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  1. The issues are pretty obvious-the game looks old. I mean I know there are parts of it that don't look super dated but in the age of Unreal4 it looks ancient. Then there's the learning curve. I'm not saying it should be dumbed down but it shouldn't take a ten video Youtube course just to figure out how to do basic things. A lot of the reason the learning curve was tolerated in the past was because the only people really using SL were advanced content creators interested in exploring the then new virtual world landscape. Nowadays there are a lot more options when it comes to virtual chat and avatar customization. The tool and model support are better. SL is a museum piece. Please don't get me wrong-I love this place. I love my avatar. SL is where I learned to be myself and when it goes a huge part of me with go with it. It will literally feel like both a friend and part of me will die but that's the breaks. SL isn't going to be revitalized. Some day soon its underlying technology will run into modern tech just not being able to support it and it will be gone. Everyone needs to accept that and just do their best to enjoy the fun while it lasts. It's a fruitless endeavor to try and get people into it or 'save' it.
  2. One of my best friends is female irl and loves being degraded. She's a very confident woman who just happens to like letting her hair down and letting random guys in sl do weird stuff to her. Just because some people get taken advantage of by misogynists doesn't mean EVERY single women out there who is into that sort of thing is being forced to do it. Some people here need to stop making assumptions and value judgments about people they don't even know. Don't like it? Use your filters. Nobody's obligated to not do things they're allowed to do just because some people are offended by it.
  3. I think Pookiepie makes a great point. I know that for those of us who use furry avatars, wearing something that looks TOO photorealistic can sometimes help shatter the illusion we're trying to present. It can server to point out whatever weaknesses might exist in an avatars ability to encourage a willing suspension of disbelief-er, beyond the one that already exists due to it being a virtual world, that is hehe. Still, I don't think truly photorealistic clothing is a bad thing, it's just having a variety of clothing to choose from is ALWAYS a good thing. I would hate to see everyone who makes clothing in SL move to ultre photorealism, for instance, but I really don't see that ever happening.
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