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  1. Many thanks to Dakota ( and to all others working on this...) for such a fast service. All my listings are back online.
  2. Same problem here, last night some of my best selling Christmas items were deleted. If not restored in time, its a great loss of income: Christmas tree, Christmas lights, all are seasonal....
  3. First of all, there is a big issue with exchange rate. $257L per $1USD is currently the best exchange you can get. That's about 4.6% loss compared to current LL rate, which is $247L per $1USD Then another 3.9% is applied for commission. 0.4% loss compared to LL Last, there is an additional $1USD plus 2% fees for sending money to PayPal Total extra loss 7% That may not be much when cashing out small amounts but sure is a big loss when caching out large amounts
  4. 9 days delay for me too, used to be 3 working days strict. Made me worry, asked linden support if there is something wrong, if there was something i needed to do ect.. Answer was: Please wait I thought while waiting to try another service, did try virwox and i realize there are unreal fees in 3 stages , big loss compared to LL process - No thank you, i will wait for LL
  5. Yes, i still have a couple of those "cannot edit" also had expiring ads charged and renewed
  6. If you take a look at previous posts and jira, you ll see many people reporting minor and serious bugs. Thats a fact. Fact is also that bugs somehow affect some listings only, not all listings, not all vendors. My personal experience: Transition went smooth, no problems whatsoever. And, made a big difference, saved me from several angry people complaining daily about items "Not delivered" - but, thats just my own personal experience, other people will say they suffered a lot of "random" malfunctions. Should be your own decision i guess
  7. Aye message got - listing will dive deeeeeep down at the bottom of the ocean LOL thank you all guys for the answers, i was hoping there was a "trick" to update things without loosing relevancy rank, i think people updating items should be rewarded, not punished
  8. My wife had the very same problem just minutes ago After some attempts, only 4 items were found in marketplace inventory, instead of 30+ she was trying to send Looks like problem happens when you try to send multiple folders all at once, i m not sure if its a new bug, looks like new LOL
  9. I wanted to update a recent listing as i have found a problem which is now fixed, back @ old times i would just change the contents in the magic box with the new updated contents, but now... i m not sure how to do it :) My main concern is how to update the contents without risking of loosing "rank" in search results, anyone did try to update a listing using the new "direct delivery" method?
  10. thanks Sassy, sounds silly indeed... 2, 10 or even 100 lines of code, whatever it is, its very very needed
  11. Oh very sorry MyLady, you see, someone over there directed me to here, the merchannts forum When i will grow up i will learn not to take advices from strangers PS Quality does not come with quantity, actually NEVER comes with quantity
  12. Many thanks R for reply ...i was hoping those issues were sorted by now, with the launch of this new direct delivery thingy
  13. Is there a way for merchants to get notified when there is a new review/comment/star rating from a customer? I am talking about the new marketplace direct delivery system... Cant find a setting anywhere :S
  14. I have seen a couple of old topics, 2 years old topics with people ask for a way to turn those notification emails off, was wondering if now, after marketplace update with this new direct delivery system, there is also an option for that. Ideal would be to receive email notifications when a customer writes a review! That would be a usefull email to receive! But, not default emails for each and every product sale @ the marketplace. Could not find an answer @ KB - Any updates on this?
  15. Cheers coby! got it! i was looking at sl website, i thought that lindens MUST have posted somewhere their default avatar mesh complete, accurate, reliable all that ... but... hahahaha no they havent?
  16. I m gonna tell you what a teacher said once to me, when i was studying photography He said, sure you should read lots of tutorials and books and all that, BUT, the best way to get to know, understand and use photography as art, is ...study the works of others. Especially others that are considered good in their field. Studying thousands of to pclass works, will also give you ideas, meaning you have to take a moment when you see something impressive and ask yourself, exactly WHAT makes this one impressive? In time, you ll get to recognize easily the elements in a frame that make it "good" ie e
  17. Goodmorning guys :) I m thinking about give it a try LOL ...mesh clothes that is Been searching for the default SL avatar with bones, all i could find in some place was an .obj ( no bones ) I guess there must be a place where i can download the exact and accurate default SL avatar mesh with its bones structure ( sry i dont have any of those expensive 3D apps like Maya, i only have Blender, so i guess it should be in some sort of compatible format, somehow possible to import in Blender ) Many thanks!!
  18. looks like a correct answer .... did some testings and it seems folding makes a difference
  19. Hello guys and gals ! I have seen at places some sculpties that do not deform when viewing from a large distance ( LOD ) , they just dissapear completly at a certain distance. Question is what is their characteristic in design for this to happen Suppose i have a sculpt that shows ok at 10m distance, shows deformed at 11 to 20 m distance, and shows brittaly deformed at 21 - 40 m distance, then, at 41 m it dissapears. Question is WHAT should i make so that sculpty will completly dissapear at 11 m viewing distance, instead of still showing at distances 11m+ deformed and distorted * PS Question i
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