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Bellisseria Slenderman Sightings

Slenderman Grumpypants

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6 minutes ago, Slenderman Bellisserian said:

What is more evil than the Bellisseria Slenderman taking all your candy?

Bellisseria Slenderman taking all your candy and feeding it to his Bears...


Bellisseria Slenderman & Bears_001.png

i love the magic bear best, its my favorite, i made the top 35 so i'm happy


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adding a bit more lol
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In case anyone was wondering...

His final total was EVIL...

And for those of you looking for your Skelly Bear Go try the kiosk in any of the starting locations for the contest where you got your Hud...

Bellisseria Slenderman picked his up in Campwich Forest

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Campwich Forest/111/91/32


Bellisseria Slenderman & Bears_002.png

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