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  1. That would be so cool!!! They could be 256 m2 plots for vampires, zombies and other kindred spirits who don't really need more than a lair to change or sort inventory. Owners would have a choice of either 4 mausoleums (above ground style) or 4 headstones (undergound bunker style). And landscaping would be so easy - just a couple of shrubs, maybe a bunch of fresh flowers every so often, or a candle for special occasions. Throw around some cobwebs for effect. Hey, I'd be sure to visit! 🧛‍♂️ And to get semi-realistic spacing, they could actually be 128 m2 double LI or 64 m2 quad LI parcels.
  2. Update! The map is getting filled in:
  3. Looks like most of the Squishy II regions are now visible on the map. The ones bordering Bellisseria are still only visible at sea level. Excited to see the finished pickle, especially with the new water features.
  4. Looking at this image SSP185, I was wondering what was up with that long lake on the east ... but if this is going to be Busy Ben's 2019 reincarnation, that could very well be where the watercraft will be displayed and sold!
  5. This Mole creation in SSPE152 had me thinking of M.C.Escher!
  6. No, it was created as part of another build that I purchased before Bellisseria existed. I prefer to think of it as architectural salvage.
  7. Current exterior view with new roof trim and completed front porch.
  8. The completed Victorian foyer in the Continental I've been styling makes me wish that LL offered a second version of the existing traditional homes which provided a darker color palette. The current lighter one works fine for more contemporary visions. A darker version which has somber tones for the interior walls as well as dark finish on the cornice/baseboard/window/door/stair trim surfaces would be awesome for those of us contemplating more vintage designs!
  9. Perhaps the implication is that the next atolls may be nicknamed the flaccid banana and mealy eggplant, or something along those lines.
  10. I took a closer look at the map and it wouldn't really be an ideal solution on its own. Unlike Sansara or Zindra, for example, Bellisseria's layout is very suburban and there are only a few truly continuous thoroughfares. But adding a different line or even a subtle shading to the asphalt might be enough to get people past the cul-de-sacs and through the doglegs. I'm thinking that it's highly unlikely that the existing regions in Bellisseria will be changed. But maybe keep it in mind for the next continent. Bellisserian travellers will just have to rely on SLWaze or something.
  11. The mainland continents all have major routes named on the roadbed parcels which makes it a little easier to navigate from one place to another. Maybe something similar can be done with the major north-south and east-west roads on Bellisseria since this won't take up any additional region resources. 🏖️ 🚙 🚗 🚲 🚌 🚕 ⛰️
  12. When I was watching the video, I felt a strong "Back to the Future" vibe beyond the shot of the DeLorean DMC-12 with its FC next to the sign. Maybe the the new theme is going to be Doc's garage.
  13. Is that a gherkin in his holster or is he just pickled to see us?
  14. My guess is that they are most likely running at lower graphics settings and the items would be too dark in their viewers without the full bright enabled. Those of us who use ALM get spoiled by the nuances, but can also be blinded by choices which limprove the surroundings for those with ALM turned off or unavailable. Unfortunately, there is little we can do short of crowdfunding more capable computers and graphics cards. Me, I just put on my sunnies and move on. 😎
  15. Come to think of it, waterfalls are the one feature I haven't seen anywhere on Bellisseria. Even on the mainland they are rare, with most being in the tropical regions around the Mahulu volcano. But it would be cool to have a few to visit in the new areas!
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