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  1. You need to think a little more broadly: while there aren't usually specific hunts just for Maitreya, many merchants in hunts provide Maitreya and other such items as part of their prize. Like, shoe makers will often include shoe options for Slink and Maitreya and so on (not everyone does, of course, but a good number do.) As for finding hunts, groups are definitely not the best option. You need to check out sites like slhunts.wordpress.com, huntsl.wordpress.com, and seraphimsl.com (for events). They will list hunts and events around the grid, including important details and links to the appropriate websites for surls and (possibly) hunt item photos. You can also check out the numberous other blogs on the net that feature hunt related items and freebies, like fabfree.wordpress.com, go-dutch-with-roodvosje.blogspot.com, slmagpie.blogspot.com, teleporthub.com, nessmarket.com, slfreestyle.blogspot.com, and many many many many more. In regards to exploring the grid, check out zikiquesti.blogspot.com and community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/bg-p/blog_feature_news (specifically for their 'Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide' posts). Also, find some bloggers you like and check out the places they take their picks. Bottom line, think outside of the game and search the web hehe
  2. It will load the surl for a second and then an error about Google Maps not loading correctly comes up. In the JS console it says: "Google Maps API warning: RetiredVersion https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/error-messages#retired-version" This site has exceeded its daily quota for maps. If you are the creator of this site, please visit the documentation to learn more. I don't believe this is something I can fix on my end, rather it's a problem with SL, but I'm not sure. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Thanks Tamara Artis and thanks again Amethyst Jetamine I figured it was something like that, but I wanted to be certain before I started doing any work you know? As for what I have done Tamara, you can search 'novadestin' on flickr to find me
  4. Amethyst Jetaime was kind enough to point me to the Official Policy on Snapshots and Machinima a long while ago but in reading it over again I'm not quite sure that it answers my question-if it does then I'm just blind hehe I get that it's ok to take pictures but what about selling the images you take? I know photography studios and all that but if I go out and just take a snapshot on some random sim could I then turn around and sell it (provided the convenat does not forbid snapshots of course)? I just want to be certain before I do anything so I don't step on anyone's toes :)
  5. Thanks so much, that's exactly what I needed but didn't know existed
  6. I have my own work to sell but I was curious how it worked with images from Second Life when you have someone else's studio or sim for the background and stuff like that.
  7. Hello everyone :) I've been a part of SL for awhile now and have checked out many "general" chat groups but never found one that was actually active as it were so I was curious if anyone had any suggestions. I don't want to have twenty different groups, one for each different "like" lol just something where people can hang out and talk about anything (and by anything, I mean anything other than sex :P).
  8. Well there are lots of groups out there that you could look into, I don't know which ones are really active though. Unfortunately, most group slots get taken up by store groups rather than social groups lol so sad but store groups can be quite active too. But music is easy, there are tons of clubs around SL that you could visit, just search for one that fits your style. I would offer up a few but I don't know what kind of music you like. As for being a nerd, lots of people in SL are haha You can check events and such for any upcoming poetry reads and stuff like that too
  9. That's actually something I hear quite often, that people are shy at first, I'm the same way That being said, finding a place to fit is really just about what you're interested in, there is lots and lots to do in SL! So what are some of your hobbies, maybe we could help suggest an event or venue or something where you can hang out and meet people
  10. My main and one alt, my first, have the folder just fine but my other alts which came a bit later are totally missing the entire My Outfits folder. If it was something they got rid of wouldn't it be gone from all of them? It just seems very odd that some have it and some don't. EDIT: I should mention I use the latest Phoenix viewer and sorry Holger but your answer was not helpful in that i am not trying to recover items, I am talking about the actual system folder like the 'Calling Cards' or 'Lost and Found' folders. These folders cannot be deleted or moved. And no I don't have anything in that folder on any of my accounts, however that doesn't help because that includes my main and my alt that DO have the folder even though its empty. I keep it empty on the two that do have the folder out of fear that it might one day disappear on them too. Not to mention other empty folders always show on Phoenix too.
  11. I bought the new linden bear and so now I have the "Received Items" folder in my inventory, however it shows up as a huge gray box -like the size of 6 other folders huge- and I can't figure out what to do. EDIT: Nevermind, figured out I just needed to update Phoenix as apparently they forgot to add in the icon for the folder and that's why it wasn't showing up right.
  12. But if I photograph a pattern or something isn't that basically copying?
  13. That's what I figured, sorry I didn't specify earlier, I was in a rush to get the cat to the vet and thought I should ask before i forgot lol but thanks very much for the information! Might you have any suggestions on texture places to visit?
  14. I recently opened a shop and I am starting to learn how to make different things. I was curious about textures though, do I have to make everything by hand myself or can I, say, find a free image of a butterfly somewhere and use it in a design? Any help on this or just general help on getting started would be most helpful!
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