims that are working share the same server version. To this end, I'm THINKING that it's perhaps a bad server update? So, in conclusion, my questions are: Does anyone have any idea what else we can try? Has anyone else noticed this issue? If anyone can get back to me on this, I appreciate it in advance.
  16. BMR is having a face lift and will now introduce RP this 7 sims region is undertaken a rebuild details as below of backstory of rp sim. NEW DAWN CITY , is set in a city dominated by a totalitarian regime. It’s gleaming, clean environment is hampered by the presence of invasive surveillance, tracking all forms of electronic communication in order to reduce crime to nearly nonexistent levels. Backstory Before the factions in Dawn City , the city slowly started to become a new City regime. Though some didn't mind the new form of government or just didn't notice, many hated such change. So, having a new leader, they made protests against the government, hoping to change their minds before the process of becoming a new one is completed. Early demonstrations (rallies, protests, and marches) seem to be nonviolent as there was no break in the plans. However, soon Riot Control Forces began to attack the protesters, either without reason or because the protesters attacked first. With such violence, damage, and even death to some, these protests were known as riots. The protests stopped because it couldn't go on with the damage done. Known as a piece of history in the city, these events were called the Main Street Riots. As police (CPF) And private sectors controlled and took the city back, the police remained in power and sectioned the city for safety of their citizens, However damage was overwhelming caused by such riots, the government started constructing a new city above the old one. As the New Dawn City was finally taking shape, the police and private sectors of security was instructed to filter the new citizens, in factions and leave the Black marks as they called them behind. Thousands of people was left behind to rot in the debris of the city once known as Dawn City, they was forced to live and survive by any means they could. The citizens that were chosen to live in NDC was faction into groups according to their wealth and other factors, they was housed, and fed by the city. After a period of time NDC citizens seem to forget the people they left behind, and started moving on with their lifes. Once the old city ran out of food they slowly started to rise and populated areas of NDC, fitting in and trying not to look out of place they started to blend in, As crime rate sours the police controlled city started to understand what exactly was happening, and ordered these outcasts "black marked " citizens to be arrested on the spot, some was returned some were imprisoned, and most of them were just missing, presumed dead by their loved ones, executed by the tyrant thats control NDC.. As New dawn City Suffers by the hands of the outcasts by way of crimes, The police chief released a law for all officers to enter into the ruined city and by all force bring all those to justice, by any means, Join us now and create your own NEW DAWN!. IM me or send me a notecard in world looking for rpers and staff Buckland Military Region
  17. The ROYAL Aviation Expeditionary Corps has finally expanded to point of being able to give birth to the RAEC Navy. We are looking for people who interested in combat as well and non combat role-play. A list of jobs are inclcuded below this. Also anyone with RL/SL Naval experience would be awesome! We are currently operating as whole in every part of the grid as well as Buckland. Additional Pilots are also need for the Air Det. Taken from the RAEC Job Guide Book 5: Naval. The Naval Detachment is tasked with providing naval and addition medical support to the rest of the RAEC as well naval power in any AOR. Including air support and marine deployment personnel the Naval Detachment commands the SAR and Special Operations Detachment as a single force within the RAEC. Members of this unit report to RA Admirals and the Senior Chief. 5N1 Basic Seaman Basic Seaman are the backbone of RA's sea power. From manning vessels on missions to basic vessel up keep and maintenance. All Seaman are needed for the success of that every vessel. 5N2 Surface Warfare Operator 5S3 Naval Special Warfare Operator (Seal Team) The equivalent of the Ground Det's Survivalist Special Warfare Operators are skilled naval operators who are tasked with carrying out special missions as well as defending the fleet through amphibious and board missions. 5G1X Marine Weapons Specialist(Gunner's Mate) The marine weapons specialist is responsible for the defense of the vessel through deployment of naval weapons. Including manning support and Anti-aircraft cruisers. 5M4 Corpsmen(HM) The Corpsmen is responsible for the well-being of the detachment while at sea on land. They are given directives from the RAEC commander and the highest ranks medical personnel. They may assist in land operators and peacetime SAR efforts. 5S5 Naval Search And Rescue Team The Naval SAR team is responsible to carrying out RA's civilian and military disaster response mission. From rescuing downed allied pilots to helping vessels in need. 5N4 Naval Intelligence Team Naval Intelligence officers train to gather, analyze and maintain all intelligence that is received and sent out. This includes maintaining databases and profiles on enemy naval forces and in some cases having get that information from the source. =====Enlisted Naval Aviation Jobs========= ABE: Aviation Boatswain's Mate Launch/Recovery Sailors in this rating prepare and fuel planes before take-off and after landing on aircraft carriers. They are responsible for maintenance on hydraulic and steam catapults, barricades, and other equipment, and operate firing panels, water brakes, and blast detectors. Most of their work is done aboard an aircraft carrier, in all kinds of weather, in fast-paced and potentially dangerous conditions. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AC: Air Traffic Controller The job of a Navy air traffic controller is very similar to its civilian counterpart. They're responsible for directing aircraft operating in different environments, from airfields to the decks of aircraft carriers. They control the movement of aircraft and vehicles on airfield taxiways and issue flight instructions to pilots by radio. Following "A" school, air traffic controllers spend one to two years getting on-the-job training at their first duty station. This includes individual training leading to certification at that airfield facility. Air traffic controllers may be stationed anywhere there is a need, including at traffic control centers, aircraft carriers, or at air traffic control facilities. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AD: Aviation Machinist's Mate Aviation machinist's mates are aircraft engine mechanics and keep the gears running. They repair, inspect and overhaul aircraft engines and propellers. They'll also do routine maintenance and help prepare aircraft for flight. They may also volunteer as Naval aircrew, where they earn additional pay for performing in-flight duties and operating aircraft radar and weapons systems. Technicians going to intermediate level maintenance facilities for their first assignment will attend advanced training after "A" School. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AE: Aviation Electrician's Mate These are the Navy's aircraft electricians. They maintain a wide range of electrical and navigational equipment, including power generators, power distribution systems, lighting systems, flight instrument, and fuel systems. They may also volunteer to fly as Naval aircrew. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AG: Aerographer's Mate (Weather and Oceanography) Aerographer's mates are trained in the science of meteorology and physical oceanography. They learn to use instruments to monitor air pressure, temperature, humidity, wind speed, and direction and are tasked with distributing this information to aircraft, ships, and shore activities. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AO: Aviation Ordnance man Aviation ordnance men are weapons specialists charged with storing, servicing, inspecting, and handling weapons and ammunition on Navy aircraft. Their duties include stowing and assembling aviation ammunition including aerial mines, torpedoes, missiles, and rockets. They assemble and test air-launched guided missiles, and supervise stowage of ordnance. These technicians may also volunteer to fly as Naval aircrew. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AW: Aviation Warfare Systems Operator The AW rating is divided into three categories: acoustic (AWA), non-acoustic (AWN), and helicopter (AWR/AWS). AWA sailors perform general flight crew duties, operate airborne mine countermeasure equipment, act as flight communications operators and flight attendants. AWN sailors perform general flight crew duties and perform specified pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight operations in naval aircraft serving anti-surface, mine countermeasures, electronic, counter-narcotics, and land and sea rescue warfare missions. AWR/AWS sailors operate tactical weapons, sensors, and communications equipment, do in-flight maintenance, work with pilots to operate and control aircraft, perform mine countermeasure detection, rescue downed pilots with emergency first aid, and perform duties of flight attendants and load masters. AWs may work in hangars, shipboard hangar, and flight decks, administrative and operations departments. They often work on flight lines at air stations, usually around a high level of noise. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PR: Aircrew Survival Equipment man Aircrew survival equipment men (PR) have a pretty important job aboard Naval aircraft. They're the ones responsible for keeping parachutes, life rafts, personal flight gear, and other aviation survival gear like oxygen converters and regulators in working condition. They may also volunteer to fly as Naval aircrew. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ======OFFICER JOBS====== (A Naval Flight Officer (NFO)) is a commissioned officer in the United States Navy or United States Marine Corps who specializes in airborne weapons and sensor systems. NFOs are not pilots (naval aviators) per se, but they may perform many "co-pilot" functions, depending on the type of aircraft. Until 1966, their duties were performed by both commissioned officer and senior enlisted naval aviation observers (NAO). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Naval Flight Officer RIO Same as the Flight officer only sits as flight crew monitors second weapons systems and studies diagnostics before during and after flight. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Naval Aviation detachment XO Helps the CO which in this case is RADM Shadowsong with Certain things, could be anything at anytime, and is also the one to report to if RADM Shadowsong is not online. For inquiries please contact General Temp Harrison (mrharrisonofreaper) ,Vice Admiral Kalani Bishop(xxbishopkingxx) , Admiral Nick MᴄCᴀʜᴏɴ-Fᴇʟɪᴄɪᴀɴᴏ™ (major2013)
  18. Hey All, Just posting looking for people who are interested in joining the largest modern combat sim in second life. Currently with 7 sims and still growing we have heaps to offer, post war apocalyptic region with vice combat we have air sea and land combat many groups are currently deployed here, 5th fleet, NATO forces, Us forces, Canada forces and even Australian forces. Settlements scattered throughout the region for RP community's, join a group or create your own, bases hangars ships and so many options here for rent even full sims!!. Weekly events with Linden Prizes. Rentals for groups or even role players, new RP full sim coming soon so come be a survivor, civilian or a combatant settle in one of our Settlements. Hope to see you there ! contact me inworld if any questions. BUCKLAND MILITARY REGION
  19. I am in the process of making a gladiatorial arena style role play with a combat system. I have everything set up however was thinking of adding an additional feature. However it falls in a very grey category. First the arena: People use combat huds to battle in scheduled battles [PvP] and survivals [PvE] each participant must go through an application process and goes through a process to become a combatant and agrees with the outcome of each fight (mainly because RLV is apart of it) The "grey" area idea: I want to put a side area so people can choose whether or not to put money on who wins. The table is manned with a person real and whole who explains in detail "This is not a betting station for gambling, this is a process where the victor of the fight receives your donation for completing the fight." However the person they choose to donate to gets 75% of what was donated and 25% goes into a pool where every person in the group tag VIP is in. At the end of week/month all [all not just the 25% from the arena] sim earnings go to this pool. Ten people are randomly selected from the VIP and get a small token of appreciation for being a supporter of the land. The losers money goes straight to sim maintenance. My concern is I know that betting is a huge nono and so is any gambling. So before I even consider this idea a possibility I want to make absolutely sure this does not in any way violate the Gambling grey area. I have read it from cover to cover and it does state in one section.... Does this policy apply to "skill contests?" This policy only applies to wagering games that involve an element of chance. This includes, for instance, any game involving random number generation, simulated dice, cards, poker, lotteries, bingo, or any other "chance" game. Games of pure intellectual or physical skill, such as puzzles or other skill contests, may not fall under this definition. If your game or contest does not meet the above criteria, it is not restricted under this policy, but other applicable laws and local practice may apply, and you are expected to conduct your activities in Second Life in a legal way. Since the matches are definitely based on a persons skill at fighting and not random chance does this count? As I said this is a very part I am sitting on trying to determine if I should do this idea or just trash it before putting it on my sim. Thank you for anyone putting constructive ideas into helping figure this out. Your friendly Second Lifer Shade Dash
  20. Just to let everyone know those who are interested. their is finally a modern combat sim with vice combat airstrips even rentals, Pvp. Pve, even Rp sim getting built. A must check out for all those modern combat enthusiasts,lets support it and keep it running. Buckland Military Region
  21. Alright, so let's get this out of the way. For those wondering about the SLMC communities, here is more info on the finest example of one Basically, the SLMC groups are combat groups that people can join, but not all groups will take just anybody. Our training is known to be one of the more difficult ones to pass and people have asked me to make a guide to getting through training in one piece. For this example, I'll, of course, be using the Coercion Combine. To get in, just go to our sim Here and in the spawn area, you'll see some hovering drones. One of the drones will be offering something called an Outer Party Form. That is our fancy word for "Training application." Just fill it out. It doesn't have to be too serious, we understand this is a video game and some fun with your first impression is important. After that, follow the directions at the bottom and hand the application to one of the people at the bottom, then you'll be all set. Alright so, first off lemme start by introducing myself. I am Brother Kobi and I am a Paladin in the Combine. (officer rank 1) I have been in the Combine for 4 and a half years and am proud to say that I've done a very large portion of the group's training since late 2013. I've seen a lot pass, and I've seen a lot fail. Nowadays I make most of the training resources from our primjump courses to our arenas. I'll educate you on primjumping here in a bit, but for now, I'm just gonna tell you what you're going to need. - Patience [We test the patience of the people who join to weed out those who aren't looking at the group as what the rest of this game gives you, and that is instant gratification] - Composure [If you lack patience, typically people's first step is to get angry and use the weapons we supply you to try and kill the trainers. The trainers have proven their skill in combat and would love to destroy you. That is not a fight you will win, and it's a fight that sucks to lose] - Determination [As much as these all seem like buzz words that you'd write in the footnotes of your bible study book, you need to have your mind absolutely set that this is where you want to be. We spend a lot of time making the weapons and armor that we pretty much just give out for free, so we only want to give them to people who will set an example with them] - Understanding [Many people look at some of the tests as useless or unnecessary, but you need to understand that we're not just making stuff up when we want you to do something. Our training habits have been cultivated since roughly 2006 when our group's relative, Black Talon was top dog] Alrighty, your favorite part. Here is what we give you to start out and get through training. Some of these items are for us, but some are our gifts to you for entering training in the first place. - Aspir Gear [Don't worry, its made to look bad. We have this horrifying compilation of random fabrics as something you will be required to wear during training. This is to filter out people who are way too attached to their avatar's appearance and get them used to the idea of a uniform. Upon passing training, you'll have much much more freedom with your appearance, as you'll get your first armor set.] - Kestrel [This is your first Coercion Weapon. It is a standard pistol with 12 rounds. Fires at 200 m/s. Just because this gun is free, does not mean it is bad. Many skilled members and even some Vaukreyn {annual tournament winners} prefer this weapon because of its responsiveness in lag, and how fast it's able to fire off rounds] - Necklace [It's not required, but it lets high command officers blow you up if you're being dumb] - The Creed [These are your rules to live by for the next many years you'll be in the Combine, but more importantly it has all the answers to the boring written tests. The rules change as does the political climate of the community] I'd wear all of them at all times, and keep the Kestrel on as well so trainers and vets can tell when you're in mouselook and give you suggestions to help you along. This is the sim and venue where our training is held, there are two very memorable places that you'll go to in Pandoras box [PanBox]. The primjump course, and the arena. I'll go over tips and heads ups on what you will, and might run into when in PanBox in the form of the order in which you'll do your training. We've got several requirements that usually don't ever take more than 2-3 days to complete [and those are always fairly inactive people, so no worries if you're a busy person] 1. Knowledge Assessment [Litterally impossible to fail, just answer your best and if you're wrong, the appointed trainer will correct you] 2. Primjump Evaluation [This one is my favorite because it's usually somebody's first experience with treating SL less like a social chat platform, and more like a real video game. Much like every video game, each has their own quirks and exploits. Primjumping is the art and study of using those exploits to gain a tactical advantage. Most people start out by calling it Second Life Parkour, and for all intensive purposes that are entirely correct. If you're worried about how much time you take on it, don't. people have taken up to 6 hours to complete it and still get accepted. This is where those first four traits I talked about come into play] 3. Combat Evaluation [This is where you get to use the kestrel to finally kill something, however, this usually doesn't mean you're going to be paired up with a fair fight. The odds in this fight are made to be stacked against you greatly. Many times during fights the Combine is faced with holding composure in raids that don't necessarily go our way. We will face you with the equivalent of your worst case scenarios. Most of the time, the trainer will start out with a melee only until they escalate to something more your speed. Getting used to fighting melee only infantry [Brawlers] is the best way to learn your aim. Brawlers typically know how to move on the battlefield, and know how to move to trick you into being exactly where they want you to strike. However, your gun is longer range than all melee weapons. All you need to do is aim, and keep your distance [kiting]] -------- At this point, you'll take a break for a day. Maybe go on some raids, and you can chill out and do whatever. Keep in mind if you're gonna hang out on base, you'll be required to be in tag, and in your awful looking aspir gear -------- 4. Advanced Knowledge Assessment [More difficult than the regular assessment and requires you to consult the creed. You get 30 minutes on it, but it shouldn't take you more than 10. I wouldn't copy paste from it, but just paraphrase the best you can. not everything the test asks is in the creed, some require your own knowledge] 5. Final Exam [Basically the same as the advanced knowledge Assessment, but much easier to fail. This is full of the more important rules that we strictly follow. We need to make sure that you won't make a bad example of the group] 6. Two Raids or Defenses [You can do these at any time during training. people will take note and are watching, but you might notify somebody that looks important whenever you are on a raid. Typically if the grid is quiet that day, an officer or OIC can lead a drill where we fight amongst ourselves, and those do count] and then you're finished. You will then be given our Discord where we will then direct you to the meat of it all. You will then be E-1 Dragoon. You at this point are now a full member of Coercion, and are given everything you see here and more completely free. Here is the rundown. - The Hud [Ever wanted something that had simwide communications, Landmines, grenade interceptors, umbrella shields, sitbarrcades, normal barricades, Bubble shields, a Jetbike, a mortar, 5 grenade types that vary depending on your class, deployables that depend on your class, a backpack for your resources, Alloy (our currency) and a dodgeroll? boy well do I have something for you. This has all of that and is constantly getting more added to it. You might picture the script time being massive, but all scripts are made with lag efficiency in mind] - The Punkin' Eris Armor [Coercion is defined by our appearance. Armor is earned and we are proud to be able to wear it. This is your first armor set and your first step into our ranks. Be proud, you've earned it] - Sebastiio War Banner [Named after one of our officers whos raiding habits heavily consist of beating the enemy to a pulp and then gloating about it, the banner can be slammed on the ground in a sort of chant. When an officer slams their banner on the ground, everybody else wearing a banner will slam simultaneously to demoralize the enemy - BP-100 [Butt Pack 100. It's our lowest tier of jetpack. Jetpacks can't be used all the time just like everything in the armory, but we have a different jetpack for every situation. This one is the best "all around" jetpack] - Ceres Dagger [Standard 5 meter melee. Melees are used to fill the gap between a gun's rez distance. Guns have rez distances so that we don't dodgeroll into our own bullets and die] - Contender [People like to call it the combat shovel and is used for competitive dueling. It's a 2-meter melee, but if you swing and miss, it will take 50% of your health. A lot of thinking is involved in contender duels, so have fun] - Combat Stick [Many armies have fallen by the sheer might of this 3-meter melee. It is used in unison by the army when relations with another military have broken down so much, they've banned everything in our armory. Imagine cultivating your military only for people to defeat it with twigs. This is why we own this] - Copperhead Stinger [Standard dumbfire Rocket Launcher. Mainhand. Deals 35 AT to armored sitbases] - PP29, PP57, (PP19) [Standard assault rifles with varying spreads. Used for different situations] - Faulken Spec-OP [Standard Sniper, and burst rifle. Bullets are quite a bit larger to balance them out with full auto weapons] - Kestrel Reskin [The kestrel trainee pistol has several skins for different ranks, and is still a favorite amongst the veterans] - Access to the largest private armory SL has to offer, and the means to get it. Welcome to the Combine, Brother or Sister If you have any questions regarding more about what this post is about, please visit THIS PAGE
  22. Ok guys i am kinda looking for a hud or something like that, that is able to basically lvl up trough training as we want to have special martrial arts abilitys in it one for elements wepons and beast mode and one for unique abilitys that you can get trough training or trough consuming items or somehow forge together with beast like shapeshifting for teh beast mode. has to have a health bar to and something for the class to We want to create a asian time traveling roleplay sim with a Typicial asian kingdom and theier ranks everything is still in progress of developing if you guys have other ideas to it i would love to hear them or if you have interest in it you can also IM me inworld P.s: Sorrrrry if everything is a bit confusing
  23. SWORD TOURNAMENT ⊱Friday August 10th, 2018 ⊱Board Open 2pm ⊱Board Start 3pm Prizes Include: ⊱1st place - 15,000 Lindens ⊱2nd Place - 10.000 Lindens ⊱Third Place - 5.000 Lindens ⊱Open fight - Free For all - 2k Lindens Any questions IM What LastChance Safe Paths Allowed weapons. EZ The Forge, Equinox, LR Weapons, VF Weapons, Markz Weapons, PFC, GTS Weapons, A&W weapons, and Iroas. Location - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Forgotten City/47/23/7
  24. Hi - I'm interested in Martial Arts in Second Life; how do I find groups and places to fight other players or regions where you fight monsters ? Grateful for all the advice and thanks in advance.
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