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  1. Heyoo, ever wished to become a ninja? Mabe a kage someday and lead shinobi forces in war? Take your chances in ninja academy, exams, missions, squads time, and ejoy combat and Rp same time. Search for sim named Menora. Or contact in world Forestcreature. Everyone are welcome. Ninjas-play free! Shinobi, ninja
  2. You'r a fan of Naruto anime? Ever dreamed of becoming shinobi, learning controll your chakra, fight, and meet new friends? Or mabe you share the dream of becoming hokage someday? Well, thats all and more are possable here **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://secondlife.i.lithium.com/html/assets/emoticons/mattemotes/big_grin_wink.png" border="0" alt=":matte-motes-big-grin-wink:" title="" /> Menora sim, based on CS:X combat system, and roleplay or Naruto series. Villages, clans, ranks, jutsus, exams and endless gesturbating xD Come wissit us at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Menora/122/186/193 and start your own ninja journey. If have any questions feel free contact forestcreature resident.
  3. Check it out our ninja sim
  4. Our sim had some realy good scripters, and for some drama reasons i gues they rage left sim, while returning with many alts[ probably 10+ a day] and griefing by using grief tool "White button", which they developed prety much from black one. Activatin that tool, makes sim sloly lag, and in few minutes e erything turns into slowmotion. All hud-type attachments detaches themselves O.o and you not able rez anything + mesh of your body disapears. Its like making sim overload. Ony way to fix is restart sim, but if geting 10-20 griefers a day, is kinda anoying with restarts. Also even if we know whos responsable for this, cant ask LL for help, cos dont have valid proofs, no pics with original person AC name -_-. Few days ago griefs stoped, but only cos griefers got tired a bit, thou treatining return. What we suppose to do to avoid those ppl and system, weunable to interfere.
  5. Hey Recently i started using text viewer Metabolt. And found an option to rez item in world. Thou i cant see that item if i would rez it, my friends could., My question: Will there be option to take it back or delete, not leaving hanging somewere in sim[i wount get autoreturn}?
  6. Hey Account on hold might be for few reasons. First-it realy not stolen, cos if would be, you would see only " wrong usser name or password" Acount might be in hold, if you had payed membership, and LL charged you next month, meanwhile you werent uploaded any linden. Try again login in SL page, and go to support tab, fill up the ticket for LL Support about this case. They willl email you and explain, why your account is on Hold. Gl
  7. I asume, your new into SL ? Rez, means placing an item, from your inventory to Second Life world, ground, or air. To do so, simply open inventory, find item you tryint to rez, leftclick it and hold with your mouse, then drag from inventory directly to ground and release, youll see item apearing near you. Thats Rezing
  8. Yo Do not wory, LL wount ban you, only if your friend will rage about your prank, can ban you But if they your friends, should acept joke, and simply fix everythin later. Dont wory.
  9. lol. Only reason why i like theyr poets, is the animation and moving together, only as attachments, cos cant walk with breadable pets, not all lands alows rezing
  10. Hey, i had expearence with moving sims by asking LL for it. Thou the prise was realy high. Owner have spent almost 100$ to get sim moved to another location.
  11. ey um, im not 100% sure, but ive heard, that Manticore used Ripped from games files pets/monsters ect. Not created theyr own. SO basicaly, its even against Sl rules, and authority rights. But ya, theyr stuff was cool and simple. Havent found anywere in SL shop having same style- walking -near-me pets. Breedable are just **bleep**
  12. Hey, Hey, Pocas personas tenían mismos temas, el de ella el Lingk cómo lo resolvieron. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Viewer/media-plugin-webkit-error-PLEASE-HELP/td-p/953931
  13. uo anime based Ninja CSX COmbat and roleplay systems : Fel free take a look http://slurl.com/secondlife/Menora/126/196/193
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