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  1. ok but when i sell them i want them to go to my account summary in my linden dollar summary and not my bank account . how do i do this?
  2. Hi does anyone know how to move my Linden dollars to my US dollar balance in the Linden dollar summary under account summary in your account under the linden dollar summary ? When my premium is due i would like to pay that way instead of it taken out of my personal bank account. a step by step would be greatly appreciated .:)
  3. Kind of off the subject. but can you pay your yearly premium using Lindens? if so how would you go about doing that so they don't auto deduct it from your credit card first?
  4. I have noticed in the last day or so . if i leave the secondlife website open after logging in.. and hit refresh i have to log in again.. never did this before. anyone else? maybe this is connected to the same issue.
  5. Hi irihapeti. in regard to your post . i work on the 1:2:4:8:16:32:64 scale whether is metres or mils. It gives the most halving steps before it rounds if work in the default 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16th etc then you reach a rounding much sooner when divide down e.g. 0.5 -> 0.25 -> 0.125 -> 0.062 the 1:2:4:... scale goes 0.4 -> 0.20 -> 0.10 -> 0.05 -> 0.025 -> 0.012 where and how do you change to meters and mils? and how do get rid of the default? i dont see it anywhere and i thing also it would be easier then doing 1/2 1/4 1/8 1/16 and so on. please how do you change this i cannot find it . ty
  6. lumiere.noir A *Remembrance & Celebration* gathering for Lumiere Noir will be held at 1:00pm (13:00) SLT on Sunday 16th of August at the Ivory Tower Library of Primitives http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Natoma/210/164/28 (G-rated) .
  7. Heard on G+ via Raffaele Macis that Lumiere Noir had died. He was such a lovely person, and contributed so much. I learned a lot from the Ivory Tower of Primitives and participated in building contests there in my early days in SL. Hope that there is something arranged in SL to mark his passing, and thought I would maximise the chances that I would find out what it is by posting here. He must have helped thousands of people take their first steps with building in SL. There will be a lot of people wishing him well on the next stage of his journey.
  8. ok thank you Cheris. i did just recently turn off adblocker . so that explains it thank you so much
  9. Hi . everyone. lately when i log in to secondlife .com web site i have been getting the HTTPS:/ in RED color and a slash through it.. it does say the problem but not how to fix it.. can anyone tell me what this means and how to fix it? i dont want a hacker getting in. thank you :)
  10. glad it worked just remember if you try to just make any size prim. it will not work. from my experience. they all have to be even number sized prims. like 2 . 4. 6 . 8 by 10 . 12 . 14 ect... please anyone correct me if i am wrong but this is my experience with it.
  11. im sorry erase that last post.. i meant set your units to 0.250 not 0.025 .. and extents meters to 12.0 and check snap to sup units. try this and it should line up with grid better. but i think you have to keep prim size in even numbers. go to odd number and it may not line up right.. so just try to keep every thing even. and use 0.250 . let us know how it works
  12. hi spawn... i have same issue. i have found if i set it to 0.025 it works best but i think you have to use even number sized cubes . try this and see if your prims line up better..
  13. actually a cruise on a ship is cheap. one of the cheapest rl vacations you can go on. so it doesnt mean all users in sl are rich :smileyhappy:
  14. well i dont know what to make of it !! :smileysad:
  15. i like gestures in sl.. but if some one repeatedly uses them over and over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over and over ............ it gets anoying and i mute them!!! but i like them and they are fun when put to use in a good way. they can add to character.
  16. this is kinda like the first meeting of "Smith and Wesson"
  17. I just had the same problem yesterday.. when you edit your light go to "features" and towards the bottom uncheck light.. the light feature is causeing a light sphere when you edit ..
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