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someone stole my account, please help me!

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We are just ordinary users like yourself (rather than LL employees). 

If your account has been compromised and has CC information, then please contact your Credit Card provider immediately and discuss this issue with them.

I'm not sure what the proceedure is for notifying LL when an account has been compromised.  Hopefully someone else will come along shortly with advice, but in the meantime, please immediately contact your Credit Card provider.

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check your emails make sure you give them  the email you are using..you can respond from email as well..plus try phoning if you can..

also see if you can get to the point where it asks you your private security questions..


but really ..the first thing i would be doing is stopping any banking info and getting in touch with CC companies to stop activity on your cards and account..


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well, this is my last resource, i still logged in in my account:




That is my username (ひないちごオアシス), that e-mail is from the thief, i don't know that e-mail, i can't change it because i need verify the current password.

i can't change the password either, please help me.

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they should have you answer some personal questions  when you go to change the password..

isn't there an option that says  forgot password?

that should get you to your security questions..

thats what got me there when i forgot mine and wanted to update my password..

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supportme wrote:

ok, i did it twice but i can't watch the case without login, if i log this message appear:


Details for Case #: 01153316

   Failed to load case # 01153316


Please help me, i don't knnow what to do

You don`t need to do it twice, when you create the ticket you get sent an auto-response saying that a case has been created and then you wait. You will be emailed of any actions taken, at the email address that you used to submit the ticket.

Obviously you can`t login, because if you could login to check a ticket history, you would not be needing to submit a ticket for a compromised account.

You just need to wait.

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I have a similar issue, and I've made several phone calls to LL. Even though the people I spoke with were professional
and sympathetic, they couldn't do anything about the problem, because it has to be investigated.

So you have to open an issue, and you have to prove that the account in question really belongs to you.

Unfortunately, after you've done that, all you can do is wait.  In your case, if no money is involved, it might be
resolved quickly.

I opened my issue about three weeks ago. Someone began looking into it ten business days later,
and I'm waiting to hear the outcome.  Of course, not knowing how long it ought to take makes for
a lot of suspense.

I have been wondering if I went premium, whether it would speed things up...

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Holy cow! I understand that it can be upsetting to have your password changed. LL has a phone number you can call which will speed up the process in cases like this. In the mean time, I can assure you that making a post every 10 min saying PLEASE HELP ME, will not get you any further ahead. Once someone has taken your account under their control, you have already lost it, if they want to take the lindens from the account, they are not going to wait days to do it, what's done is done. Just hang tight and let it be sorted out.


Good grief -.- Common sense has flown out the window a long time ago for the majority of people.

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Smoothie Perl wrote:

Things are much more clear if you're a paid info member! After all LL have your real personal info and is much easier for you to prove who you are.

LL has always known who I am.  They have my payment information, which is all that they would

have if I were premium.

In addition, I've provided copies of legal identification to them, and demonstrated that the compromised account is mine.

My question is whether they would work on the issue more quickly if I became a premium member now.

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i have a credit card in my account, i can prove it too, but is taking a long time, I hope that you and I regain our accounts.

the problem is... that the longer we delay, more he can do...

he could use my money, delete my friends, talk with my friends, delete my items, do bad things and get problems to my avatar...

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4098 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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