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  1. I'm talking about MESH clothing! I don't reject everything. MESH its nice in furniture and any other static prims as far I’ve seen and I created many of them also. Apparel is another story. Why I should wear a mesh shorts for example? As a content creator I have patience and I must be cautious with major changes. That’s the point. TIP: Sometimes things that are working well you have to keep 'em as they are.
  2. Seems you are one of my kind tho I don't see mesh properly either. But I don't bother. MESH it's the worst and biggest failure of SL history and (my opinion) ιτ is the knock out punch for it. After all those changes who made this world totally different and repulsive from the wonderful world we met at the beginning and the starting idea of the founder (Phillip Roshdale). Bad Viewers- Social Network orientation - Migration of the economy on a website (Marketplace) and Land devaluation. You want more? Enjoy SL with the simplest way you can and get a laugh or two with those who trying to wear all those ugly MESH clothes..... just because are fashionable.
  3. Seems logins disabled for a while. My friends were all this time in our Sim and everything was and look like normal. anyway back in again yeyyyy!
  4. Due some RL problems, from last summer I was somehow away from my SL. During all this time, I just jumped in to check my land, my store and to see for a bit my few friends. In most of my PC's are installed V.1.23, Phoenix, Impudence and OpenSim viewers and all those for the same reason, to check behavior of my build's and products. Meanwhile, every time I tried V.2 the impression was the same...disappointment!!!! Few days ago and while I was very busy at my office, I deside due a break, to check the last V.2 build. ....Then....a happy surprise waited for me! I saw a different approach, a customize toolbar...a logical separation of windows and activities...and a old "legacy" feeling. I start to change my preference, the way I always do in every viewer... and after very short time I had the perfect setup! YES, ....I need to say (and I feel I have this obligation after long time of complaining and whining!!!) That's a Fr*uckin GREAT VIEWER!!!! That's the viewer Second Life deserves! To all those ppl at Linden Lab's I feel the need to say, GONGRATULATION! You made GREAT JOB. I think it's time for me to come back again and take some of the fun, that only SL can give to me in a internet 3D world. P.S. I don't tried to create anything yet and also I don't know if a newbie can share my opinion but for me first impression is everything and in this build is the one that win's :matte-motes-grin:
  5. Yeeeah! I like fast cars and slow men
  6. I'm familiar with this issue. Try to clear your cache and ask a SIM reboot from LL(if it is your home region). It will be solve your problem tho
  7. I suggest you to start with purple and then start to add red in there  But that's something subjective
  8. That I love to do in any life (RL or SL) it is to sneak in places when other people aren't there But always to play not to steal anything LOL
  9. That counts it is your personality and not the skin you are in. You can impress someone for a moment or two but after that it is your character that others are going to judge and choose to be your friends or maybe something more. One thing is for sure. Your first skin/shape it should not be the last one. With so many creators it's very unlikely to find the one and only with the first shot. I think most male skins/shapes are very feminine made, but there are some very good ones. Like myself and almost all my friends inWorld you should try as many demos you can, then choose the skin you feel it's reflect your personality. But I'm sure you are going to buy more in the future lol Some suggestions (except LAQ and Belleza that Venus mentioned) try also Adam & Eve, SaWoDe, !Cybernetic Animation, and...too bad can't recall an excellent brazilian creator of male skins but as I said there are so many to choose of. 
  10. Gestures always was and it is one of my favorite things and occupations. I agree that moderation in any activity is the rule but somehow even in RL we forget that rule when it's on our interest or pleasure (for me is smoking for example). I'm trying to use my gestures as an extension of my communication so I think I never overdo it. But I never thought gestures spamming in a party or in a dance club it's something I've must hate or get sick of it on a contrary I like that because giving more energy to the place tho. I think there are other things that are extremely annoying for me, like extensive particle use (especially TP entering or TP exiting particles), particle object attacks (that black smoke I hate most) or begging is another thing I can use the word "hate". As about the need of gestures, as far are 3D wolds are going to exist, gestures it will be always a funny and enjoyable addition for them.
  11. For me it's equally good in SL too. Almost perfect everytime .
  12. From my experience that's not SL problem, but your connection interrupted for some reason. Those messages sometimes are general and couldn't define the problem in a specific term. So when you see this message again first off all check if your internet connection is on.
  13. After a recent "freeze" of my viewer (it doesn't matter which it is because I use 'em all for tests), I realize for one more time that I turned (from instinct tho)... again... to my Hippo 0.6.3 (it's an upgraded clone of LL 1.23.5). I realy didn't check if there is a newer version. I use Hippo viewer for over 3 years mainly for my private Grid and occasionally for SL. But I feel the need to give a credit to those who made it, it's "THE VEWER". All those years I'm doing my job and enjoy being in a 3D world with this viewer. Stability, Reliability and Performance are the main characteristics of this amazing client. So, Mana Janus (Distributor), THANK YOU. 
  14. A post from another thread gave me the idea to open up this discussion. So, what you think about the use of Gestures in World? Do you like them? Are they annoying to you? Do you like to shouting, giggling and howling? Gestures are fun, joy, happiness or just noise for you?
  15. First of all I respect your point of view and I agree in some issues with you ( to be honest in very few). It's obvious we are in two opposite worlds. For you, gestures, shouts and giggles are negative behavior and it is noise but for me it's a way of expression, it's fun. joy, happiness. In the matter of fact Gestures is my primary profession because it's one of the things I loved from my first day in SL. Music, dance, gestures among many other things makes Second Life one of my favorite occupations. Oh God, I'm too noisy person for you, that's for sure But that's a subject of another thread.
  16. I have to apologize because I made a mistake by putting my draft and not the correct text I had prepared for that thread. That because I was a bit upset and very tired last night. As a respect to those who understand what I tried to tell, I don’t think that's appropriate to change anything in my first post and there isn't a reason now either. Some explanations, 1. Even if I born in US, I don't consider myself as a native American, because I grew up in Europe. I went there when I was 2 y.o. 2. I don't use a translator, I think even the better one can make things much complicated. Also I think I did managed well without one so far. About this thread: Everyone can ask for help and after that it's their right to accepted or not, I don’t disagree. But common sense tell me, that if I don't want help from a certain person I will use an excuse, even a silly one (it's acceptable for me) to avoid it. But I will never ignore or even worst, I curse him just because a social group that he's member or a costume that's he wear. My reference concern mainly in world and not the forum and I have to thank all for your opinions.
  17. Sorry if I didn't bring my "GRRRRRR" face to show of how angry I am. As I said it's a complain to my new fellow residents. Is it clear for you now?
  18. I think, when someone joins SL community the main reason it is to explore an entertainment platform. To try through he's/her avatar, other personalities to reach or to pass boundaries and try things that he/she hasn't the ability or the courage doing those in RL. But as I experienced almost from my day 1, always there are people ready to offer help and to give an advice in every question a newcomer can have. I saw that happen almost daily and from people I didn’t expected that, even some “big names”, very famous, real VIP’s and successive in their business. So am I, I'm giving back to the community that I received when I entered in our Wonder World, a piece of kindness and help. I've seen furies, angels, demons, black nights, pirates, robots and any other kind of avatar and any kind of profile in World and never mixed the outfit or the choices with the person behind those, because I realize that is just a way for everyone to escape from the reality and many times a misery reality that RL can be. So my advice for every newbie who comes here, asking help and then stands there looking avatars, pictures, profiles and choose from whom it’s most appropriate to get help and to give a “thanks” and to whom doesn't, with only indication a picture and he's/her RL standards and criteria, THAT'S A BIG MISTAKE and I'm sorry to say YOU AREN'T READY FOR SECOND LIFE. This community, in the biggest majority, it’s fun, kind and ready to offer help in every opportunity, and proves for that are many except forums, fight against cancer, help for Jamaica or Japan and so on. So if you asked for help, accept it and don't be selective or….. don't ask at all. 
  19. So far I received my money after 3-4 days tops. I don't have any indication for such policy in my account. Thank God. If any of you have some new information it will be appreciated if you share it with us.
  20. I don't think so. SL is equally appropriate for both genders There is no dought about it Also your title for this thread isn't successive tho
  21. Despite cost of uploading I think now it's more necessary than ever a default draft upload option in SL viewer. Uploaded creations with this procedure it should removed within first logoff. It will be major help for us and not for meshes only but for everything we upload. 
  22. Renting has two fundamental issues. 1. Rate (weekly or monthly) and that should be lowest as possible, to be attractive for your renters. 2. Prims that allowed to every renter and that should be highest as possible for your renters. For small parcels and I mean 1/4 or 1/2 region (believe me, those are small parcels for real estate’s) it's very unlikely to be competitive in those sectors. So you have to choose wisely and to have a lot of luck if you want to make your effort profitable. P.S. That doesn't mean you can't try your plan at all ofcourse. 
  23. Renting even a small mall, like your plan, it's a great rensposibility and a lot of trouble. Just wonder if worth it, in 1056 sq.m. parcel. Is it? It is only, if you have your parcel close to a greater value land (for example LL welcome land or a very successive open space mall) of course that's from my point of view
  24. 100% from what? From the 10L$ that is for every upload today?
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