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  1. I'm aware that the enhanced Premium rollout has been postponed, but the features are supported by the current crop of viewers. My question was whether anyone has seen or heard of any changes to a resident account that would fall under the 'pleasant surprise' category and could be an unmasked Super Premium Perk. And, btw, Happy 17th Birthday Second Life!!! WOOOHOOO!!! πŸŽ‚
  2. This thread is nearly a year old and recently viewers have been released which support Super Premium features. I'm curious if any of the actual perks have been seen in the wild by others, and also if there are any disincentives to discuss them here. πŸ”’β“or scavenger hunt ❗
  3. I was just pointing out the connection between the announcement and LHs. I'm sure LL has a plan.
  4. Absolutely! While the old Linden Home continents are not at 100% capacity, I would assume from the green dots there, many residents will be affected whether they close sooner or later. But given the server situation, I think the announcement may be a hint that it could possibly be sooner. We shall see!
  5. This is very true, but the fact that LL is out of server space may soon lead to very unhappy residents who maintain parcels on the several continents of older Linden Homes. I'm certain LL is now contemplating the fate of those hundreds of regions since they are destined to be closed eventually. And given the situation, that may be sooner than anyone was expecting.
  6. From the very first Mole training class ... 1984. Electric Dreams. Look how far they've come since then! 😍
  7. My wishlist item would be for the Victorians to have a 'mirror' option along the front door axis so that the areas would have just a bit more variety. An example of this mirror build would be from the older Linden Homes: the Meadowbrook theme had the Mountainview1 and its evil twin the Mountainview2. Though for Bellisseria, parcel owners would have the option to use, say, Verne or Verne-Flipped. Particularly for the Victorian neighborhoods, if you drove through their RL counterparts, you'd see much more variety in structure. Mirroring the mesh in this way would increase visual interest in the areas while keeping the homes consistently placed on their parcels and allowing homeowners a little bit more leeway to be different from the homes nearby. This could also be done for the Traditionals and Cabins to improve or maximize interior views of the local scenery. Seems like it could be a win/win, relatively easy to impliment and providing immediate benefit/improvement to the product. We can dream ... 😴
  8. Coby, thank you for explaining the issue so that I could replicate it. The viewer seems to be using the water level at the avatar location rather than at the cam location, which causes that anomaly. It seems to happen regardless of Firestorm's LookAt privacy settings, and it doesn't matter if you use the CTL-ALT-click method or a SpaceNav to move the camera. I don't have access to the official viewer to test it there. I'm betting there is a JIRA open on this issue, because the problem is fairly straightforward. If there isn't, there should be. Anyway, here is a pair of merged screenshots of the waterfall showing the issue in all of its gorey glory. The left shot is using the water level at the avatar position on the far region, and the right image shows how it should look once LL fixes the issue in the codebase.
  9. I was trying to replicate the visual glitch, and found that the only way I could successfully do it was to put my camera underground. I'll admit to having seen that glitch unexpectedly in the wild once or twice, maybe due to lag or some other unexpected issue. I honestly don't know. This is another shot of one of my favorite waterfalls as viewed from underneath the nearby hillside. Not a visual I would normally see under typical circumstances.
  10. If it's a choice between experiencing a rare and ephemeral visual glitch and losing the unique topographical features that make exploring Bellisseria interesting, gimme the glitches any day.
  11. I'd wager that a number of the contiguous interior 'empty' regions in the log home continent will include the extension to the railroad track that ends on the eastern edge SSPE1058. The 'empty' regions on the south and east sides of the continent look like they may be coastal as there is no rail down by Knapping which would connect in that area - unless a track is also run south starting from the gap region to the east of SSPE1058. πŸš‚πŸšƒπŸšƒπŸšƒ It's always a treat to see a train rumble on by my camper parcel when I am there, so I can imagine any trackside parcels on the log home continent will be sought after for their customized features and terrain!
  12. There is speculation that Millbank (behind your Millers Pond parcel) will eventually be a commercial area. That may influence your decision one way or the other.
  13. That's an amazing approach! Is driveway envy a thing, because I may have it now. Happy 10th Sylvia!! πŸŽ‚
  14. Keep whichever home or homes bring you the most joy. I personally base that on the amount of time spent at a parcel either relaxing, working, decorating, etc. I have a Vic that I love working on, but ultimately spend the most time at the camp. If a new theme comes out that I like, it'll be a really tough call for me since another Premium account is not in the cards. Ultimately once you've made a decision, don't second guess yourself!
  15. Color change interior walls across all the themes would be an awesome update. I second that!
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