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  1. Rolling 7's by Dirty Honey. It's pure unfiltered rock & roll & I like it. A lot. ❤️
  2. Ban lines under high altitude skyboxes or anywhere where it impedes your flying over an area to get to another. Security orbs that only give you five or ten seconds to leave an area. Discriminatory people in general.
  3. Honestly it used to bother me that certain regions didn't allow furries or men or women, etc but as time has gone by I've realized it's a convenient way of pointing out bigots to avoid. Generally if someone's all for excluding an entire group of people for whatever reason I'd rather they have their own place to hang out where I'm not.
  4. The one from this video. It had been in SL forever only this year I only found it once and it looked like it was being taken apart. Then after a week or two it was gone. I was hoping it was just being moved but suspect it is no more.
  5. Yeah-I understand some sellers not being around anymore. It does make me wonder where whatever money they might make goes. I know a popular furry avatar vendor who pretty much pulled up stakes and abandoned SL...yet some of their stuff is still for sale on their old Marketplace account. As far as outfits go it's just a little frustrating as I still prefer to wear a lot of older avatars and outfits. At least places like Bare Rose have always been reasonably priced. No price adjustment needed. As much as I love their outfits, though I wish there was a bit more variety and that it was more afford
  6. I was just looking up an outfit I bought for $900l back in 2009 and it's still $900l on the marketplace. The outfit itself was new in 2007 and while I still like it there's no way it compares to the quality of clothing creators can make today. There's a lot of old stuff around that people still charge a ridiculous amount of money for. My first shirt was a goofy pink shirt with a rooster and popsicle on it that was pretty much a basic circa 2005 shirt with a badly applied design. It's still in their shop selling for $75l. I know it's difficult for vendors to keep up on things sometimes but I ca
  7. No matter how much one treats Second Life as being separate from 'real life' you're still communicating with your fellow human beings. No matter how much of your interaction is roleplay there's still a human being typing at you. If your roleplay gets intense enough and you're not being responsible enough about it you can very much hurt others. Just because 'it's not real' doesn't mean negative interactions can't have a harmful effect on someone's psyche. This is why every D&D group I've been in has had a 'session 0' game where before the actual game begins we discuss our boundaries and exp
  8. Just because someone is an escort does not make them a toy. They are still a human being. You're still required to respect them. That and sexual harassment is against the law. Just because it's imaginary doesn't invalidate that fact. Now if your client asks nicely if it's OK for them to be a little rough that's fine but much like in real life that still means you need to work out what's OK and what's not before you start. That means asking your escort what their boundaries are, how they prefer to be referred to. In general you find out what they're OK with and if they EVER tell you to stop doi
  9. This whole 'sl isn't rl' thing is more farce than fallacy. No. It's not. SL isn't a game it's a glorified chat interface. Without the community aspect this virtual reality platform would have died out the gates. Every time you turn around in SL there's some kind of community. Roleplayers, musicians, artists, support groups-when my ex realized he was trans back in '07 it was because he'd met a bunch of people from SL's trans furry community. A large majority of SL users are LGBTQIA+. Why? Because there's a lot more freedom to be who you are here vs the real world. That kind of community
  10. True, true. It's just a little frustrating to see so few options for male clothing that isn't abnormally oversexualized or cobbled together from the least-oversexualized feminine clothing you can find. It seems like every time I find a decent androgynous-leaning outfit it lacks mod options.
  11. Here's the thing-it doesn't matter if they were getting paid, it doesn't matter that you can log out, report people, whatever. What matters is that it's not OK to disrespect/mistreat people. Abusive behavior is serious whether it's physical or done via chat. Emotional trauma is just as valid as physical. Both have a detrimental effect on the person being abused. Nobody should wave off how this person treated them in any way, shape or form. As far as the 'maybe they like it rough' comment it's attitudes like that that end up normalizing abusive behavior. The number one thing people should
  12. It's unfortunate things like this happen. I'm sorry your friend had to deal with that. Even if you can mute/kick/ban, etc there's always a concern someone creepy enough will track you down via your sl account. Especially if you're like me and have one that's tied to your real-life identity (thanks, Facebook-NOT). The best you can do is talk to the sim owner and try to make sure they don't come back. I don't Erp in sl anymore but even with tame rp I tend to stick to people I know or to communities where I know creepy ***** is less likely to happen. Yeah it might not be as titillating as things
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