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  1. For Vista / WIN7 first start SL viewer as Admin desktop SL icon right mouse click - context menu - Run As - Run as Administrator then export XML and file will be saved
  2. Run SL as Admin then XML file will be saved
  3. Will work in Demo mode: - Default Linden Lab Female Mesh - Skeleton - UV Maps - Skin Weights for Max 2012 2013 and upper use: SLAV 2012 script.
  4. correct (original)file locations is: YOUR_GAME_FOLDER\SecondLifeViewer2\character\avatar_skeleton.xml
  5. SL2, SL3 bug with Collada 1.4.1
  6. uploading mesh with Kristen S21(9) is workaround for collada 1.4.1 bug from SL3 you can try and: Maniac Choche workaround for Autodesk 3ds Max 201x and Collada 1.4.1 convert to Collada 1.4.0 Download FBX® 2011.3.1 Converter 1. Export to FBX from max 2012 2. Convert FBX to DAE with FBX Converter 2011.3 3. Upload DAE http://wiz-bg.blogspot.com/p/slav-3ds-max.html
  7. Morph groups from SLAV plugin is original vertex groups from SL Apperance shape Editor. You not need to delete this groups - rigging use only skeleton/bone groups
  8. SL 3.0 have bug with Collada version 1.4.1 Use Kristen viewer S21(9) for mesh uploading Video: And plugin scale x1 - SL scale is in meters or you use high FBX Dae version (collada 1.4.1)
  9. For WIN7 - SL icon right mouse click - Run as Admin then XML file will be saved
  10. Default Meshes - Blender, Max, Maya
  11. Look the info at SL Wiki Bones and rigging
  12. Rigging is adding Weights groups with connecting skeleton bones with meshes
  13. Open collada not work for riged meshes - Use Autodesk FBX Colada Dae exporter I test with Maya 2010/2011 and work fine , In DAE exporter options find and check option Z-UP You can test and my Plugin for Maya 2010 and 2011 - work only for Window XP For now mesh is not riged, I dont know how to add weights in Maya, but you can use Mesh(shape), skeleton, UW maps
  14. For Blender fans BSurfaces 1.5 - It costs $39 for 5-9 months and GPL Free after that.
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