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  1. I like towers and other Victorian excess, and that one inspires me. The widow's walk is a nice touch, and reminds me of a friends former home in a Bellisseria-type neighborhood, Elmwood, in Providence, RI. Personally, I would have used a hip roof, rather than the four gables, and not added the level below the platform. But that's only my taste. The vintage auto out front is a nice touch. However, the issue that bothers me most about that picture is the house itself. I would not choose the Hardy model (even though I love its floorplan) because of the awkward spacing of the windows above the porch roof, as it throws my OCD into overdrive. Resident add-ons come and go, but Mole builds are forever.
  2. I had to go into my inventory to find the actual gacha name, so not sure note-taking would have helped in this case. But you and your steno pad are always welcome to visit!
  3. My sundial came from the 22769 gacha "Where We'll Meet Again"
  4. This thread has been the go-to for all things new and exciting in the SSP and SSPE regions. SSP* may have disappeared and the SSPE* will eventually all be renamed to their production names, but I don't think we've come to the end of the road here. After all, there is always light at the end of a tunnel (and a few more themes to unveil) ....
  5. Some Bellisserian creativity, like my example, certainly skirts the line of what is appropriate, acceptable and allowed. We definitely don't want things to get anywhere near the point of mainland chaos, but on the other hand, the neighborhoods could become boring and stagnant if residents are afraid to do anything too far out of the box. It seems like it will be an uneasy balance to maintain, but I'm sure LL will try their best as Bellisseria matures. In one of my explorations, I came across one of the V1.0 'painted lady' Victorians done up as Addams goth, and was quite impressed (and envious) at what they had done with the exterior of their place. And I am sure the immediate neighbors have their own opinions, and maybe some will be sad on that day that the trim was repainted to white and the body became much more cheerful. Like with importing mesh, maybe there needs to be a set of rules to accept and follow in order to use - and keep - certain advanced abilities, such as exterior tinting, to keep things interesting but not chaotic.
  6. Where would something like this fall? On first view, it's really not that bad. It seems themely for the seaside but probably not something you could strap to the top of your vehicle when your RV camper vacation is over .... And then you get this view ... To AR or not to AR, that is the hypothetical question.
  7. I'm glad to hear that you do check first before involving the moles. I use an old but efficient one to alert me via IM of visitors and region restarts, only, on my mainland and LH parcels. These orbs work perfectly and are configured as per the Belli TOS, though that would not be apparent in an area search. One was recently visited by a mole who found it to be in compliance. Certainly not the best use of his time, especially when releasing new homes and themes should be their highest priority at the moment.
  8. Are you actively scanning Belli for orbs or merely ARing the ones which break the rules?
  9. I found the greenhouse at Culprit. There are some really amazing items there!
  10. My Victorian tower house actually got its start in the original Linden Homes area in the Loft style. It was fun to create that space, but it was somewhat limiting. I was after a worn, unsettling environment that reflected the passage of time. When the Traditionals were released in Bellisseria, I was excited to get a parcel near the beach and transform the Continental style into a Victorian. And now Bellisseria has actual Victorians! I was able to really let loose and create a space which truly captured and fulfilled my original vision ... With the Verne, I was able to create an eclectic mix which reflects the era of over a century ago, in an appropriate neighborhood setting. And the Verne's interior spaces have worked out very well! This shows the somber house with some Christmas decor.
  11. Waiting for the gates to officially open at the railroad crossing in Lantana! Some homes even have driveways!
  12. In an effort to avoid derailing this thread further, for the record I had meant "IANAL" to be " I am not a LOCOMOTIVE". 🚆
  13. Arabella has a legit concern. IANAL, but my understanding of Belli is that once a region is done, it's done, and it is extremely unlikely that we would see any completed regions retrofitted with new features. However, there have been changes in the planning of newer regions based upon the feedback they have recieved, so if the Moles know that the rez zones along the railway are inadequate now, perhaps they will act on it for the future.
  14. Rut roh - Moles got into the catnip stash again! But seriously, it looks like an attempt to create a virtual speedbump so the local residents don't get too many vehicles littering their livingrooms. 😂
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