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  1. Hi... I have been using my late-2011 model MacBook Pro with SL from the beginning. It did overheat and kill the motherboard after about two years. I had the motherboard replaced and still use it. With the new MB it doesnt seem to get as hot, and also have the back of the computer lifted up a bit to aid in heat transfer through the aluminimum case (which is very efficient at extracting the heat). I have used Firestorm exclusively the entire time, but use it in the Windows 7 mode. Strangely enough, the graphics in the Windows mode are much better, and I have read that the system also runs faster in window mode rather than the native iOS mode. Having the correct settings in Preferences seems to be the key to keeping the computer happy and maximizing the SL experience without stressing the hardware out too much.
  2. Hi. I am age verfied in SL (G, M, A). In marketplace, I can search G, M. Problems: 1. I cannot access Adult content. Defaults to G, M in searches. 2. I cannot view Moderate. Message appears: This item is rated Moderate, but you are currently able to view only items rated Moderate. I have confirmed G, M, A status in Second Life. I have cleared my cache in my browsers. I have tried different browsers. Help appreciated. Marcus Bremser ....... marcus.bremser@gmail.com. Thank you.
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