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  1. Time for Second Life is now 10:49, 1sr February. I have been trying to log in for the last 10 minutes and keep getting the same message, unable to log in to simulator. I have tried using a different avatar, and have tried to log in to different locations and still get the same message. With nothing mentioned on Grid Status, is anyone else experiencing a problem? EDIT - I have now been able to log in. This post can be deleted.
  2. I will add myself onto this thread. Yesterday (1st) I thought there was just a glitch that I could not view the transactions history for 31st December but today, 2nd January, exactly the same issue - not able to see transactions history for yesterday or any part of December. The only difference I am seeing is a banner at the top of my transactions history page which states " Please specify a correct date format of YYYY/mm/dd and ensure the start date occurs prior to the end date. ". This is quite ludicrous since there is a drop down menu for the calendar and it stays on the page even when I type in the dates manually.
  3. Update, I left the viewer trying to connect and I have just logged in (1:17 pm PST), and I am noticing others on my friends list also following me logging in. Perhaps whatever was wrong has been sorted.
  4. There is nothing yet on grid status and I have checked in RL with friends in different parts of the world. All of us report unable to log into Second Life. In addition, the Friends Online page and the Friends widget on the account summary page is also not working. Has anyone heard of any issues at this time?
  5. You read correctly, yes. I tested by sending an IM to my alt. Inworld, the time stand at the start of the IM line was correct and matched my computer time - in the example I gave, 9:30am But when it reached my alt's email account, the time stamp was 8:30am. When I logged my alt in, the IM was there waiting for him and 9:30am was the time of the sent IM. I just felt it a little odd that the time stamp loses an exact hour between SL and the email server 2 minutes later. The daylight saving time is interesting, here we call it Summer Time and the clocks did go forward by an hour a few months ago - and will go back an hour in a few months time.
  6. After a long time of wondering just why my offline IMs either take several hours to reach me or never arrive, I discovered yesterday that the problem is with Yahoo. A change of email address and offlines arrived within minutes. Success. But now I have noticed a difference in the IM time stamp that appears before the message. I have made several tests in the last half an hour with different avatars and the issue is the same. I send an offline IM and the time is correctly shown at the start of the IM - 9:30, for example. However, when the IM reaches the email account a few minutes later, the time stamp on the IM is one hour earlier, 8:30 using my example. Is this a normal thing, is there a setting I have missed? My own time zone is GMT, my computer clock and the SL clock are accurate, and so are the time stamps in nearby chat and IMs. The "change" seems to come after an offline is sent. Does anyone have any ideas?
  7. I know what you mean. I saw my linden balance suddenly went to a minus figure and so I thought a relog would fix it. I should have known better and, like so many others, am waiting to be allowed to log in again.
  8. Another hour later and I clicked to check my dashboard and... I had to put in the password. So perhaps it is a Firefox issue - although there hasn't been an update over the past two days. Hopefully it will resolve itself.
  9. I use different browsers for different things, but my main browser is Firefox. About an hour ago I deleted all the stored SL cookies and also deleted my browsing history for today (which I do daily anyway). I then clicked my bookmark to get into my dashboard and was asked for my password, which I expect. Same happened when I looked back at this thread. I just restarted the Firefox browser and again used bookmarks to go to the dashboards that I use often during the day and I went straight in as normal, no request for password. I clicked the link in the email response for this thread and also came straight in - ie remained logged in, which is what I expect. I am assuming there might have been a corrupt cookie and by removing them all and allowing SL to place new ones it solved the problem on Firestorm. If the issue arises again, I will report back.
  10. No, I never use the internal browsers, always external.
  11. I have always kept the SL cookies on my computer and so whenever I wish to look at my dashboard, view the forums, shop on the Marketplace, I just click the saved links and I am there. Since yesterday, every time I attempt to go to my dashboard/Marketplace/forums, I receive the screen that asks me to log in. There seems to be no saved log-in details. Has anyone else experienced this over the past 24 hours or so and, if so, any suggestions how to stop the repeated requests to log in?
  12. There are a number of features in Firestorm that I use almost every time I log into SL. Those are missing from the official SL viewer. The SL viewer also has a chat box that I really cannot use - and so I do not use it and just set myself to busy and ignore any chat that comes in. Why the SL viewer has only the one chat box option I have no idea. There are also two other TPVs that I use for different things because they have features that Firestorm do not. A number of months ago, as my earlier posts on this thread show, I decided to migrate my store myself and not wait for the LL computers to do it for me. It took me many hours but was also a very good exercise because I was able to update a number of items, remove outdated notecards and LMs from folders, and gave me a good excuse to prune my store and get rid of many (over half) old items. This I did using the dreaded official LL viewer, something I had not used for many years and so felt like a noob again. However, chat box aside, it took only minutes for me to set up what I needed and then start the migration process - including some new listings. Dreaded viewer? No way, it was as easy to use as any. If you prefer to use a TPV you can do so. If you have new items to list then yes, there are TPVs that will let you do this whilst we wait for Firestorm to be updated, but why not use the official viewer? You do not have to use it for your day-to-day SL experience if you do not wish to, simply log in with the LL viewer to attend to your business then log out and log back in with your favoured viewer. After all, if you are listing new items or attending to your business, you are not likely to be tp'ing around or socialising or partying or exploring. There is nothing to fear from using the LL viewer, but make sure you download the correct one - I am not sure if the Project Managed Marketplace viewer has been integrated with the normal LL viewer or if you have to download that separately. I am sure someone else will have this information.
  13. You need to state what TPV you are using so that others can see and advise. I generally use Firestorm and I can confirm that once I used the official viewer to transfer my items and then went back to Firestorm, the correct folders appeared in Firestorm and all was good.
  14. Simple answer is... No There should be no need for you to redo any of your listings, this is simply a change in delivery method.
  15. I think we all can share your concerns, Medhue, and the trepidation expressed by a number of merchants, both inworld and in these forums, is similar to those raised when we were having to move from magic boxes to Direct Delivery. LL did ask for volunteers (and as you will hear from the video of the meeting, we were told that if there were issues then LL would deal with them immediately, hence their only migrating a small number at a time). Merchants with very large inventories were told their stores would be looked at closely and, for some, individually. Merchants who preferred to migrate themselves are also given the opportunity to report any bugs and errors and have those looked at quickly. I believe a sensible safety-net was put in place by LL and, with only small numbers of merchants manually-migrating or opting for early auto-migration at this stage, then the entire MP merchant community would not be affected by unexpected issues. As you wil have read, this new system is, now, live. I migrated my own MP store over a week ago and have kept a close watch for errors reported by customers, non-delivery, incorrect deliveries... As I have said in early posts, I have not had a single problem to report to this point. Migration is easy. MIgration is quicker than the migration to DD was. Unless a merchant has a very large store, I think more could now consider making the change for themselves and, if they have a problem, it can be reported here or direct to LL and then have more chance of being dealt with quickly.
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