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  1. Patch can take you, the only one not afraid of you
  2. but i do all those thing & have never ran into you
  3. I want coal, ell a Slenderman doll made out of coal
  4. sorry i missed the ball, anyway here is this: Merry Christmas
  5. Slenderman is a coward, only shows up when i'm not at home
  6. dang, never ran into Slenderman over the spooky month, oh well........
  7. i have yet to run into Slenderman................guess i'm too scary for him
  8. me exploring Bellisseria as a Jackoyeen Hellhound Inferno, riding a Positive Wavelength Halloween Unicorn Plush with my [Rezz Room] Phoenix Animesh (Companion)
  9. mine is sitting at 20 names maxed, it won't take anymore sadly........
  10. Slenderman doesn't scare me, can't scare a Heartless i'll turn him into one of us
  11. after adding 1 in a month i still get the message: LH - Security System // V2.3.1: Too many llRequestUsername requests. Throttled until average falls.
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