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Default avatar with bones

Antreas Alter

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Goodmorning guys :)

I m thinking about give it a try LOL   ...mesh clothes that is

Been searching for the default SL avatar with bones, all i could find in some place was an .obj ( no bones ) 

I guess there must be a place where i can download the exact and accurate default SL avatar mesh with its bones structure ( sry i dont have any of those expensive 3D apps like Maya, i only have Blender, so i guess it should be in some sort of compatible format, somehow possible to import in Blender )

Many thanks!!

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Here is a short summary about the recent activities around avatar creation with Blender. Maybe you find this helpfull:

Official files (from Linden Labs)

All i could find at Lindens site was that zip file which only contains the meshes, but no bone definitions. There is a description available for the avatar definition file (an XML file distributed along with each SL viewer, so you have it on your computer already) The morph shape information is also hidden in a bunch of descriptipon files on your computer, look at your viewer installation. They are located in the avatar subfolder and have the appendix *.llm

Avatar.blend (from Domino designs)

This file contains a fully rigged SL-avatar plus all shape keys to morph it according to your wishes. In fact the file tries to mimic the SL shape editor. And as far as i know all shape key values correspond directly to the shape sliders in the SL viewer. I think that avatar.blend has collected all informations available about the SL avatar into one location and made the data become accessible by less technical skilled persons.

Although avatar.blend was made from a third party (Domino Marama from Domino Designs) it seems to have become the de fato standard description.

Avatar-workbench.blend (from Machinimatrix/Jass)

This file is a newer version of avatar.blend It adds a few usabilty enhancement to the already well done avatar.blend, it also includes an alternative character made with the MakeHuman character editor  and a male character from Avastar (modified such that it can be used like the female character from the workbench), and fixes some issues which currently make importing a rigged mesh a challenge.

BoneWeightCopy for Blender 2.5 (from blenderartists.org)

BoneWeight Copy is a realy helpfull tool for copying weight groups from one avatar to another. This tool was only available for Blender 2.49 until recently. Maybe you want to read Ashasekayi Ra's thread about BoneWeight Copy in Blender 2.5 .

BoneWeight Copy enhanced (from Machinimatrix/Jass)

There is an enhanced version of this script available. It fixes some code glitches which sometimes create script failures and error messages. And it adds some helpfull extra functionality which may be intersting for you.

Important note: Boneweight Copy can only be used reliably up to Blender 2.62, it no longer works for Blender 2.66. But Blender 2.66 has an integrated bone weight copy (in the weight paint toolshelf)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2920 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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