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  1. ty was really helpful. i find it really BS to remove my creations cause some butt makes up a fake DMAC. it should be alot tuffer to do that. seems anyone can do it weather or not they have right to or not. with so much non sence,one would think LL would be folow up on claims etc.
  2. i created a tattoo like mths ago for TMP. last night i got a ddlc copyright infringment on it. I created it, made it form my own brain, someone filed a ddlc on me for it. how the heck can they do that? i got a warning for it and i am so freaked and mad about it ! how the heck can someone file a ddlc on me for my own creation? didnt ask me nothing ,no nothing just got in trouble for something that came out of my brain. im like wth. Sl removed the tattoo form market and delted it form my inworld. how the heck can they do that?
  3. I bought an armor outfit full perm on the marketplace for 2800 L$. <REDACTED> after i bought it, i got a note card in the box, "box creator and market store do not match.box creator says <REDACTED> and is using it for his own means.i flagged the item on market, so the store owner relisted it. how do i report the scam and hopefully retrieve my lindens ?
  4. im having this same issue with 4 items that are al the same but diff textureings. 4 times i list them and there flagged. believing someone is flagging them to be an ahole..
  5. how or where do i report a merchant on xstreet for copyright abuse and stealing mesh off net and selling in sl? incase LL is monitureing.. original mesh... http://www.sharecg.com/v/54617/browse/5/3D-Model/Ten-obj-Michael4- Helms/Masks-for-Poser/DAZ-import .. the thiefs market place addes. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MASK-STAG-salesbox/3637383 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MASK-OPENFACE-salesbox/3637377 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MASK-HOB-salesbox/3637367 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MASK-BOAR-salesbox/3637363 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MASK-SKULL-salesbox/3637374 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MASK-BALI-salesbox/3637333 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MASK-DEAMON-salesbox/3637385
  6. its alot of code. should i copy paste to blender or... theres no guid for it.
  7. Valkyrie Jinx


    have found a vender .. on market place whos been using copyrighten mesh models ,selling them on the market place.as is. been trying to report her, for it,shes done this alot for long time, and its making it harder on us who acrualy do make our stuff.. her theft... https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MASK-SKULL-salesbox/3637374 original mesh http://www.sharecg.com/v/54617/related/5/3D-Model/Ten-obj-Michael4-Helms/Masks-for-Poser/DAZ-import
  8. when i add mesh items to a "skirt mesh for example" the items float . what is this how might i fix it? need i add the items to the same attachment? or wil not mesh work on riggid?
  9. i have never recieved notonce an lindons for being a prem member. not once ever, never.and yes i have sent inquirys.
  10. i have not recieved not 1 ! preimime membership weekly Funding yet. that 200 wk. NEVER SEEN IT ! and is over a yr now. 2)... want to change my primium home. how to do ? do i just abandan the land or what?
  11. accout is balanced....... set my av free.. Dear Valkyrie, Thank you for paying up the balance that was due in your account. Your account has been charged US$22. Your account status should now be active. Thanks again - we look forward to seeing you in Second Life! Linden Lab and the Second Life Team
  12. 1st gens are when oyu have a set offscring og minions..
  13. check your appearance for an alpha layer. if there is one. woohoo oyu got it.. if not. exit apearance. sometimes the feet will seem sunk in ground. and apearance can reset you..
  14. this will seen redundent.. and maybe silly.. but.. cleaned canche? alot of data jammed in together has been know to do such. a good cleaning. (nortons) works well. can cure it..
  15. dont know much about tiny's. but making an assumption all will fit to all types.
  16. many call it ghosting. normaly happenens while crossing a sim line. your online but also loged out. stuck between worlds:) fast fix. get a friend or an alt to contact the sim owner, " need a sim reset", it will cause you to kick out of it. and then you will be able to resume your travels. to be curtain, have someone locate where you were last. they will see your yellow marker in the mini map. what they will find is an unrezzed you. a poof (cloud)... short of it. get the sim owner to do a restart....
  17. sudden zooming can cAUSE THING TO APAIR OFF. opps caps. simple ajustments can be done to ashure all is well , also oyu can ajust your head shape if all else fails. making it smaller can do wonders. sometimes the hairs dont fit all heads the same way.
  18. purpose:) a simple matter of going into oyur account and choose your spouse. an emial will be sent to her/him asking for their hand:) the cerimony is all oyu and where ever you wish . was wed in a castle.
  19. either by buying a new av. or getting a free ones where abouts. depending on what your looking to become.
  20. GONA SEEM SILLY BUT. IN YOUR LOWER INVENTORY. all items you were born with are in folders there.
  21. my xstreet enventory is not showing. is all listed as not availible.. am looking at the xstreet box before now.. rest ans reset over and over. wth.. why isnt my inventory not listing in xstreet. store ( valkyrian arms).. amend.. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/merchants/143603/store/products´╗┐ .. yes i know . many still call it xstreet. anyway. i know the drop menu and store enventory etc. etc. my store inventory is missing.. shows only in merchants home /inventory are unavalilible. delete /edit options. .... i have re done my boxes 8 times. re synced 15+ times. still shows as all unavailible.. too irene.. yes that is also me.. thats when it all started. first wouldnt show my new items ,now.. says everything 180 items are unavailible.
  22. i sent new items to market place.. i syced over and over, items are not showing in maket place inventory. added new box. been trying for days not. items are piling up..
  23. am have same issue, been three days and all i get is your account has been logged out til...(time/date)... my friends say i am showing as online, in world my profile says corrently online, butam not, am here for 3 days looking for an answer, my sim payment is due inworld, many will lose there homes in i cant get inworld. and will lose my sim. wth....please someone help me..
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