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Online Status for Friends


I'm having trouble with my friends list going back to where everyone can see me online. 

One day I wanted to be alone and not be bothered by anyone so I went down my whole friends list and Un-Checked "can see when I'm online".

Well now I want it back to where ALL my friends can see when I login. I re-applied the check mark next to every single name. But my friends tell me they still do not get notified and it still shows me offline. Even after rechecking each name, it doesn't save either. I log back in and all the names are unchecked again. 

This is becoming a hassle because friends cannot send me a teleport because I appear offline to them. And it's nice for friends to see when I login because I miss the "Hello" messages. 

I've checked in CTRL+P preferences... rechecked all the names, uninstalled Firestorm and reinstalled it. Downloaded BlackDragon to see if I could fix the settings in that viewer too. 

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