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  1. Congratz dear Venus! A lovely pic at a wonderful sim! ♥
  2. l know im not good in English, but what means "Entry between 10:00am PST January 10, 2015 and 10:00am PST January 25, 2015. Limited to one (1) vote per Voter per day. " ?? And .. yes its obvious...per voter....per day!!!!!!!! However what really is happening is this: a single vote throughout the entire tendering! )
  3. Ty very much, Valérie! ...but, this does not happen only to me. You vote once, next day we try to vote and here lies the problem, the vote is not accepted. If you see the feed you will see that other people are complaining of the same. Best regards Lo
  4. Hello l think there are a problem about giving kudos on your contest 2014-New-Year-Contest .Yesterday lve tried and nothing....some other people had de same problem. Kudos dont appear and we can vote everyday on the pic we like. Ty Lo.Coeur
  5. Where did we post the pic for the contest Fa-boo-lous? Ty!
  6. :matte-motes-inlove:Thank you so much, Sera, Miles, Missworld and Colette! ☺
  7. wooooooooooooooot!!! Ty so much, Marigold, Sylvia and ...LL of course!
  8. Lo Coeur

    Post pics

    I wonder when all of us can post pictures, or if we can do it again someday. Thanks you Lo.Coeur
  9. w000000t Cate! Congrats dear! Soooooooo well deserved! Hug
  10. congratulations Awesome! So happy for you!Hug
  11. Thx all of you •_•!
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