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  1. FD, if you're using Photoshop CC, painting on the imported model is quite easy (assuming the model already has UV's and materials on it). First, make sure Photoshop is set to use hardware acceleration. To do that, click Edit -> Preferences -> Performance, and make sure Use Graphics Processor is checked, in the lower right quadrant of the dialog. Also, click the Advanced Settings button, and set the drawing mode to the highest setting your computer can handle. (If it's set too high, you'll experience lag as you paint.) if you know your graphics card is super high end, then Advanced
  2. Heh, I'm still using Maya 2009. So, your 2012 has me beat!
  3. Thanks for the attitudinal points, Ivan. Good stuff. To answer your question, Turtle is strictly for Maya, not for Max. It now comes with Maya 2014, which is nice. For Maya 2011, 2012, and 2013, it was only included if you bought Maya with the Creativity Suite. Prior to 2011, it was available separately from Illuminate Labs, before Autodesk bought the company. Why on Earth Autodesk didn't just start bundling Turtle with Maya as soon as they acquired it, I have no idea. It took them four years to start doing the right thing.
  4. Someone sent me a PM this morning, asking about Autodesk Turtle's various shader output options. I thought I'd share my reply here, in case others have similar questions. If you don't have Turtle, that's OK. You still may find this post useful, for general information. The principles are universal to all (good) renderers. If you're using Mental Ray, or what have you, you'll be able to do all the same things; you'll just have to push a few different buttons. My point here is not to say how great Turtle is (although it is), but rather to express that baking each of your shader attributes to
  5. I'd love to test this, Cathy, but unfortunately, since I cannot agree to the new TOS, I can't. I'll be curious to hear how this plays out, though. It's probably silly of me, but I'm still holding out hope that the TOS will change back to something reasonable, and I'll be able to use SL again. Then again, if it doesn't, I guess that's one way of not having to worry about any Maya/SL compatibility woes.
  6. I use Photoshop's 3D paint features just about every day. It's not my go-to 3D paint program, though. I tend to use Mudbox to do most of the heavy lifting, since it's infinitely faster to work with, it's far more stable and reliable, and because it's a true 3D paint program, as opposed to Photoshop's oddball hybrid of 3D and 2D, it's just easier. But Photoshop still plays a crucial role, in that it well supplements the weaker parts of Mudbox's tool set. For example, Photoshop's cloning and healing tools are far superior to those of Mudbox (or any other 3D paint program I've ever seen), an
  7. In terms of memory usage, they're exactly the same. With regard to processing, there may be a slight amount of increased overhead from tiling the texture, depending on the particular implementation. But even when that does happen, it's nowhere near as much of a performance hit as you'd get from increasing the actual texture size to repeat the image the same amount of times.
  8. Interesting... According the Blender manual, Mesh Cleanup is in the Mesh menu, when in Edit Mode. I'll be damned if I can find it, though. Maybe it got nuked by an update? The manual appears to be a little behind the current version.
  9. Drongle, in the scenario I was referring to, the client would create the avatar, and accept the TOS themselves. Then they would simply give me the login info. So the "you" would physically be the client, the whole way through to that point. From there, I'd simply be acting as the client's agent, per my contract with them. The only content uploaded via that account would be that which belongs to the client. You do raise an interesting quesiton, though, regarding alts. Here's my take on it. LL requires that you re-agree to the TOS with each alt that you have, before they'll allow you
  10. Pierre, you raise some good points. I'm not sure how much weight they'd carry with a court, but they're certainly worth arguing. The devil's advocate in me has to admit that the counter arguments are all too easy to make, though. Regarding notice, LL had no legal obligation to give any. And as for Linden Dollars, the TOS has always stated that LL is not responsible for any losses you may suffer as a result of purchasing them. So, whilre it obviously wasn't ethical of LL not to give notice or allow us to cash out, it also wasn't illegal. We're all in a tough spot.
  11. All I can really say from here, Toy, is that I sincerely hope you're right, and I'm wrong. I'll be interested to see what success the UCCSL has in the efforts you mentioned. Contacting the FTC is a good place to start.
  12. Sorry to hear you lost your business, Darrius. I do hope you were able to find something else that works for you. I too hope that LL will reverse course on the TOS, but like you, I'm not holding my breath. If history tells us anything, it's that LL isn't exactly fast on its feet. I picture board meetings at LL to be kind of like entmoots. "It takes a long time to say anything in Old Lindish, and we don't say anyhting unless it's worth taking a long time to say." You're right about the loss of customer trust in all this. Even if they do make the necessary changes tomorrow, a lot of dama
  13. Alicia Sautereau wrote: Thankfully you can write alot better then I can, but this is exactly the point I was also trying to point out that applying it to all content can`t be legal but could be applied to all new content after the ToS came in effect Just because we disagree with something, and we feel it's unfair, doesn't mean it's illegale. Was it fair of LL to snatch up all that existing content? No. Was it legal? Yes, if you agreed to it.
  14. Toy, before I respond to your specific points, let me take a moment to remind everyone that we're all on the same side. I don't like the new TOS, you don't like the new TOS, I don't even think most of LL likes the new TOS. But as long as we're stuck with it, we can't ignore its legal realities. It would be great if what it says were not what it means, but wishful thinking doesn't make it so. Whether or not it says what any of us wish it to mean, leagally it means what it says (until and unless a court orders otherwise). Those who agreed to the new TOS have unfortunately given up a great
  15. There are lots of methods, but here's a super easy one: 1. Create your table, and light the scene as you see fit. Make sure at least one light is set to emit ray-traced shadows. 2. Place a plane underneath the table, with a pure white material on it. 3. Bake a texture from the plane. The texture will appear as a black shadow on a white background. 4. Bring the texture into Photoshop, and invert the colors, so the shadow appears white, and the background black. Use this as the alpha channel of a blank white image, save as 32-bit TGA, and upload to SL. 5. Go back to Maya, export the
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