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  1. I play SL so I don't have to wear pants.
  2. I've been playing 7seas since I joined SL. I have 14 years of fish in my inventory and only once have I ever given one of them to anyone else. I've never bothered buying one on the marketplace or trying to, anyways nor have I ever been given one by anyone or heard anyone talking about selling/giving fish away. They're collectibles in the sense that some are unique and interesting but it's not like Magic:The Gathering. There isn't a huge market for 7seas fish that I'm aware of. Trust me-7seas will be fine. Most people I know who play it are in it for the community and conversation. As far as the decision being made in haste I very much doubt that. It's more likely they waited until the last minute because it made more sense to them to look out for their pocketbook and leave the mess to us to clean up than spend money, time and resources doing this in way that would benefit all the soon to be ex-Gacha vendors out there.
  3. Great pic. Reminds me of the station wagon my aunt and uncle had as a kid
  4. Start buying a bunch of freaky BDSM gear and really see how far they're willing to copy you. Go crazy-be artistic. Make your land look like Jackson Pollock threw up on it after an all-night Everclear bender. I know it means sacrificing a nice looking piece of property but this is an opportunity to teach someone a lesson. That or you can just try talking to them and asking them-nicely-why they're doing that. A lot of times people who do that sort of thing are doing it because they're missing something from their life-like a friend. Or learn to just ignore it.
  5. I was homeless for most of my life in SL. While I have a skybox now it's through the charity of a long-time friend. It's definitely nice to have a place to call your own. It's also sad to see places you used to call home disappear. Back when I was still married my ex and I had our own little quarter sim. It only lasted a few years but I have many fond memories of it. I hope you're able to find a new home soon.
  6. Seriously, though-no. Cops are bad enough IRL we don't need more authoritarian nonsense in SL. It's fine if you're in your own sim and you're doing it with people you know have consented to the rp. I'm not about to pull over for some wanna-be jackboot.
  7. Sex. I'm in it for the mind-blowingly amazing virtual booty knocking. The real thing is way overrated. Been there, done that. Gimme the ability to be an anthropomorphic kangaroo romancing a stunningly beautiful eggheaded alicorn and I'll welcome the singularity with open arms.
  8. It's because whoever implemented that rule is ignorant. I'm pretty sure it doesn't take that long for someone scraping their sim to do so. All banning people for being AFK outside of peak customer visit time and events is inconvenience people and make you look paranoid. That said at least they give you three minutes instead of 30 or 10 seconds like some jerks.
  9. People who use the bug tracker's feature request for dumb stuff like this: "Partner more than one person How would you like the feature to work? Hello please allow us to partner more than one person Why is this feature important to you? How would it benefit the community? Because there is this ***** tryna steal my wife." ...really? Granted I think it would be a great feature but requesting it that way isn't going to further your goals.
  10. SL isn't a dating sim. If you come here with that mentality you're setting yourself up for disappointment. Most folks in SL prefer to get to know you before they trust you. Nobody's looking to hook up with thirsty noobs. Btw-the quality of your avatar doesn't matter. It's the quality of the person behind it that does.
  11. Speaking for myself there are just better ways to enjoy imaginary sex than doing it in SL. I still enjoy going to adult places and looking at the eye candy (and there's a lot more of it despite OP thinking it's become more 'conservative'). The population is aging. People have less time to dick and/or pussyfoot around, or whatever have you. There are still folks out there who enjoy roleplay. They just don't have the time or patience to bother with chatting people up like they used to. It's more convenient & meaningful to spend time with people they've come to know and trust over the years or hop over to an AFK place for some drama-free fun. As far as self-expression it's easy enough to find nude beaches, adult clubs, etc. that allow for that sort of thing (as long as you follow their rules of course). They're just a lot more niche than they used to be.
  12. Yay! Best of health to you both! Got both my Moderna shots. Whoo!
  13. I had covid back in January. It was pretty bad & pretty terrifying. Fortunately I ended up being mostly OK save for being extra tired and not being able to smell or sit up for too long. I'm disabled so already spend most of my time lying down anyways. It still sucks but oh, well. Got both Moderna shots-no side effects (fortunately). Fun fact-one of the folks working on the Moderna vaccine is a furry molecular biologist.
  14. I'm fine with venues charging ticket prices. Would I pay to go see somebody? Nope. Not unless I knew it was a good band and the performance was for real live instead of someone's avatar miming. There is one group I do tip as generously as I'm able-Frogg & Jaycatt. They're good & fun to interact with as they perform. They're the exception, though.
  15. Unless we stop being *****ty towards one another aliens being real or not isn't going to matter. You've got idiots refusing to wear masks and get vaccinated despite the benefit it would be to other people's well being. I honestly would tell any aliens out there to stay the %$#^ away. We're stupid and dangerous.
  16. If Linden Labs wants me to promote SL they can either A. Pay me or B. put a significant enough amount of work into dealing with customer and community issues that I feel it's worthwhile getting people into a game that still has an unnecessary learning curve and not enough support for its creative community. Don't get me wrong-I love SL and appreciate all it's done for me but at the same time they're a company owned by a corporation with deep pockets. Why should we do their work for them? If you want SL to take advantage of its potential stand with the creative community and get Linden Labs to quit turning a blind eye to issues that have been plaguing the platform for almost two decades now.
  17. The main issue is SL isn't really meant for kids. That said I'd try Bare Rose, too as they have a decent amount of clothing both mesh and non and they tend to go for Asian-styled classy rather than sexy.
  18. Some good suggestions in this thread
  19. I've seen people become uncomfortable but as far as purposefully making them feel unwelcome I've never seen this. Speaking for myself whenever I see someone in a human avatar come into Luskwood or any of the other furry (or brony) sims I hang out in I do my best to be as welcoming as possible. The only time I've ever seen a human avatar be encouraged to leave is when they were there to troll people in the sim. Furry sims get griefed a lot so we do tend to be cautious but unless someone gives us reason to most of us are pretty chill. If there's any assumption we don't want humans around it's entirely on those visitors parts. As far as themed sims I totally get people want a medieval roleplay sim or even a beach club sim to feel like real life. I'm cool with that but as others have mentioned there were definitely times where the anti-furry bias was more prevalent in the past. Star Wars sims, Star Trek sims and even some sims where the medieval setting involved things like minotaurs and sapient dragons always made me confused. Trek and Star Wars are full of anthropomorphic characters and fantasy settings are full of creatures like minotaurs. At any rate if anyone reading this feels uncomfortable in furry or brony sims please give the folks there a chance. Most furries and bronies are pretty cool (but then I'm biased).
  20. Depends on the thread. I've seen thread merging that has resulted in massive train wrecks. I've always felt that unless you're getting spammed with tons of threads about the same subject in a short period it's best to let a community self-moderate necro threads via either people pointing out a solution is stickied or via necroposting meme as a subtle (or not so subtle) discouragement. After all-even if someone's bringing up a dead topic at least it means the forum's active.
  21. https://www.cedars-sinai.org/blog/boosting-your-immune-system.html ""You actually don't want your immune system to be stronger, you want it to be balanced," Dr. Cassel says. "Too much of an immune response is just as bad as too little response." Dr. Cassel says most of the things people take to boost their immune system, such as vitamins or supplements, don't have any effect on your immune response." Supplements are mostly junk. You get all the vitamin C you need from a healthy diet. Eating a bunch of oranges isn't going to do anything but possibly put a bunch of extra sugar into your system you don't need among other things. https://www.livescience.com/45057-oranges-nutrition-facts.html#:~:text=Health risks,could also lead to diarrhea." " Oranges are great for you, but you should enjoy them in moderation, Flores said. "Eating too many oranges has some uncomfortable side effects," she said. "When [oranges are] eaten in excess, the greater fiber content can affect digestion, causing abdominal cramps, and could also lead to diarrhea." Though oranges are relatively low in calories, eating several per day can end up leading to weight gain. It is also possible to consume too much vitamin C (more than 2,000 milligrams a day); an excess of this nutrient may lead to diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, bloating or cramps, headaches and insomnia, according to the Mayo Clinic." As far as laminating your card definitely don't do that.
  22. It's not. As other's have correctly pointed out in previous comments to mine just because you have the card does not mean you must wave it all about showing it to everyone or that people can make you show it to them. It is merely a way to ensure you have a record you can show your doctor or doctor's that you've been vaccinated and when that way in case further boosters are needed they know what vaccines you've gotten. This is to both avoid any potential vaccine interaction reactions and make sure you're getting them in whatever sequence they need to be in, etc. Also as others have pointed out people requiring you show them proof of vaccination (say a restaurant or cruise ship, etc) doesn't mean you have to show them your card. It just means you don't get to eat there, go on that cruise, etc. They don't have a right to your info but they do have a right to deny you entry based on your being a potential health risk to staff and customers.
  23. Listening to the early Van Halen demo's. While lyrically most are rough it's a pretty neat look at what they sounded like just before they got signed & these songs were tweaked in the studio.
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