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  1. Welcome to SL, Addison! I completely understand how you feel about social interactions in RL! I too have a lot of social anxiety and really don't have friends in RL expect from my best friend and my SL bestie I'd love to be you're friend! If you ever need any help with your avatar or finding anything, I defiantly know how to hook you up! LOL I usually play daily for now till my seasonal job picks up soon. So if you'd like to add me, my user is AngelOfSeeker Or I may add you, if that is easier on your behave! Hope you have an awesome day and enjoy SL! (/^owo^\ ~ ❤️
  2. Thank you for the recommendation! I will check it out for sure!
  3. Firstly, welcome to SL! I felt the same way when I started off too, so don't stress! I'd be happy to be your friend, you are welcome to send me an IM/Friend Request! Sounds like we have things in common already 😛 See you around SL! Have a great day! (/^owo^\ ~ ❤️ P.S. Hi Adam XD Fancy meeting you here! 😛
  4. AngelOfSeeker

    Female AO

    If you're looking for a free option, I use TuTy's Elite - sexy female AO. You can find it pretty easily in the Market Place online! Comes with a HUD that you can turn on and off, with 3 types of walks, different sitting poses, and more! I believe even TuTy - LUCKY GIRL FREE AO - MOCAP and BENTO is free as well! I hope I was able to help a little bit! If not, good luck on your search! Have a great day! (/^owo^\ ~ ❤️
  5. Thank you for the recommendation! I will defiantly look into it!
  6. I guess I should of realized I needed to be more thorough... My apologizes I've been under the impression a lot of SL is sexualized and Im hunting out anything that doesn't involve that sort of thing. I've role played in real life a bunch of DnD and Call of Cthulhu. So I guess I'd consider myself a fantasy esque roleplayer...but I haven't had the chance to see any locations for roleplaying.
  7. This post is beautiful! There should be more like this! ❤️
  8. Hello! I'm fairly a new player to SL (been here for over a month now!) and have explored a bit of what SL has to offer. There has been one thing I haven't yet looked into that I have majorly been curious about! I thoroughly enjoy roleplaying and table-top roleplaying in real life. So my question is: Where are good locations to start off if a player of SL where looking into starting the roleplay experience in SL?! Thanks for help! Have a good day! (/^owo^\ ❤️
  9. Might not be your cup of tea, but I know Bare Rose has a lot to choose from as in themed costumes. I believe even exploring the main store I saw a ride-able broomstick for sale. It's not much, but I hope it helps! Have a good day! ❤️
  10. Thank you so much! Either send me a request or if your user name is the same as you names here, I'll try and add you both! Look forward to meeting you! ❤️
  11. That's no problem at all! I currently have far too much free and my fiancee showed my SL! I only go to Gaming Island to sore some Lindens lol I will definitely try sending you a friend request! I just have to figure it out first XD There is a lot I have not seen in SL, and I'm open to anything but the pixel sex lmao XD I look forward to meeting you! ❤️
  12. Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read my post! ❤️ I'm sort of new to SL and within my first week of experience I've noticed two things: 1. It is hard to just make friends solemnly for being friends...as a female playing a female avatar I've run into...well an issue bringing me to number 2. Everyone I've meet thus far just wants sexual encounters with my avatar... Now it's really not my cup of tea XD Yall do you, but I'm here in SL to gain some social experience and confidence in communicating, for I am highly awkward and a bit of an oddball 😛 I would love so very much to make a few friends who enjoy intelligent conversations, daily trips to Gaming Island, maybe shop with (I spend way too much time dressing up XD), and even explore the huge online world of SL. If anyone is interested, I play daily when I have the time and live in the USA! I look forward to hopefully meeting some awesome individuals! Have a wonderful day! (/^owo^\ ~ ❤️
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